I feel like I’m dying (What to do)

In this brief blog, we will be talking about you feel like you’re dying, why you feel like you’re dying, what to do when you feel like you’re dying, and more information about you feel like you’re dying.

What does feeling like you’re dying feel like?

Feeling like you’re dying feels like you have your heart pumping dramatically than what you have observed your heart before.

This kind of feeling can be terrifying for the person who is trying to calm down and deny the prospect that he or she is dying.

You will feel like your breathing is getting erratic because you are starting to lose the oxygen in your lungs once you are about to die.

This kind of experience can be frightening for people who have observed the loved one who is about to die.

This kind of feeling can make the affected person look like he or she is suffering severely from the pain.

.This kind of feeling can make the affected person feel like that they are going through the motions of what it means to suffer painfully from the pain which can be distressing to loved ones.  

Things you should realize when you feel like you’re dying

This kind of feeling has been considered as a symptom of a panic attack.

This kind of feeling might come from the physical symptoms of a panic attack where the affected person will feel like he or she is dying.

This kind of feeling can feel like you are about to faint but you aren’t going to faint from this kind of psychological symptom.

A panic attack can be a psychological symptom to a psychological disorder called panic disorder.

This kind of psychological disorder is described as having several periods of extreme anxiety attacks that can cause dysfunction and distress in the affected person’s life.

This kind of psychological disorder tends to manifest even if it is only a daily stressful situation that most people can handle.

In this case, the person with this kind of psychological disorder will be deviant from other people which is one of the characteristics of psychological disorders which make them different from ordinary personality characteristics of people.

.This kind of psychological disorder can be treated with a cooperation to do what the mental health professional prescribed the affected person to do.

With this cooperation, the affected person with this kind of psychological disorder will be able to get rid of some of the distressing and dysfunctional symptoms of this psychological disorder.

.Affected people who have this kind of psychological disorder are known to have additional psychological disorders as well when they don’t get this psychological disorder addressed immediately.

This kind of feeling in this kind of psychological disorder will only make affected people feel more distressed and dysfunctional when they have to go through their daily functions in life.

Just imagine that this kind of feeling appeared in your workplace or at your school where you will freak out, especially if this was just your first time of feeling this way.

This can lead you to feel embarrassed for feeling this kind of symptom in public which can only worsen this symptom and making you find ways to avoid going to public places gain because of this experience that you had to endure.

This kind of feeling can also affect how you are able to handle your job interview where you might have this feeling and your interviewer might be more interested in letting you get some treatment than getting the job.

There are ways that you can minimize this kind of feeling where you can try to influence your physical symptoms and mental symptoms that can lead to the healing from this kind of psychological disorder.

The following are several reminders that you need to take to treat this kind of feeling:

This dying feeling cannot hurt you

Yes, you feel like you are about to die when you have this feeling from this psychological disorder but this doesn’t mean you have to freak out from the feeling.

You should know that this feeling is just a feeling unless you have a terminal illness right now where your chances are 50/50 for your healing.

You should try to reassure yourself that this feeling won’t hurt you right now.

This can give you a sense of security that you can still control yourself with this feeling. 

This sense of control can also be helpful to help you get rid of this feeling when it comes.

You need to realize that you are still in control despite your anxiety.

Don’t berate yourself because of this feeling

You might have this feeling because it is an irrational reaction to a certain situation.

Although this doesn’t mean that you should not downgrade yourself because of this.

You just have a special situation where you have this feeling in your life. It isn’t your fault that you feel this feeling from that certain situation.

You should try to work your way to be more compassionate about yourself. This can help you to minimize this feeling and find healing for yourself.

Ask for help for this feeling

There are centres that might be available in your local community which you can seek advice and help for this feeling.

There are professionals who are willing to help you to eradicate this feeling.

You can also be referred by your general practitioner to a specialist if you have this feeling in the worst form.

You need to make sure that the specialist’s help is worth your time by following his or her advice and applying them as instructed.

1 in 4 of us have this feeling

This feeling is typical among a lot of people. This would mean that you shouldn’t be afraid that you are alone in this struggle. 

You have to know that you are just one of the many people who have this feeling.

This can also reassure you that help is available since a lot of people are having this feeling.

After feeling like you’re dying

After you are able to go through the motions of reminding yourself that you have this kind of feeling, there is a possibility that you are going to wait for a few days to get rid of this feeling.

This kind of feeling can be dealt with when the affected person is willing to acknowledge and let this feeling flow at the moment that it is still present.

You have to remind yourself when you feel this kind of feeling is making you feel the despair associated with this feeling the following reminders above.

This kind of feeling can also be dealt with when you keep a daily journal on what you are feeling each day.

This kind of feeling can fade away easily if you are willing to know that you deserve another feeling to come your way aside from this feeling.

You should know that you deserve to feel like you are alive even when you are feeling this kind of emotion which can help this emotion fade away.

Processing the Experience of Feeling Like You’re Dying

As mentioned before, a certain situation has made you feel like you’re dying. This can indicate that you are trying to think about the situation but at the same time, you are not.

Most of the time, you would try to get rid of the situation you have to bear which has caused you to have this feeling.

You need to realize that you can get through this just like other bad days you might have.

You need to know that you should have all the time when you have this feeling.

This can give you time to get through this feeling that you need to deal with.

Going to a therapist when you feel like dying

Sometimes, you can’t help with this kind of feeling all alone and you will need someone who is an expert for emotional pain.

This is where you should try looking for a professional who will be willing to help you with this kind of feeling.

This kind of mental health professional can help you talk about this kind of feeling and help you get the release you need at the moment.

This kind of feeling can make you feel overwhelmed with the emotional pain that can make you feel overburdened which can lead to physical symptoms if you don’t get it to be addressed.

You shouldn’t be afraid of seeing a therapist for this kind of feeling.

You should think of finding the perfect therapist as a journey where the right one will come to you when he or she knows about this kind of feeling.

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In this brief blog, we have talked about you feel like you’re dying, why you feel like you’re dying, what to do when you feel like you’re dying, and more information about you feel like you’re dying.

If you have any questions about you feel like you’re dying, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: i feel like i’m dying

How do you know if you’re dying?

You will know if you’re dying by noticing physical changes such as skin becoming paper-thin and pale and some dark liver spots appearing on hands, face, and feet.

The hair will be presented as becoming thinner and the person may be observed to shrink in stature.

Teeth can also be observed to be discoloured or develop dark stains. 

Can you feel when you are dying?

Yes, you can feel when you are dying. You will start to feel weak and sleep a lot when you are about to die.
You will also notice that you are having physical changes on you such as changes in breathing and loss of bladder and bowel control and unconsciousness.

This kind of phase can be emotionally difficult to be watched by someone who is a loved one of this dying person. 

Why do I feel like I’m dying when I’m trying to sleep?

You will feel like you’re dying when you are trying to sleep because you might have sleep paralysis.

This kind of phenomenon can be experienced by most people in the morning at the moment of awakening.

This kind of phenomenon is typically associated with frightening dreaming which is called hypnopompic hallucinations.

This kind of phenomenon appears less frequently when the person is falling asleep. 

Why do I have anxiety about dying?

You have anxiety about dying because this can be manifested from the fear of separation.

This kind of fear is a normal part of the human life. Although some people may start thinking about their own expiry or the process of dying which can lead to intense anxiety and fear.

The affected person may feel excessive anxiety and fear when they consider that expiration is inevitable. 

Can you hear after you die?

Yes, you can hear after you die. Studies have shown that your brain is still functioning and you are aware of what’s happening around you.

This kind of situation means that a person may even hear their time of expired being announced by doctors since they are essentially trapped inside their body with brain function. 



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