I beat anorexia (How)

In this brief blog, we will be talking about how you can beat anorexia, the ways of beating anorexia, motivators on how you can beat anorexia, and more information about how you can beat anorexia.

How do I beat anorexia?

You can beat anorexia by doing the following steps.

This kind of psychological disorder can come from the fact that you are not eating well due to some social reasons or genetic reasons.

You can start having symptoms that are prominent in this kind of psychological disorder such as losing your hair and having a significant loss of weight.

Meeting Your Physical Needs In Life

You should be able to find emergency treatment when you need it.

This psychological disorder can cause life-threatening symptoms that could kill you if you don’t get it addressed.

You should be able to ask help from family members when you feel the need for medical attention.

Your family members can be the first ones to notice about your deteriorating health which can help if they are supportive for your wellbeing.

You should make sure that you receive attention immediately since the lack of medical attention can lead to your immediate death from the symptoms of this psychological disorder.

You can also meet with a registered dietician who can help you have a healthy meal diet little by little since you might not be ready to take on some heavy meals.

This professional is trained for this concern in your life and he or she can help you get your physical health better.

You should be able to conform to the dietary plan of this professional once you have social support to back you up such as your family members.

You need to realize that this dietary plan is good for you and know that you are not judged for not being able to control this psychological disorder.

You will then be restoring your healthy weight.

Most patients with this psychological disorder will be taking meals through a tube to get them used to eating healthy and important meals so that they won’t need to freak out when they are given a plate of heavy food

You will then be checked if you have reached the weight that is appropriate for you and you can be released from the hospital and asked to continue your healthy and balanced diet when you go home.

You need to schedule regular check-ups to let the physician know you are doing what you need to do.

This is where the physician will be checking your weight to know if you are keeping up with the balanced diet that you were advised to do.

Your vital signs, hydration, and electrolytes will also be checked to make sure if you can handle yourself with the weight you have.

You can also ask professionals if there are medications that you can have to minimize the occurrence of this psychological disorder.

However, there are no known medications that are effective in treating this psychological disorder.

Depression is linked to this psychological disorder which means you might be prescribed with an antidepressant medication.

You might be prescribed with estrogen to help control your menstrual cycle since this can be affected with your low weight.

Getting Psychological Treatment For Anorexia

You have to accept that you have this psychological disorder. This can help you motivate yourself that you are in need of psychological treatment.

The first step to treatment is the awareness that one needs treatment. This can start with the affected person who realizes this.

You should go through cognitive-behavioural therapy for your psychological disorder. You should register for individual sessions of this therapy. 

You need to find this mental health professional who specializes in this therapy to help you.

This mental health professional can help you find the reason for the occurrence of this psychological disorder.

When you engage in this therapy, you will learn how your negativity can cause this psychological disorder.

You will be taught how to change your thinking patterns which can bring you to change your eating habits.

There are also specific behavioural interventions that will be recommended to you depending on the symptoms that you are showing.

Some of these interventions will allow you to tell your goals in therapy which can help your needs met.

This therapy has a certain time period so you have to take note of this. You will need to make due all your goals that can be tackled in the set time period.

You should also try family therapy for your psychological disorder. A reason for this psychological disorder could be a strained relationship in the family. 

If these social concerns might be the primary issues surrounding your psychological disorder, you should consider having this psychotherapy or marriage or relationship therapy.

Family therapy is a typical therapy that addresses social concerns. 

The family will be present with the patient in this therapy. The concerns that are occurring in the family will be displayed and discussed in this therapy. 

Once the concern is identified, the therapist will try to change some behaviour or attitudes that may have influenced this concern.

This therapy can also help the family realize what dynamics may have caused this psychological disorder in the affected family member. 

You need to be aware that people with this psychological disorder have family dynamics that revolve around perfection which can make the person pressured to reach the ideal weight.

You need to stick to your treatment plan as much as possible.

There are some people with this psychological disorder who find it frustrating to continue with treatment since it doesn’t seem to be working for them.

This shouldn’t be the cause of not sticking to the treatment plan since the treatment plan is there for you and you can ask the therapist if you are not feeling the effects of the therapy.

The therapist can guide you on what you need to do when this occurs.

Accepting Emotional and Social Support From Others

You should try to discuss your concerns to people you can trust.

Although at first, you will be ashamed of engaging in this psychological disorder and sharing this embarrassing moment in your life to other people.

However, you don’t have to regret sharing it since it can give you a sense of relief. You can also find a support group that you can convene with when you have concerns.

This group is a group that you can relate with since most people in this group are people who have this psychological disorder.

You can find yourself comfort when you hang out with these people who know your struggles in your life.

You can also help each other get through your recent concerns and you can easily find support in this group.

You can also find a positive role model for your psychological disorder.

This can be a member of your group where you can find a person who tried to get his or her psychological disorder minimized.

This can help you motivate yourself to get yourself treated for this psychological disorder.

You need to try to get away from triggers that can only strengthen this psychological disorder.

You need to minimize having social interactions with people who only want you to focus on thinning your body which can bring symptoms of this psychological disorder.

You need to minimize your eyes on social media which can only get you exposed to the ideal body weight which can only force you to have this psychological disorder again.

You should also minimize your visiting hours to the weighing scale which can only make you more concentrated on your psychological disorder. You need to take care of your body.

You can do this by wearing clothes that show your personality which can make you feel you.

You can also do things that you want to do so that you can keep doing things for yourself.

You should also find some ways to help yourself get active. You need to be socially active and physically active.

You can do this by engaging in cardiovascular exercises which can give you enough energy during the day and help you.

You should also try volunteering which can help you get engaged socially.

This will also help you be more strong against peer pressure which is a common reason for this psychological disorder.

You need to give yourself some honest reminders.

You need to realize what you will lose when you stop your treatment for this psychological disorder. This can help you get motivated on what you need to minimize this psychological disorder.

Helping Someone Else Who Have Anorexia

You should show that you are a positive influence to affected people. You can do this by not promoting the ideal body weight since this can only promote this psychological disorder.

You should start to make yourself willing to live freely without the restriction of needing to see your weight almost every day of your life.

You should share a meal with the people around you.

This can promote the fact that this eating can be good for people even those who are affected by this psychological disorder.

You need to be supportive without being too overbearing.

You can do this by promoting positive behaviours that can take care of oneself and make sure those behaviours are always done.

You can also try to remind the person what he or she needs to do to minimize the occurrence of this psychological disorder.

Of course, you shouldn’t force them to do things that they are not comfortable with doing yet even if you truly care for their wellbeing and they get that.

You should always remain patient and calm when your loved one has this psychological disorder.

You need to make sure you tell them that you are there to support them even at times that they are at their worst.

You also have the responsibility of bringing them to a therapist when this psychological disorder is showing symptoms that could risk the life of your loved one.


In this brief blog, we have talked about how you can beat anorexia,the ways of beating anorexia, motivators on how you can beat anorexia, and more information about how you can beat anorexia.

If you have any questions about how you can beat anorexia, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: i beat anorexia

What is the outcome of anorexia?

The outcome of anorexia is heart disease.

This kind of condition can be the most typical medical cause of death in people with this kind of psychological disorder.

There are also main physical effects of this psychological disorder such as abnormal and dangerous heart rhythms like slow rhythms which are called bradycardia. 

How long can anorexia last?

Anorexia can last for 8 years.

This was found in studies on eating disorders and how they last in the affected person.

Although there are some cases that this kind of psychological disorder can become severe and enduring which can lead it to last for many years and having a debilitating effect on the sufferers and their families.

How do you feel when you have anorexia?

When you have anorexia, you will feel severe weight loss, complications in sleeping and tiredness, lack of sexual interest or potency, feeling dizzy, constipation and bloating, stomach pains, feeling cold or having a low body temperature, and growth of downy or soft and fine hair all over your body which is called Lanugo. 

What organs are affected by anorexia?

The organs that are affected by anorexia are heart, kidneys, and brain.

You can also be affected by the following such as a drop in blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, loss of hair, thinning of bones or osteoporosis, death from starvation or suicide, and fluid-electrolyte imbalance. 

Does anorexia make you pee a lot?

No, anorexia doesn’t make you pee a lot.

This is because this kind of psychological disorder can make you more susceptible to dehydration.

This kind of medical condition can be displayed by the following symptoms such as thirst, infrequent urination, dark-coloured urine, fatigue, dizziness and confusion. 


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