Hypomanic Episode (A Complete In-Depth Guide)

In this article, you will be provided with a comprehensive guide related to Hypomanic episode so that you become more aware of this problem.

Other than that, you will also get to know about the possible causes, symptoms and the best treatments for this mental health issue.A hypomanic episode is a type of bipolar two disorder in which a person shows very aggressive behaviour for a particular period.

This period typically lasts for four days and consists of intense mood swings.

The person who has this sort of mental illness is most aggressive and bipolar. 

It is a type of bipolar II syndrome that it greatly affects your mind in the way that it makes you more aggressive and irritated.

Not only that it makes you feel frustrated most of the time, but also you show anger and mood swings.

Such behaviour lasts for a definite period, and after that, the person might get back to normal, but it is not sure.

A person suffering from Hypomanic episode may show extreme behaviours because of many reasons.

One of these reasons can be restlessness because people who suffer from this type of bipolar disorder usually get very less sleep.

Not only that it irritates them but also they feel aggressive and frustrated. 

Many people suffering from such type of mental illness can be hazardous and might damage someone physically as things can get out of control sometimes.

It develops an inferiority complex in the person. A person suffering from Hypomanic episode will give very extreme and negative comments to a person at an even or a public.

Such problems can be linked to bipolar I and bipolar II.

Often in this mental illness, the mind becomes filled with many different thoughts that make it hard for the person to focus or remain calm.

Not only that it causes anger but also the person suffering will show extreme physical behaviour in some cases. 

Hypomanic Episode (A Complete In-Depth Guide)

Hypomanic episode and mental health

A person suffering from such type of mental illness can show very extreme behaviours.

Not only that it affects a person socially, but also it dramatically affects one’s mental health, and it becomes hard to get out of their minds.

Usually, Hypomanic episode is linked with extreme behaviours, but most importantly, it can connect to physical behaviours as well.

A person acting in such a way not only faces social backlash but also people and family start avoiding that person.

It creates a void in him, and that person feels a lot more lonely and different as compared to others

This type of behaviour not only makes the person feel more aggressive, but also this leads to abusive behaviour as well.

Cases have been reported in which a person suffering from such type of bipolar disorder went physical on people around him which affected their physical health as well.

Hypomanic Episode (A Complete In-Depth Guide)

Restlessness and lack of sleep: 

One of the most common causes of this mental illness is restlessness. People suffering from such a disease lost the desire to rest or sleep.

Not only that it affects their mental health but also weakened their neurons and the ability to think positively.

This greatly aids in aggressive behaviour and depression, which can cause the person to be extreme at times.

Giving the patient proper medication can help lower the lack of sleeplessness.

Often there are many patients who get back to normal behaviour by getting prescribed sleep tablets. 

Suicidal behaviour: 

Another significant effect of Hypomanic episode on mental health is that it can make a person very suicidal.

When your head becomes against you, and you cannot think properly, it becomes hard to live and act normally.

Many cases have been reported that people suffering from such type of bipolar disorder committed suicide to help themselves escape this mental illness. 

Not only that such behaviour affects their lives but also their loved ones.

Proper therapy sessions and medical treatment I needed to help a person get rid of such suicidal thoughts. This will help save one’s life. 

Excessive involvement in painful activities: 

One of the main effects of Hypomanic episode on mental health is that it affects a person’s mental capabilities like positive and rational thinking.

Often people who suffer from this type of bipolar II disorder find pleasure in very painful activities. 

Not only that it hurts them, but also they find pleasure in it. This can be very dangerous, and in some cases, it might kill the person.

A person suffering from such type of mental illness may show interest in extreme sexual behaviours.

Other than that the person suffering from such type of bipolar disorder finds pleasure in activities which include self-harm etc. 

Most common causes of the hypomanic episode:

When it comes to Hypomanic episode, it is essential for people to become fully aware of this disease so that it will become easier for them to save someone’s life as well.

When you are aware of the possible side effects, risks, causes etc. of a particular disease, you can help treat the patient much more effectively. 

Therefore having a thorough knowledge about this disease is crucial in helping someone who is suffering.

Some of the most common causes of Hypomanic episode are as follows:

Deprivation from sleep: 

One of the most common reasons for such type of bipolar behaviour is lack of sleep.

A person suffering from bipolar behaviour is deprived of sleep. It is because they lose the desire to rest and sleep.

It is not because they do not want to relax, but their mental health is so damaged that they cannot rest properly anymore.

If this type of sleep deprivation is prolonged, then it may cause swear health problems, and it may lead to death as well. 

Drug addiction: 

Another prevalent cause of this type of bipolar behaviour is that it may be because of drug abuse or drug addiction.

Drugs have a very negative impact on minds, and if they are abused, they can lead to severe mental illnesses.

Many people are not aware of this as drugs give them pleasure and escape from daily life problems.

But deep down these drugs are damaging them mentally as well a physical and if they are abused for a long time then it can have a very negative impact on a person’s mental health which can lead to such type of bipolar behaviour. 

Genetics and family role: 

When it comes to bipolar behaviour, people need to know that it can be because of genetics as well.

If your family has a bipolar behaviour or some of the members have bipolar disorder, then it can impact you as well.

In most of the cases, bipolarity runs in these families.

Symptoms of Hypomanic episode: 

When it comes to the Hypomanic episode, one must be fully aware of its symptoms as well.

When you are aware of its manifestations, it becomes easier for you to judge a person if he/she is suffering from such type of bipolar behaviour or not. 

This can help save someone’s life and prevent their suffering. It will also help that person to get back to a healthy life.

Not only that it will ease the life of a person suffering, but also it will reduce the presence of his family as well.

Some of the most common symptoms of this bipolar disorder are as follows:

Racing mind with many thoughts: When it comes to bipolar behaviour, these individuals have racing minds.

Not only that their heads are filled up with many ideas, but also it becomes hard for them to stay regular as well.

Lack of desire to sleep: Another prevalent symptom is that the person suffering from such a bipolar disorder shows a lack of sleep.

It becomes hard for them to relax or take rest. It not only weakens their minds but also it makes them very frustrated. 

Increased sexual desires: A person suffering from Hypomanic episode shows extreme sexual attractions.

These sexual desires are not typical, and some of them are illegal.

If this isn’t stopped or taken care of, then such type of extreme sexual desires can lead to health problems like AIDS, HIV.

Extremely talkative: Another common symptom of such type of bipolar disorder is that the person becomes exceptionally talkative.

Not only that you’ll see such a person talking too much, but often they are talking to themselves. 

Possible treatments of Hypomanic episode: 

Dealing with people who are suffering from Hypomanic episode can be made easy if you have a thorough awareness of this mental illness.

It is essential for you to know about the possible treatments of this disease and how you can help the person suffering from bipolar disorder. 

Psychotherapy: One of the best ways of treating this Hypomanic episode is psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy proves to be very useful when it comes to dealing with such a mental illness.

Often patients who get psychotherapy show improved results in their mental health and social behaviour as well.

This not only helps the person get back to normal but also improves their mental health significantly.

Recommended drugs and medicines: Another way to treat bipolarity is through medication.

Prescribed medicines by the doctor can be beneficial in normalizing a bipolar person’s behaviour. 

Some useful resources: 

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A hypomanic episode is a mental illness which needs to be treated with the help of a team of professional doctors and psychotherapists.

A person is suffering shows extreme bipolar behaviour, which in some cases can be fatal.

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What is a hypomanic episode?

A hypomanic episode is when a person shows extreme behaviours for a particular amount of time. 

Is hypomania a mental illness?

Yes, hypomania is a mental illness which needs to be treated by doctors.

What is the difference between a manic and hypomanic episode?

Both these terms are closely related to one another; however, hypomania is linked to extreme behaviour for a definite period of time.

How do you treat hypomania?

Hypomania can be treated through psychotherapy and proper medication.

What are the signs of hypomania?

The most common signs of hypomania are lack of sleeplessness and aggressive behaviour.

What triggers a hypomanic episode?

Falling in love, elicit a mood, goal achievement etc. are the factors that trigger hypomania.


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