I feel dead inside (What to do)

In this brief article, we will be discussing you feel dead inside, what to do when you feel dead inside, why you feel dead inside, and more information about you feel dead inside.

Why do you feel dead inside?

You can feel dead inside because of various reasons that could affect you.

Feeling dead inside can make you feel nothing at all which can make you uncomfortable.

You don’t feel like your normal self anymore which can make you weird about yourself. You feel like you’re dying.

You might even wonder if this kind of feeling is really caused by causes outside of you or external factors.

 You should also remember that external factors are not always the primary causes of this feeling.

You can have a successful career or something achieving in your life and still feel this kind of feeling.

 This kind of feeling is an internal state that you will be feeling which shouldn’t always be attributed to outside causes.

The following are the causes of this feeling in your life:

Stressful or Difficult Situations that will Make you Feel Dead Inside

You might be feeling this feeling when you have been in an overwhelming state of worry recently.

This can come from problematic situations that you have in life.

You might think that there is no way out of this situation which can make you feel this feeling.

This should be a sing that you need to get this feeling addressed.

An Unfulfilling Job or Other Unrealized Goals That Can Make You Feel Dead Inside

This can make you feel bored in life when you have an unfulfilling career. This can also make you feel like your real life is not meant to be lived.

You should try to find goals that can benefit you as a person and not follow others’ expectations about you.

This should be a sing to get this feeling addressed to get you back on track in life again.

Anxiety and Depression That Can Make You Feel Dead Inside

This feeling might be a symptom of a psychological disorder that you might not be aware of.

This should be a sing that you need to get this addressed to a professional immediately.

Depression can become severe if you don’t get it addressed and this sing is also one of its symptoms.

You might also have anxiety which can explain having this symptom in your life.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction That Can Make You Feel Dead Inside

You might also have some complications with alcohol and drugs that might make you have this feeling.

Alcohol or drug abuse can make you feel this way since you might be dependent on these substances to make you feel something.

You need to know that there are other ways that can make you feel the energy of living again by first stopping this cycle of abuse.

This can help you not feel this feeling again.

Too Much Media That Can Make You Feel Dead Inside

You can watch a show or play games in your free time and that’s not bad.

However, it becomes bad when you rely on these mediums to make you feel better from this feeling.

You might become autopilot when you are dependent on these mediums but you are only reinforcing this feeling.

You need to try to find other ways to alleviate this feeling without getting addicted to these mediums.

Too Much Social Media That Can Make You Feel Dead Inside

You can use social media in moderation and that is not a bad thing. You might be feeling this feeling when you have become dependent on social media.

This might be happening since you find it as your means of getting better but this only worsens the feeling. The following are ways that social media can make you have this feeling:

  • Fear of missing out or FOMO which can make you feel dead inside. Your fear of being dead inside is increased when you see your friends having a good time or doing better than you are in life. Even if you feel happy for them, you may feel envy which can be another kind of feeling dead.
  • Social media can be a stock for negative emotions for affected people. You always see a lot of suffering, be it from your peers or world event in the world today. While keeping up with the world is a good thing, always seeing negative news can give you a feeling of being dead, a lack of motivation or apathy in affected people.
  • Most people can’t stress this enough. Talking to people online is a good thing and does give you a sense of meaning but only having online friends can give you a sense of being dead.
  • Social media can be addictive to affected people. There must be something in their terms of service that mentions that you will get addicted when engaging in this media. Well, it’s not the terms of service but instead that dopamine rush you get when you refresh, see new notifications, and when you confront someone over having the wrong opinion in social media. The effects of social media still need to be studied as it can be quite addictive and give you that feeling of being dead.

Borderline Personality Disorder Which Can Make You Feel Dead Inside

This personality disorder has emotions where you will feel like you are always going through a bad time.

This personality disorder can make an affected person dysfunctional in life which can affect his or her future.

This personality disorder can also make the affected person overreact to words stated by others even though they weren’t meant for bad intentions.

If you have this personality disorder, you should search for a support group who can help you in this trying time.

Expiration of a Loved One Which Can Make You Feel Dead Inside

Grief can make you feel so dead inside. This can be horrible when you let it fester for too long.

You should try to talk to other people about your grief and help you treat yourself by talking to another person about your feelings.

This can help you alleviate the pain inside.

Feeling Like You Don’t Have a Purpose Which Can Make You Feel Dead Inside

You might also feel dead inside when you are lacking a purpose in life.

This can make you feel that you are not worthy of life which can lead to this feeling.

You should realize that you do have a life purpose and you can find it in a clear way if you engage with the world more.

This can help cease this unpleasant feeling inside of you.

Eating Disorders

Your primary focus with body image can make you feel dead inside.

Your constant need to lose your weight in extreme measures as possible can make you feel dead inside.

You should talk to a professional before you lose your life if you keep going with the excessive measures to lose weight.

You can also find support groups online that can help you talk about your feelings that may have caused this psychological disorder.

Friends, Relationship or Family Concerns That Can Make You Feel Dead Inside

You might have complications with the people around you. This is very vexing, especially if these people are someone you can trust.

You need to discuss these concerns to these affected people so that each of you can reach a solution to alleviate these concerns.

This can help minimize this feeling in your life and others’ lives.

Other Medical Causes or Mental Health Reasons That Can Make You Feel Dead Inside

You might have a current medical problem or mental health problem that is making you feel this way.

You might be feeling this way since your treatment has appeared to be hopeless for you.

You can try to talk to your doctor if there are other ways to alleviate the pain associated with these medical causes.

This can help you get treated in your own way and you will know how to alleviate the pain when it comes.

What to do when you feel dead inside?

As you have seen above, there are various reasons that you are feeling this kind of emotion.

This kind of feeling should not be taken lightly since it can harm you and your relationships with others.

This can help you alleviate this kind of feeling and help loved ones who might be feeling this emotion right now.

The following are things to do when you are feeling this kind of emotion:

Gently acknowledge the expiration inside.

You need to be aware that you have this kind of emotion right now.

This can help in knowing that you need help and you can find it in books, articles or other people who have this kind of emotion as well.

You should also remind yourself that you need to learn self-compassion which can help you in treating your pain from this kind of emotion.

There are many methods that you can do to minimize this kind of emotion in your life.

Spend time with yourself daily to minimize being dead inside

You should try different activities that can help you get entertained by yourself.

It’s about time that you don’t depend on the outside world when it comes to finding some sense of trying to rid of this emotion.

You should spare some time to help yourself with something that you want to do.

You can do this in various ways and you could ask some advice from professionals for this.

Explore your recent feelings to minimize being dead inside.

You could set up a timer where you can spend some time thinking about what you are feeling right now.

You can do this know more about your emotions that are lingering in your mind right now.

You could 5 minutes for this activity to have enough time to sort out the emotions that you are feeling.

This kind of activity can also make you be aware of your feelings at the moment.

Explore your feelings of being dead inside.

A psychotherapist suggests that you try to find out these kinds of feeling through the questions below.

You can answer these kinds of questions through a journal:

  • (Have I been judging myself or comparing myself to others lately?)
  • (Do I tell myself positive things almost all the time?)
  • (Or do I tend to notice failures or call myself ugly or stupid almost all the time?)
  • (Are my feelings being considered in my relationships or am I minimizing what I am feeling lately?)
  • (Am I actively tending to my physical and health needs lately?)
  • (Have I turned toward behaviours or addictions to avoid my feelings right now?)
  • (Am I concentrating solely on the needs of another person or people?)
  • (What am I trying to prove or win lately?)
  • (Am I blaming myself or feeling guilty about things that are out of my control recently?)
  • (Am I showing myself compassion like I would with a close friend or family member lately?)
  • (Am I asserting myself in my decisions and respecting my personal opinions almost all the time?)

Commend yourself.

You need to know that your feelings are yours alone and this also means that you can change them at your will.

You should also cheer yourself up when you have done something great that you never expected.


In this brief article, we have discussed you feel dead inside, what to do when you feel dead inside, why you feel dead inside, and more information about you feel dead inside.

If you have any questions about you feel dead inside, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: i feel dead inside

What does it mean to be dead inside?

To be dead inside means that one feels numb in a negative method.

This kind of feeling is considered an emotional state that’s dependent on defeat, sadness or anger, feelings of helplessness, and shock. 

How do you know you’re dead inside?

You will know if you’re dead inside by noticing if you typically have a blank stare, you might be too truthful and typically don’t care about people’s emotions, you rarely smile, and you don’t realize what they’re saying is hurting someone’s feelings. 

Does emotional blunting go away?

Yes, emotional blunting goes away.

This kind of feeling can go away when the affected person is given self-care, time, and emotional support.

Most doctors recently consider this kind of feeling is a side effect of several different physical and mental reasons.

What is the feeling of being dead?

The feeling of being dead is when you don’t feel anything at all.

This kind of feeling doesn’t feel like anything for anyone. Although actual expiration is never painful because the brain turns off all sensory nerves to protect the body.

When going to expiration, this can be painful based on how you die. 

Why do I think I’m dead?

You think you are dead because you may have the Cotard delusion.

This kind of delusion is a rare psychological disorder which is described as having a false belief that you or your body parts are dead, don’t exist or dying.

This kind of psychological disorder typically happens with chronic depression and some psychotic disorders.

This kind of psychological disorder can be associated with other psychological disorders and neurological disorders. 


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