I am so lonely (Why?)

In this brief article, we will be discussing I am so lonely, the meaning of I am so lonely, ways you can do when you are feeling lonely, and more information about I am so lonely. 

Signs that you are so lonely

When you are able to identify the signs that you are feeling lonely, you can stop your loneliness.

The following are some signs that you are feeling so lonely right now and you need to act now in stopping this feeling:

  • You’re still exhausted when you wake up from the night you had.

Even though you just had a lot of sleep, you still feel fatigued for some reason.

Studies suggest that if you’re so lonely, you’re more likely to suffer from fragmented sleep which can affect your sleep hygiene.

This means you wake up more typically during the night and don’t get enough deep rest which you genuinely need.

  • Your immune system doesn’t seem to be working well as observed.

You catch every virus going and it’s difficult for you to recover from them even though you try something that could help yourself.

This is a response to physical changes caused by the way your stress levels increase when you’re lonely since this is a dysfunctional mental state that affected the physical state.

  • You’re tempted to self-medicate for yourself.

This may be with food, drugs, intoxicating drink, shopping or anything else that distracts you from feeling low from this kind fo feeling.

One massive research on this feeling showed that you’re likely to try and fill the void when you’re lonely, hoping that this one little bit of happiness will make up for the sadness you feel deep inside.

  • Little things get you down in life.

Sources of frustration, irritation, and sadness that once felt tolerable to you are now making you feel dreadful about whatever is occurring in your life right now.

This is one of the most typical signs of this feeling and is an indication that your levels of resilience are low int he present.

  • Your friends complain about being lonely in their lives.

You might find this surprising but the latest research shows that this kind of feeling can be socially contagious in social groups.

One factor might be that if you and your friends are feeling lonely, you’re obviously not connecting with each other that well in your social circle.

  • You have general symptoms and signs of depression based on medical terms.

Depression isn’t always linked to signs of this feeling.

However, when it is, you may observe that you care less about personal maintenance, feel worthless, can’t concentrate, struggle with anxiety and/or no longer feel excited by previous passions in your life.

Why am I so lonely?

There are many reasons why you are feeling so lonely. This might stem from the fact that some aspect in your life is lacking such as mental or a physical state. 

This kind of feeling can creep up on you if you don’t deal with it in no time. This kind of feeling can be felt when we are with a group that we have known all our lives but don’t feel the chemistry with these people.

There is a great distinction between this kind of feeling and being alone where being alone is only a state of being alone and not feeling this kind of feeling.

People who feel this kind of feeling will feel the constant need of other’s company but not feeling the gratification.

You need to be aware that you are having this kind of feeling since this can lead you to understand and know what to do. This kind of feeling is typically alive when heartbreak is the cause.

This kind of feeling might arise from our expectations about companionship and it was just taken away easily. This can lead to this kind of feeling which can increase into depression.

This is what can make these people to feel this kind of feeling which can manifest as dysfunctional behaviours.

Being aware about this kind of feeling can lead you to mindfulness which is the first and effective step to healing.

This kind of feeling can lead to negative self-talk which can affect a person’s confidence which can lead to a low mental wellbeing.

This kind of feeling can be dealt with when you will notice the things that are harming yourself. You should then accept this kind of feeling in your life. 

This kind of feeling happens because most people are less likely to engage in self-compassion.

The appearance of this trait can make these affected people not feel this kind of feeling too intensely.

This kind of feeling will be apparent if one is not kind to oneself even though people are more likely to make mistakes.

This can be learned when these affected people try to think about the things that they have done to make things better.

This can give them a perspective about the other person whose broken relationship has made them feel this way.

This kind of feeling can also arise from the fact that we aren’t honest about ourselves.

This can be an explanation why some people feel this way even with colleagues and friends which can be disturbing in these people’s eyes. In this case, you should strive to be more genuine in a relationship whatever the nature of the relationship.

This lack of authenticity may come from the fact that we want to maintain our relationships as much as possible.

Most people might not notice that this impression management can only break the relationship in the long run even if you had good intentions.

There is also the fact that we focus on our flaws and how we aren’t meant to have this kind of relationship which can contribute to this kind of feeling.

It is important that one should try to accept these flaws as they are and use them as standards as what we need in a relationship.

You should know that you are not flawed but you are wounded. The lack of knowledge about this fact can bring us to toxic relationships in life that have affected us deeply. 

This is why we start to think that it is our faults which can lead to a spiral of self-hatred. When this kind of feeling becomes close to depression, it is going to be difficult to get out of.

We won’t even notice that it is hurting us deeply and it could hurt other people who are concerned about us as well.

This is where we should try to look for help even though we might get stubborn about it.

It is getting important for us to seek some professional advice that can get us out of this flunk. We don’t have to be victims of this feeling.

We can be our own heroes of this feeling where we accept this kind of feeling and would try to prevent the cause of this feeling.

This can help us grow as our own person and know that most people won’t need anyone so that they can feel better.

How to stop feeling so lonely?

You can stop feeling so lonely by following the stages below. As mentioned before, you are still deserving of your own happiness and you shouldn’t let this kind of feeling stop you.

You can get into a better feeling state once you do these stages below:

Stage 1 (Accept Loneliness As A Feeling)

This was mentioned before where you have to accept that this feeling is only a feeling. This means it can come and go as it pleases or as you can control it.

You don’t have to feel this feeling for eternity or something more exaggerating as that.

Stage 2 (Maintain And Improve Relationships)

When you have people in your life that want to help you get rid of this feeling, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for their help.

This can be useful in keeping your relationships active which can minimize the occurrence of this feeling.

This feeling shouldn’t stop you from hanging out with people who deeply care about you. You should make up for the closeness of these relationships.

Stage 3 (Disassociate From Social Media)

Social media can only increase this feeling as most people have found out. In this case, you should limit your usage of this media.

You could try only taking 30 minutes a day for this kind of media to minimize the occurrence of this feeling.

Stage 4 (Refocus Your Current Attention)

When you think about this feeling all the time, you will only feel intense about these feelings. This is why you should try some activities that can also bring happiness to your life.

Just because you’re feeling this way, doesn’t mean that you should be hurting as well. A fine example is using a gratitude journal where you can write about things that have made you grateful today.

You should realize that even a little involvement to these activities that can make you happy can alleviate the pain of this feeling.

Stage 5 (Learn To Enjoy Your Own Company In Your Life)

You can trick yourself that you are meant to be lonely by making you feel and imagine scenarios where you portray this feeling as negative. You shouldn’t always look at being alone as lonely.

This could be a good time for you to experience the happiness of being one’s own. Some people have tried this and they have become used to being their own company.

Stage 6 (Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone In Your Life)

You should try new things as a way to get rid of this feeling. This can really help if you really indulge in it.

You should try some fun things while you try new ones to help you get rid of your funk. You should be deserving of happiness for feeling this feeling.


In this brief article, we have discussed I am so lonely, the meaning of I am so lonely”, ways you can do when you are feeling lonely, and more information about I am so lonely. 

If you have any questions about I am so lonely, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: i am so lonely

What loneliness can do to a person?

Loneliness can do the following to a person such as having intoxicating drinks and drug use, Alzheimer’s disease progress, altered brain function, antisocial behaviour, decreased memory and learning, cardiovascular disease and stroke, increased stress levels, and depression and suicide. 

What is it called when you have friends but you’re still lonely?

The term that is referred to when you have no friends yet you still feel lonely is existential loneliness.

Even if your friends or lover are close to you, you still feel lonely inside your head.

Even if others care about you, they don’t understand your experience in life.

Your friends and family members don’t have wishes, dislikes, and likes that are the same with you. 

Can a person die from loneliness?

Yes, a person can die from loneliness. Studies have found that this kind of feeling can be as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

Most people who suffer from this kind of feeling are more likely to die early than those people who have healthy social relationships.  

Is it ok to stay single forever?

Yes, it is ok to stay single forever.

This should be done in a good method where you are not using this kind of status to fulfill your grudge against mankind or something.

This kind of status for life will make you more likely to take care of yourself

How do I know if I am lonely?

You will know if you are lonely if you constantly feel tired, you find yourself taking really long and hot showers, you care a lot about material possessions, you can’t stop binge-watching shows, and you are constantly making mountains out of molehills. 


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