I am fed up (ways to recreate your life)

In this article, we will be dealing with the topic: I am fed up. We will be discussing the things to do when you feel fed up and tired of your life and the way it is moving forward. 

I am fed up

There are times in life where you feel as if you’re stuck in a rut or that nothing is the same as before. You might feel as if you’re fed up with everything around you, including people around you, your job or school, your partner, or even your favorite TV shows!. 

It could seem as if you’re stuck in a mental rut and as if you’ve gone off course. This happens especially if your daily routine is monotonous and dismissive of quality time spent on activities that rejuvenate and refresh your being. Life needs to be exciting, explorative and embellished, occasionally. None of us can remain the same or do the same things, throughout our lives. 

life should be lived with zest and curiosity, to be able to live to the fullest. Of curse, there are going to be hard phases and near to death moments. But overcoming them and bravely carrying forward with life is what it is all about. 

When you are fed up with your life, it indicates that it is time for you to change some things and make some major decisions to revamp your life or give it a complete makeover, just like you get one for yourself. 

What to do?

When the feeling of exhaustion and breaking point hits, it is still possible to restart your life and re-create it just the way you want. To do this, you must be willing to strive harder and set goals for your exact needs, and keep away from distractions of any kind, for a while. You must start observing and questioning the validity of your existing routine and be ready to change your routine into a healthier and more beneficial one that suits your goals and aspirations. They must be on par with the expectations for your new life and the way you want to go about it. 

Watch your energy, throughout the day and see how you hype up yourself to keep you on your toes and moving about. Alter your energy by disrupting your daily routine, occasionally, to remind yourself that anything is possible and trying out new things is healthy for good changes in life. 

Take your time out to be playful, passionate, and creative. It helps you to unwind and feel lighter. Recreate and reclaim the emotions of hope, optimism, and joy. There are many ways through which you can revamp your boring and tiring life. Some of them are as follows:

State your feelings in writing

Learn to distinguish between your thoughts and feelings. Segregate the two and analyze them separately. A thought could lead to a particular feeling and be aware of the root of your thoughts to understand where they arise from and how they exert an influence on your emotional health. 

Writing down your feeling is an excellent way to communicate about them to yourself in a second-person narrative and to comprehend them from various perspectives. It gives you a clear idea of your precise feelings and their intensity. For instance, “my partner does not respect me’ is a thought while “I feel worthless” is a feeling that occurs as a consequence of the thought. 

Keep your goals and expectations in mind, clear and honest, and write down how exactly do you feel about them. What are the emotions that stem up when you think about your vision and goals and observe whether they are comfortable and happy feelings or anxious and disinterested feelings? 

When you align your efforts with your desired feeling states, it helps you to tap into a new source of energy because you won’t be wasting your energy, all your life, in doing something which you do not enjoy doing. 

Sometimes we think we need to put in extra hard work to achieve something to feel good about it, later. However, it need not be necessarily always the case. You might not be enjoying or be passionate about what you are doing or your needs related to your actions could be materialistic, whose happiness does not last forever. 

Hence, it is important to be aware of your feelings concerning the goals you’ve set for yourself and how you feel about pursuing them. 

Important takeaways

Try making a list of things that are genuinely important to you and that are true about yourself. List down only those things you really wish to continue doing and dismiss the ones that do not interest you or make you feel passionate and happy about pursuing and involving in those actions. While making this list, be as accurate as you can be. 

Let your list be a true reflection of your passions and values,. The ones you don’t think about twice before you devote your time and energy to them. Include all the major as well the minor dreams and wishes that you want to manifest in reality. They should portray your strengths and virtues and no matter what the future holds for you, these should remain constant, until you achieve them. 

I am fed up (ways to recreate your life)

Keeping it simple.

Setting intentions helps you be aware of your current state and what you need to do to reach your ideal goals. Set your intentions by writing down your knowledge of your needs and try to keep it as simple as possible. Write down your sincere wants and how much you need them in your life. Write those things, of what you know can be called the truths for today. 

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Once you note down your intentions, ask yourself how many of them are true to your being and how many are empty ones without any meaning at all. This will help you eliminate the unwanted and unrealistic intentions from your list. You can use these as prompts to know your current and future intentions better. 

When life seems distant and alienated, keep your focus on what you have and what you wish to have in the future, with the uttermost honesty. Work on discovering your intentions and setting them straight to achieve your true goals and aspirations. Take small steps in alignment with your intentions and gradually you will see your dreams become your reality. 

The power of sharing

Sharing is a beautiful quality one can possess. It creates feelings of joy, belongingness, and bliss. Sharing our problems and our concerns, just like our joys and our happiness with our loved ones is equally important to keep ourselves sane and balanced. So, when you feel done with your current life or with any particular aspect of it, try talking about it to your loved ones. It could be your close friends, your favorite teacher, your partner, parent, sibling, neighbor, the daily stroller who passes by your route, or even your pet dog!. 

You might believe that you can manage without help or by keeping your problems to yourself and dealing with them on your own. However, you need to remember that you are a human being, just like others around you. Each one of us possesses a certain threshold, after which we might stumble down or not be able to face all of it together. Therefore, it is important to let your loved ones know of your troubles and your deepest fears. 


In this article we discussed the phrase: I am fed up. We examined the ways through which you can recreate your life and make it less tiring and more exciting. We also looked at the benefits of sharing our problems with our loved ones. 

FAQs: I am fed up

Is being fed up an emotion?

Yes. fed up can be categorized as an emotion. It basically refers to the low mood experienced by people when something unpleasant occurs or when they are generally fed up with the happenings in their life. These emotions of feeling a bit down, fed-up, or sad are described by doctors as the condition called ‘low mood’. These are specific phases of life every individual goes through at some point in life. When you feel fed up about something or a person, it usually triggers exhaustion and frustration, both mentally and physically. 

Is it “fed up of” or “fed up with?”

The most commonly used preposition with ‘fed up’ is ‘with’. However, among the people of the current generation, the phrase “fed up of” is becoming increasingly popular. Some people think this usage is incorrect or not appropriate concerning grammar. The usage differs from person to person, depending upon the situation or the person that an individual wants to refer to in a given circumstance. 

What does jaded mean?

Jaded means the following:

Exhausted or fatigued by the overload of work (for example: exhausted a jaded horse)
Made dull, apathetic, or cynical by experience 
Having or seeing too much of something (jaded network viewers, jaded voters)

How do you use fed up in a sentence?

You can use fed up in a sentence in the following ways:
You look fed up and tired
People are fed up with all these traffic jams
I am fed up with this job
I’m fed up with doing this thing
I am fed up with mom
I am fed up to the back teeth with hearing about your problems.

What’s the origin of the phase fed up?

Fed up refers to the unpleasant feeling that comes from eating more than the amount we require. The expression dates back to the early nineteenth century when the languid aristocracy was compared to farm animals that were force-fed to make them plump for the market. 

What is the meaning of the phrase “I have had enough”?

The phrase “I have had enough”, usually means you want no more of something or someone. For instance, “I’ve had enough of this quarreling”. This phrase makes use of the adjective enough to refer to an adequate amount, which is intended to ironically mean more than a sufficient amount. It means you are mentally or physically done with a particular situation or person and their presence no longer feels appreciable or tolerable. 

Why do we say sick to the back teeth?

We say “sick to the back teeth” or “fed to the back teeth” when we are tired and fed up with something which could be a situation, a person, or even a place or feeling. This feeling occurs when you are extremely annoyed or bored with something or someone in particular because it had been happening for a long time. For instance, we could say, “the company has been fed to the back teeth with the ineffectiveness of the sales department”.

What does it mean to feed off someone?

To feed off someone is to gain strength, energy, or support from something or someone. For example, “she fed off her teammate’s enthusiasm”. “They fed off each other’s ideas”.




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