How to Cope With Feeling Like Shit? (13+ Main Causes)

In this brief article, we will be discussing what to do if you are thinking “I feel like shit”, why you feel like shit, and more information about why you feel like shit.

Habits that are making you feel like shit

There are many habits that can make you feel like shit. You might be aware of or not about these things.

The important thing is that you know what is making you feel this way so that you can get it addressed immediately. The following are some habits that you might have done to make you feel this way:

You’re constantly a jerk to yourself

Your inner dialogue is concentrated on the fact that you suck. You would rather try to make yourself perfect than knowing that your perfectionism is getting too much.

You feel like you are not worth all the time or you feel like a failure. However, this is not always the case and you just have to realize that.

You don’t always ask for help

You don’t like other people to help you with the things that you need to do. You feel like you can do anything that you set your mind into it.

You don’t need anyone because this is a tough lesson that you have learned days or years ago.

This feeling can make you feel horrible when you are with other people but you shouldn’t feel too worried about this.

You sweep stress and anxiety under the rug almost all the time

You try to deny that you are feeling these negative emotions. This can make you feel worse than you thought you were.

You need to know that hiding these negative emotions will only hurt you in the long run. It is better you have to have this dealt with immediately by releasing these emotions.

You compare yourself to others almost all the time

You try to get away from social media but you can’t help yourself thinking about the people who have better lives than you.

This can only make you feel worse when you feel like you can’t feel good because you have this life.

You could try to minimize your usage of social media to help you with your comparison.

This can also help you feel better about yourself if you focus on yourself than other people who will make you think that you don’t deserve a good life.

You self-sabotage

You might have bad scenarios when you are having some relaxed days. You might watch social media when you are trying to fast from this usage.

You might have missed out on an opportunity since you feel like you can’t do it even though past experiences have not predicted this. You can try to find some ways to increase your self-esteem if you keep doing this method.

You feel like a fake almost all the time

You think that you feel like you can’t do it. Even if most people believe in you or you might have some previous experiences about your achievements.

This is called the imposter syndrome which can make you feel victimized by your own self-doubts.

You can minimize this syndrome by knowing about this syndrome in you and try to get some advice from a professional.

You’re a people pleaser and approval seeker in your life

You don’t give enough time for yourself since you give the most of your time to other people who are not good enough about your time.

You might feel that you need to meet these people’s expectations all the time.

Bu the truth is you don’t need everyone’s attention all the time. You need to try to find some things that you should care about yourself and not only focus most of your time to others.

You strive for perfection all the time

This habit can make you feel like shit when you work with people who don’t care about the project.

This can only bring you down and these people not even though they deserve the worst blow more than you.

You need to know that you don’t have to be perfect all the time.

There are people who would appreciate more if you show some of your flaws that could help you earn more love than being a control freak for perfectionism.

You put up a strong front all the time

You might be hurting yourself more if oyu keep trying ot be strong all the time. Even when the situation is getting tough for you, you keep being strong and this is admirable but you have to remember that you are still human.

You can cry when you need to so that you can release the pain. You shouldn’t be ashamed that you are criying right now.

You always need to be in control all the time

You might be the type of person who enjoys the fact that you are organized. This might be shown in your bedroom when you have to organize every thing in the room.

You might even generalize this trait to other people. This can lead you to feel like shit and you should remind yourself that you shouldn’t be controlling all the time since you don’t need too much organization to help yourself.

You catastrophize

You are more likely to think of the worst possible thing instead of focusing at the moment. This can make you feel like shit all the time if you don’t get it addressed.

This trait can be a symptom of an anxiety disorder if you don’t control it in time. You need to work your way to mindfulness if you want to minimize this thinking method.

You play the blame game all the time

You always think that other people are at fault for the problems in your life. You shouldn’t let yourself be hindered to this childish game.

You shouldn’t be the one who will be giving reasons to people who think that they are at fault. This can only ruin your wellbeing and maturity that you might have been working on in life.

You’re an overachiever all the time

It is great to have goals you have set for yourself. However, this can become horrible when you let them rule over your life.

You should realize that there are goals that you can’t reach and that’s okay. You need to realize that you don’t have to reach them to feel happy in your life.

You #dontcare

It’s nice that you can bring out a flair of I don’t care. However, this can hurt when you do this for a long time.

It could take away the relationships that truly matter to you with people who are genuinely concerned about you.

You should try to give a care in the world as well which can show that you are still present in the world.

What to do when you feel like shit?

The following are the things that you can do when you feel like shit:

Get a drink of water when you need to.

You should drink water when you feel dehydrated. Your body will feel like shit if you don’t drink your water.

Make your bed daily.

This kind of activity can make you feel ready to start your day. This is because this kind of activity can get you going for the busy day ahead.

Take a shower daily.

Taking a shower can boost your energy when you are about to start your day. You should do this all the time to get the effect you need.

Have a snack and not just junk food

Yes, it’s relaxing ot eat junk food but it is better if you don’t eat too much of these snacks. You should try to have snacks that are healthy for you.

Take a walk when you can.

Fresh air can give you a feeling of being alive. You should use this walk to get you to relax and be mindful now.

Change your clothes most of the time.

Comfortable clothes can make you feel relaxed all the time. You shouldn’t waste your time by letting yoursel wear clothes that have been used by you for several days from now.

Change your environment when you need to.

You won’t feel comfortable if you keep staying in a room that you have memorized for years now. You should spice things up with new decorations and adjustments made in your room or some part of your home.

Talk to someone, not on the internet and it can be about anything when you have the time.

You could try to talk to a friend when you need someone to talk to. This can make you feel less like shit.

Dance to an upbeat guilty pleasure song when you need to.

You should try to ease yourself by dancing to a song that you love. This can help you feel lighter and less shitty.

Get some exercise regularly.

You need to do some exercises that can make you sweat. This kind of activity can get you active in any area in life.

Accomplish something even if it’s something tiny for you.

You should set up little victories that you can do each day. This can help you realize that you can still do anything even when you feel this kind of emotion.

Hug an animal right now.

You should hug a pet in your home. This can help you release your stress hormones which made you feel like shit.

Make a “done” list instead of a “to-do” list regularly.

You should do a list that you have accomplished something for the day instead of doing something for the day. This little reinforcement for yourself can help you do more things that can make you feel productive.

Give yourself permission to feel shitty when you need to.

You should also realize that you are entitled to have a shitty day or week. This can help you know that you can do days that are bad which make way for the good.


In this brief article, we have discussed you feel like shit, what to do when you feel like shit, why you feel like shit, and more information about you feel like shit.

If you have any questions about you feel like shit, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: i feel like shit

Why do I feel bad after eating?

You can feel like bad after eating because you may have the potential for food sensitivity, not chewing your food properly or chronic stress.

You can alleviate this kind of feeling by enhancing your digestive function more efficiently and increase your general health.  

How can I stop feeling horrible?

You can stop feeling horrible by asking for help, fail so you can keep getting better, do something nice that no one will notice, say you’re sorry, go out of your way to meet cool people, recapture the first feeling, step back into the shadows, and compliment someone who doesn’t expect it. 

What makes you feel bad all the time?

You feel bad all the time since there is a lack of sleep, anxiety, stress or a poor diet.

Most people would feel sick sometimes but some people seem to feel bad almost all the time. Some people may feel this kind of feeling because of a hidden medical disorder. 

What is feeling of malaise?

The feeling of malaise is a feeling of overall discomfort, pain or uneasiness. This kind of feeling is typically the first sign of an infection or other disorder.

This kind of feeling has appeared in the French language since the 12th century. 

Why am I always tired and out of energy?

You are always tired and out of energy because you might have anaemia, hypothyroidism, diabetes, hepatitis C, obstructive sleep apnea, sleep apnea, chronic fatigue syndrome, food sensitivities, urinary tract infection, heart disease, anxiety disorder, depression or nasal congestion.


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