I don’t feel good (Why)

I don’t feel good – A guide to understanding the reasons why you are not feeling good.

In this guide, we are going to discuss why there are some moments where you don’t feel good and what to do.

I don’t feel good

There are days where you feel wonderful. You look at everything positively and you feel that things cannot go better.

There are days when you simply feel that everything will be fine. But there are a few days where everything falls apart.

Where you feel you are not doing things right, where your mood is on the ground and there is nothing that can get you up.

You just say I don’t feel good.

Human beings are not always going to have the same mood. We would like to feel happy always, that nothing bad happened and have control of all things, but unfortunately, that is not so.

Unfortunately, there are days when we have to fight against everything that comes to us, both internally and externally.

There are days where our mind bombards us with everything negative that crosses it and makes us feel in the worst possible way.

If there are of those days.

There are days where you simply want to be well but you can’t.

It is a struggle between the internal and the external, and the internal is winning.

It’s normal to feel good, it’s okay to say I don’t feel good.

We live in a society where today the things that are projected through the networks are always the good ones.

We see happy faces, perfect lives, it’s like saying I don’t feel good is forbidden.

There are times when you would like to tell someone how you feel, but at the same time, you don’t know if it would be the right thing or not.

You don’t want to feel vulnerable but you don’t want to keep everything inside of you.

You just don’t know what to do and you stay with those feelings.

When you say I don’t feel good, this is proof that you are an honest person about how you feel.

You do not pretend that everything always goes well, you simply accept the fact that today you do not feel well. 

You know there are times when you can’t handle the situation, where you don’t see things clearly and you feel that things don’t work. 

While it is true that it is normal from time to time to express I don’t feel good, it is important to know the reasons why you feel this way.

Many times we know the reasons why we feel happy and it would also be good to know the reasons why you are not feeling well.

Why I don’t feel good?

There are many reasons why you say you don’t feel well. You may be aware of these at some times and not at others.

Identifying why you don’t feel well is a way of knowing yourself. Some reasons why you say you don’t feel good can be the following:

You’re going through a love breakup or the loss of someone you loved

Losing a loved one, whether due to death or having a relationship that has come to an end, maybe one of the most common reasons why you usually say I don’t feel good.

No one wants to lose someone they love, but it is normal to feel that way after these situations happen.

Losing a job

Losing a job also causes you to not feel well.

Maybe you liked that job, you felt good and you saw growth opportunities, but a layoff ended all the illusion you had.

A person who is the head of the household and whose employment is the only source of livelihood can generate in the person a great feeling of sadness when losing it.

Low self-esteem

Having low self-esteem may be another reason why you say I don’t feel good.

You may look in a mirror and not be satisfied with the image you have on you.

You look like a person little able to achieve their dreams or meet the demands that are required in your daily life.

Also when you compare yourself to others it can lead you to feel bad.

A person with low self-esteem compares a lot with others and feels bad to see that others have things they would like to have.

He sees his life insignificantly compared to that of others.

You didn’t get something you wanted

Sometimes you can put so much effort into achieving something and seeing that you did not get it, you tend to feel bad.

It is frustrating to see how something that has been put into effort and dedication is not as expected. Create a feeling of disappointment.

You feel that you are stuck

 Sometimes some people say they feel bad because of the point in which they see themselves in their life.

They feel that they are not moving forward and that they need a change.

They do not like the lifestyle they currently lead.

You are facing changes

When a person is faced with a new and different situation, they may feel bad.

It does not understand the things that happen around, it feels that it is losing control and this creates a feeling of discomfort.

It may be that you have ever seen yourself in situations where by not knowing something or being in front of something new you have not felt well.

A mental illness

The rates of people worldwide suffering from a disease are increasing, depression is one of them.

Sometimes not feeling well can be a symptom of depression, if it is accompanied by other symptoms.

Depression is a state where the person feels deep sadness and hopelessness.

It thinks it is not worth living and does not make sense of the things it once enjoyed.

If you feel that not feeling well is a recurring feeling and with the step, you feel worse, along with other symptoms, it would be time to go to a mental health professional and find out more about the reasons why you feel that way.

What can I do to stop feeling bad?

A person may feel bad for different reasons, previously we mentioned some of them, and it may be that those mentioned do not come close to the reasons why you express I don’t feel good.

While it is true that sometimes we can feel bad for a moment and then return to how we felt before, it is important to analyze and discover why that feeling lasts longer.

To stop feeling bad you must first analyze and look for the reasons why you feel this way.

When you discover the reason why you feel bad, it is easier to find solutions that are oriented to the fact itself.

If at the moment you do not find a reason why you feel bad, try to relax or do something you enjoy and you will see how that feeling begins to disappear.

If you are aware of the reasons why you are not feeling well, it is time to work on it.

If you do not feel well due to a loss of employment, a loved one due to death or a breakup, you must remember that it is normal to feel that way for a while.

Accept things as they happened, even if it’s difficult at the moment. Do not deny reality, but live the duel and let time take its course.

Do not lock yourself in and try to get away from it all, but gradually see yourself returning normally to your life.

It is not easy to deal with losses of any kind, but carrying this feeling on a prolonged basis can make you worse.

If you discover that the reasons why you do not feel well are related to a little conformity with what you are and what you have, it is time to work your self-esteem.

Learn to accept your virtues and your defects and understand that each person is different and that makes them special.

If you do not feel well because of what you have achieved at the moment, analyze what you want and work for it.

Do not let your goals be mediated by those of others, but by you. What others have does not mean that this is what you should have.

Sometimes society can create non-existent needs and when you feel you can’t get them you feel bad.

Identify what you need in your life and focus on it.

It is normal for people to reach a point in comparing themselves to others, but when they take a person to the point of expressing displeasure and disagreement with himself there is danger.

Do not fall into the trap of wanting to have what others have and if you do not have it you are not enough.

If the feeling of I don’t feel good is related due to stages and transitions that you are going through in life, it is normal to feel that way.

The changes scare and bring out different emotions and feelings.

Do not fear but have an attitude of openness to everything that is to come into your life.

If you say you are not feeling well and this feeling is accompanied by other symptoms and is prolonged, then it would be correct to visit a health professional and know if these symptoms can be reasons for mental illness.

If you have a diagnosis of diseases such as depression, there are several psychological and pharmacological treatments focused on improving mood and feeling good again.

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FAQs about I don’t feel good

I hate my job, but it is my only livelihood, what can I do?

You can start looking for other jobs related to things you like to do, but also remember that in jobs not everything will always come out the way we want.

There will be difficult times, but if you can’t deal with your work anymore and have thought about quitting, first look for another job and then quit.

Why do I feel that everything goes wrong?

It is normal to feel that way.

Human beings go through periods where when we do something it does not work out as we plan and we tend to believe that everything goes wrong.

Do not think that because something does not go as you wanted it means that everything goes wrong but also remember that because not everything goes as you wish it means that it is wrong.

How can I help a friend who says it doesn’t feel well?

Listen to it and give it support.

Sometimes you don’t have to say anything just to show that person that you are there for what you need.

Is it normal to feel sad all the time?

Sadness is one more emotion and it is normal to feel that way.

But if you feel that the sadness you have is present most of the day and without any apparent cause, it is time to think why you feel that way.

If you do not find reasons and you feel that it is accompanied by other symptoms that make you feel negative, seeking medical help is the solution.

How can I lose my fear of expressing to my friends that I feel bad?

You don’t have to feel afraid when talking to your friends since they are there for you.

If you feel that the fear you have is because they cannot hear you or help you, turn to other people with whom you can talk.

There is no fear in expressing feelings of sadness, it is natural.


Saying sometimes I don’t feel good is normal since human beings don’t always have the same mood.

Knowing when you feel good and when it is not a way to meet you and know how to react.

If you feel that the feeling of not feeling well is prolonged, start thinking that it may be causing this discomfort.

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