I feel lost and broke, hopeless and alone (7 tips)

This article will show how people who feel lost, broken, hopeless, and alone seem to think life is only made of those negative thoughts. The article will attempt to highlight why that happens, and what are ways people can cope with this situation.

Why do I feel like this?

Life is not a constant. It is always changing and asking us to adjust to its new form. Some people might find it easier to adjust to it than others. If you are a person that has some trouble adjusting, it might be that at some point in your life you might feel lost, broke, hopeless, and alone.

There are many reasons for a person to feel like this. It could be that you are going through a traumatic experience in your life, such as the loss of a job, or the end of a relationship. Those types of events have people questioning what is going on in their lives.

Or you are going through a bad period in your life. Maybe you don’t feel joy in what you have been doing, and this causes you to distance yourself from people and life itself. If that is how you feel, you should always have in mind that this is a fleeting situation. You won’t always feel like this.

But it is important to be aware of how long those feelings last. Because even though it is common to have moments when you don’t feel like your best self, feeling like this for a long time can be a sign that something more is going on, and you might be experiencing some mental health issues.

Let’s discuss what conditions can cause you to have this very negative outlook on life.

What mental health conditions cause me to feel like this?

When a person feels like this for a prolonged period, it can be that they are experiencing a mental health condition. Many of them can make a person feel like they don’t have anything good going on in their life.

Depression, which might be the most common one, can make a person feel intense sadness, along with a negative view of life and the world. Not only that, it can cause people to isolate themselves and lose energy and interest in things they love to do.

Anxiety disorders can also affect how a person feels. It makes the person worry constantly, and have a fear of the impending doom they think might hit them. It can affect how they live their lives, their ability to work and relate to people.

Bipolar disorder can also have a huge impact on that. People with bipolar disorder swing between manic episodes, in which they usually are more agitated, with impulsive and risky behaviors, such as overspending.

When they alter to the depressive mood, it can be that they feel more isolated, and having to deal with the actions of when they were in the manic mood can cause troubles. With all of that, it is possible to assume that having this frequent feeling of being lost, broke, hopeless, and alone is related to some sort of mental illness.

Let’s discuss what are ways to deal with it.

How can I cope with this situation?

When you are feeling like this, some things can help you feel a little better. The first to consider is looking for professional help. 

If you haven’t been diagnosed with any mental health condition, but you noticed that you have been feeling like this for a while, having a professional, be it a therapist or a psychiatrist, to talk to will help you understand what is going on a little better, and will help you navigate this new condition.

If on the other hand, you believe that feeling like this is not necessarily related to a mental illness, it might be time to consider some life changes. Let’s discuss what can be done.

Accept your feelings

When you feel like this it is easy to judge yourself and feel guilty about the paths your life has taken. And although it is important to think it over and take action, understand that you won’t change things from one moment to the other. 

Know to accept what you are feeling, that it doesn’t define you and that it is fleeting. Putting what you are feeling in writing can be a great way to do that. It is a way of getting some release, while also giving you a better notion of how you feel since you will be able to read it on paper.

But put them in question 

Once you allow yourself to feel like you are posting, broken, hopeless, and alone, give yourself the chance to question that as well. This might be a good way of getting out of this negative line of thought.

To put those thoughts in question you can reflect on what you have achieved in your life so far. Notice how you have had relationships, jobs, and reasons to have hope. Try to understand why this was all lost, and how you can regain it.

Consider what you can gain by taking action 

Once you realize why you think you lost all of this, try to think about what can come from bringing it back. How would it feel to have people around you, a job you enjoy and have some hope of what you want your life to be.

With that, you can create a mental image of what you want from your life, it might be easier to know where you want to get.

Establish a plan 

And if you know where you want to get, you can create a plan for yourself. Start with small goals, because that will guarantee that you stick to them. If you set yourself some long goals it might be that, over time, you lose your motivation.

Be with your loved ones 

A good way to not feel so alone is by having the people you love and identify with close to you. And even though it might be hard at times, try to keep your relationships alive.

Having people you can count on, who are caring and supportive, can be a relief in those times when you are questioning all your life decisions. But if you find your relationship has lost its meaning to you, it might be a good idea to open yourself up to new connections.

You can do that through a new hobby, volunteer work, or at a gym. Be open to having new people in your life, so you can feel less alone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Why do I feel lost, broken, hopeless, and alone?

What is depression? 

Depression is a mental health issue that causes people to have a negative view of life. It causes the person to feel intense sadness, emptiness, and hopelessness. It makes the person think of themselves as worthless, and their self-esteem goes down. 

A person with depression tends to lose interest in things they used to love and have a lot less energy. All of this causes them to isolate, feel guilty, and ashamed. Not only that, it is hard for them to focus, and sometimes simple things such as getting out of bed can seem impossible.

Does depression have a cure? 

Mental health professionals usually say that depression goes on remission. That is because it is impossible to affirm that a person will never go through a depressive episode again. 

With that, the main goal of the treatment of depression is to allow the person to go back to their life, and its symptoms to be less intense. 

What are suicidal thoughts? 

Suicidal thoughts are thoughts in which people start to consider taking their own life. This can happen because they feel hopeless or don’t want to be a burden to people around them. But suicidal have two moments. 

In the first one, which is usually less dangerous, a person can have a fleeting thought about killing themselves. It can come and go, in which the person doesn’t plan on doing it. If those become frequent, you should look for professional help to understand why you are having those thoughts.

But the second form of suicidal thoughts is usually a more dangerous one. In it, the person starts to plan how, where, and when to do it. When that is the case professional help is necessary, and a support network that will be around you is important.

How can I help a friend with suicidal thoughts? 

The first thing you can do when you think your friend is having suicidal thoughts is questioning them. Have an honest and open conversation. This will make it easier for them to admit it, and they can feel supported by you. 

If you understand they are in danger of committing suicide, make yourself present. You can be physically present, or be present through text. Being present can be a way to motivate them to look for treatment, and make them feel connected to others, which is a great way to prevent suicide.

Along with that, get in touch with other people that are part of their support network, and try to set a plan so they are not left alone. And in which you all take things they could use to harm themselves out of their way.

How to find meaning in my life?

The first thing to do to find meaning in life is to make a pause. Reflect on the life you have been living, and what has been giving you joy. Remember that life will not always be great, but there are moments of joy in each little thing, so enjoy the ride. 

Try to live positively, create positive habits, take care of your body and mind. Try to find balance in your life, and follow your talents. Even though you feel like you have been doing something you are great at, keep in mind that learning is always important.

It keeps your curiosity and motivation. Those are things that can give your life meaning. And when you start to question your purpose, ask yourself what would you like to do if the world was ending tomorrow. This will give you a good perspective on what your desire is. 


The article showed how people can feel lost, broken, hopeless, and alone in some moments of their lives. Through it, the article disclosed how it can sometimes be a normal sensation, but how in other situations it can be linked to a mental health condition.

Along with that, the article also showed what are ways people can regain control over their lives, and how that can change how they feel.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write it in the space below.




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