I Don’t Know How To Feel?

In this brief article, we’re are going to discuss what to do if you are thinking of “I don’t know how to feel?” We’ll talk about 10 ways to comfort oneself from this dilemma.


Sometimes it becomes difficult to recognize our feelings and this is very common and happens many people but they deny it.

It is a feeling which brings chills down as the person who is unable to comprehend with their feelings they know what exactly is happening to them physically.

Having this dilemma leads to the situation called decision making, as there is more than a single feeling but one needs to be sure which one he should choose.


  • As we discussed earlier having more than one feeling brings confusion, like anger and sadness together. Now a person gets confused which feeling should be chosen and acted upon which one should be ignored. In this situation of making a decision, a feeling occurs and that is frustration. So now there are three different feelings at a single point of time. 

Well, can we feel more than one emotion at a time? Yes, we can but it’s very difficult to act upon just one.

Sometimes we act upon on all of them or sometimes none of them at all and suppress all the feelings down the throat. Does it create more problems?

Yes, it does. When we try and suppress our emotions, they are simply being ignored and they come back with the force of a spring which is even a bigger problem.

  • Now what’s this feeling Afterall (don’t know how to feel), there is no English word for this feeling. We tend to name things we invent but sadly we don’t have the name of this feeling yet. Some might say it’s just a mere confusion, but is it? Confusion usually happens in making decisions and based on a feeling, either angry, sad, happy, excited, etc. What is it called when all the feelings are mixed up.
  • There is a time or phase that comes in childhood where children don’t know how to feel because they are not matured enough to handle situations like these. Experiencing anxiety at a very young age can be devastating and it can even lead to panic like situation as well or develop into some kind of phobia.


  • Accept that there’s something wrong: 

It is the first step that should be taken as acceptance makes the journey a lot easier than it seems. If you accept the fact that yes there is something wrong then you have the option to find the right solution for it. If acceptance is not there then the condition will remain the same for a long time as there will be no way to head to.

  • Try to stay calm and focus rather than panic: 

Panic can be the worst enemy one can have at this point in time, as it is the result of overwhelmed emotions and feelings. Try to be focused and allow yourself to feel whatever you want to feel even if it is for fraction of seconds and then it changes.

  • Mental vs. Physical:

When there is a fight going on mentally then he should try and comfy themselves physically. Taking a single step at a time can help in get going.

  • One should try and build love for self: 

Building self-compassion is important by speaking to oneself like a friend because having a flood of feelings or no feeling at all can be cured within and for that love and compassion for self is necessary.

  • Pamper yourself:

Yes, pampering self can be very beneficial as when our emotional self is drained out it is the time for some fuel to put in order to move the machine (body) back on track. Pampering helps in getting oneself up physically and emotionally.

  • Exercise regularly or just go for a walk daily:

Physical exercises and activities are necessary to let out toxins from our bodies that we get either from our bodies or just emotions.

  • Work on your hobbies, it always helps: 

We all are unique and have uniques ways of expressing ourselves, have different likes and dislikes and have different hobbies as well. Our hobbies define ourselves as a person, it makes us who we are. They are considered as our passion and therefore it is important to work on our hobbies to make sure our inner self is still alive.

  • Speak your mind:

It’s not possible to make everybody happy and therefore it is important to first make yourself happy. People try and do compromises for the people they know through work, friends, and family, but often forget that the first priority should be self which they fully neglect. If you’re feeling off just tell the people around you that you’re not okay at the moment or you need some time off. There is no harm in speaking what you actually feel.

  • Take a vacation: 

As this is probably the best one can do as the monotonous life is sometimes the biggest reason for this dilemma. The same routine makes a person function like a robot or a machine but we are not robots, we can’t do same thing over and over. First, it is the boredom that takes over and then it is our happiness which is lost somewhere while we’re trying to make others happy. Take some time off, go on a vacation and clear your mind.

Seeking professional help is important as there are things that one can do on their own but the things we just discussed can’t be ignored and those are lack of acceptance, ability to speak one’s mind, self-awareness and monotonous life. After a point of time when things seem to be fine, there is a tendency of human beings is to let things off the mind and off the track. They leave things in between when they feel everything is alright. Therefore, to get proper attention and focus on the things that are important, one should take professional help. 

Things done right at the right time is the key to stay strong and help ourselves coming out of the bad times. Every solution can be found within ourselves, we just need to ask ourselves for it that’s it.

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In this blog, we discussed what to do if you are thinking of “I don’t know how to feel?”

We’ve talked about 10 ways to comfort oneself from this dilemma. I hope that helped you in some way.

Please feel free to comment below or leave a message. We would really appreciate it. 


What to do when you don’t know how you feel?

When you don’t know how you feel, try to first start with acceptance that something’s wrong and then move forward to analyze what your inner self wants and craves.

What does alexithymia feel like?

Alexithymia feels like a dysfunction in emotional awareness, social attachment, and interpersonal relating.

It is basically known as the difficulty of knowing others’ emotions.



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