I deserve better(How to achieve better)

In this brief article, we will be discussing you deserve better, reasons why you deserve better, why you should consider that you deserve better, and more information about you deserve better.

How do you know you deserve better?

You will know you deserve better in the first stages of a relationship. There are also the middle stages where the relationship reveals its true colours.

This is where your partner might be showing some signs that you deserve better. The following are some signs that you deserve better than you thought you are:

They’re Not Mindful Of Your Boundaries In The Relationship

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Jordan Pickell, MCP, tells people who think that they deserve better that happens when a partner is not mindful of your boundaries.

You can see this in behaviours that would show that your partner won’t listen to you.

This might show up when you and your partner are at a bar and the partner forces you to get another drink which can frustrate you.

In this case, the partner is not willing to listen to you which should be a sign where you know you deserve better.

They Expect You To Always Be Accessible For Them

In the first stages of your relationship, most partners would expect one to be close to them at all times. This will indicate that you are always available to them.

However, this is not always the case in relationships since some partners would get busy with work which can help with earnings.

Partners who don’t respect this important time should indicate that you deserve better than them.

They Don’t Treat You Like A Partner Like A Healthy Partner

Healthy relationships should be balanced as they should be. This means that each person will give and take in a relationship.

You will feel like you deserve better when your partner doesn’t treat you as an equal.

This can be shown when he or she doesn’t spend as much time with you like you did to him or her.

They’re Not Totally On Board With Things You Find Important In Your Life

There are partners who don’t like some things that the partner find important.

This can be seen when your partner doesn’t let you go when you need to do some spiritual practices that you need to do at a certain time of year.

This can also be seen when the partner won’t hear your oppositional political opinions.

This sign can be implied that the partner doesn’t care about your personal opinions and where you got them from.

They’ve Told You They’re Not Good Enough For You As You Have Observed

This is a way that some partners would do to break up a relationship.

This is a very lousy way of breaking things up and this will only indicate that you don’t deserve an honest breakup.

This can only indicate that your partner is too cowardly for you and you deserve better than this.

You need to move on to a partner who is more honest and straightforward than your last partner.

They Make A Ton Of Excuses Or Put The Blame On You Almost All The Time

This partner is willing to twist his or her words to get out of your suspicion. This can also make you the scapegoat of the relationship which can make you stressed with this overwhelming abuse.

This sign only shows that you deserve more than this abusive partner. You need to get rid of this partner or this manipulation will get worse.

They “Jokingly” Make Fun Of You In Public Almost All The Time

Respect is important in a relationship as you might already know.

This means that your partner should be able to respect who you are as a person and know that secrets shared with each other should remain a secret to people outside the relationship but this isn’t applicable when the secret is risking one partner to harm.

It isn’t acceptable that your partner will try to ruin your reputation to other people which can hurt you and make you realize how your partner really treats you.

You deserve better than this and you should know that.

They Don’t Make You A Priority Almost All The Time

Relationships should be something that you can enjoy wholeheartedly not only the cost of someone’s happiness.

Both partners should feel loved in the relationship and no one should have more love than the other.

It is already a problem when we see that other partners are better off with more advantages than us in the relationship.

You should be able to take notice of this problem in the relationship and know when to leave immediately.

This leaving can save you from the inevitability that your relationship will take when one is receiving more love than the other.

You know you deserve better when this sign is happening in your relationship.

Reasons why you deserve better

There are a lot of reasons that you deserve better than what you truly believe. You need to know that you are made to get the best out of life, especially in your relationship.

You should be able to learn that there are people who would be willing to manipulate you in the relationship.

You need to start realizing that this can be alleviated by being careful who you bring to your life.

Once you know you deserve better, you are willing to be more critical about the people who want to have a relationship with you.

The following are reasons that you should bring to yourself to know that you deserve better:

  • You’ll understand everyone in your life serves an objective where the one who made you realize you deserve better was a lesson for you

You shouldn’t be stuck in the thoughts of what could have been when the damage has already been done. You should know that you need to bring this lesson from the pain to the future relationships that you are going to take on.

  • You’ll learn the importance of self-realization or realizing for yourself that you deserve better in your life

You should realize that you find your self-worth from the pain you have felt in your past relationships.

You should also put this lesson in your future relationships that you are going tackle on your way.

  • You’ll realize time is the most precious asset you have so don’t waste it on someone who plays games with your heart

Your time is invaluable to you. In this case, you deserve to not spend your time on someone who is going to hurt you along the way.

  • You’ll finally understand that sorry doesn’t always mean it won’t happen again in your relationship.

You need to realize that people will always make mistakes, especially partners. You should realize that sorry can mean that the person is already too late for it.

  •  You’ll be confused why you ever put up with certain situations in the first place in your relationship.

When you know you deserve better, you are able to think about those times where you were suffering from a toxic relationship. This can make you realize how far you’ve come.

  •  You’ll learn to stop making excuses for people in your life

You’ve already learned in your past relationships that excuses only mean danger to you.

You know you aren’t worth these excuses that your partner is giving who will only lead you on with these excuses.

  • You’ll learn to stop being petty and start understanding the importance of moving on from the past relationship.

Pettiness will only drain your precious mental energy. You need to get away from this relationship if this happens.

You will know your friends mean well when they have told you to get away from your toxic relationship. This will only mean that you have friends who deserve your time.

  • While you’re at it, you’ll probably realize your mom was right about the relationship.

Your mom is always right when it comes to your relationships. You should start listening to her when you think you have a toxic relationship.

  • You’ll learn the importance of letting go of past insecurities in your life.

These insecurities will only keep haunting you when you need to keep holding on to them. You should start to realize that your insecurities will only hold you down.

  • You’ll learn to hold yourself to a higher standard in your relationships.

You need to stop settling for someone less than you. You know that you deserve something better and this can be done by changing your standards higher than they ought to be.

  • You’ll learn that being happy is more important than seeking revenge in your life.

Revenge will never be approximate to your happiness. This is because this aspect in your life is external which means you won’t feel it internally in your life.

  • You’ll understand the distinction between giving up and moving on in your life

You shouldn’t stay in a situation that will only hurt you in the long run. You need to move on since you deserve better than this.

  • You’ll learn to stop comparing yourself to other people and situations that don’t apply to you in your life

Competition will only show that you don’t deserve better. You need to know that you don’t need a comparison that will show that you are good since you know you deserve better.

  • You’ll understand that everything in life happens for a reason and what is not meant for you will never be yours in life

You need to stop stressing to things that you are holding on to. You need to realize that you deserve better by learning to move forward and work with other goals.

  • You’ll realize your self-worth does not decrease depending on someone else’s inability to see your value in life

Your past will never define you in any way. You should know the only thing that matters is your present and how you make it matter.

  • You’ll realize no one will ever love you like you love you and that’s okay in your life.

In the end, you’re the only one who understands yourself. You should realize that you can only love yourself since you know what you need to do to help yourself.


In this brief article, we have discussed you deserve better, reasons why you deserve better, why you should consider that you deserve better, and more information about you deserve better.

If you have any questions about you deserve better, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: i deserve better

What does I deserve better mean?

I deserve better means that the person is ready to move forward because they don’t care enough to be better.

This person will not put in the effort or energy that they realize that they know you deserve more than them.

How do you tell someone you deserve better?

You can tell someone you deserve better by giving importance to giving up, apologies don’t mean it won’t happen again, giving importance to time, no one will ever love you as you love yourself, realizing your self-worth, stop hoping that things will get better, everything happens for a reason, and letting go of your insecurities.

Why do guys say you deserve better?

Guys deserve better because he is trying to warn you ahead of time that you won’t be disappointed when you don’t get your needs met.

This si also because the guy believes that you are too good for him or anything of that nature already knows you are more indulged than he is. 

How do you know if you deserve more in a relationship?

You deserve more in a relationship by noticing that your partner doesn’t want to communicate, you’re always making the plans, your partner is unappreciative, you’re not welcome among family, they don’t respect your time, they shun responsibility, you feel insecure, and there’s little physical contact.

How do you respond to I don’t deserve you?

To I don’t deserve you, you should respond with a Well I don’t deserve you either but I’m glad we have each other.

You can’t contradict the person who is saying this kind of phrase to you by responding with a Yes, you do.

This is because most people hate being told they’re wrong even if it’s about something good.


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