How to work at BetterHelp? (+3 tips for therapists)

This article will explain how you can work at BetterHelp. We will also be elaborating on the different benefits of working for this online therapy platform. In addition to this, we will be mentioning a few tips that therapists can use in order to conduct the best online therapy sessions for their clients.

How to work at BetterHelp?

If you want to apply for a position at BetterHelp, you can go to the website and check out the positions available. For therapists and counselors, the platform will ask you a series of questions, particularly about your licensing and your qualifications. The platform will also ask you about the number of hours that you can dedicate here as well as your location.

Once you have filled out the required details, the platform will give you a case study which you will need to go through and answer the given questions. BetterHelp usually follows up pretty quickly and will let you know if you have been selected or not for the position. If you do not get a response, you can easily drop in an email for the same.


Benefits of working for BetterHelp

While BetterHelp is a great platform for online therapy and thus brings affordable mental health care to millions of users, it also is an amazing platform for therapists to work in. Some of the benefits that therapists here enjoy are discussed as follows:

They do not have to commute anywhere

Therapists in BetterHelp do not have to commute anywhere for work. Therapists usually have an office space or clinic far from home and thus may spend hours just commuting to and from work. Thus, they also end up spending valuable time and energy just travel. However, BetterHelp operates fully online and thus does not require the therapists to travel for work.

They do not need an office

Therapists also do not need to rent an office space when they are working with BetterHelp. Therapists often rent out office spaces in prime locations. They may also spend a lot of money just accessorizing the place to bring more comfort to the clients. However, all this expense is nil in BetterHelp since the therapy sessions are conducted fully online.

They do not have any paperwork

Therapists complain about the large amounts of paperwork that are present in their practices. And thus, they often hire assistants to complete paperwork related to therapy as well as insurance forms. BetterHelp does the paperwork for the therapists and thus they can use their energy to concentrate on the mental health of their clients.


They do not have marketing expenses

Therapists further do not need to market themselves when they work in BetterHelp. Firstly, the platform is very popular and has a steady inflow of clients and thus therapists are guaranteed a large number of clients all the time. Secondly, the platform does the marketing for the therapist and thus they are saved from expenditure that goes into promotional events and ads.


They can set their own schedules

Therapists find a lot of flexibility and convenience when it comes to BetterHelp, just like the clients of the platform. Therapists can set their own hours and are also intimated early on about live therapy sessions. They can also choose when they want to respond to the client and thus enjoy plenty of comfort for their work.

They can use safe technology

Therapists who work in BetterHelp can also be rest assured that the identity and information of their users will be safeguarded well. The platform uses strong security features like firewalls and data encryptions to make sure of this. BetterHelp is fully HIPAA compliant making it quite safe for the therapist as well as the client.

They have online resources

BetterHelp therapists additionally have access to plenty of resources which are available in the platform. These resources can add to the quality of the therapy session. For instance, the platform has many digital worksheets that can be used by the client to reduce anxiety and increase focus. The platform also has an online journal feature that is visible to both the client and therapist.

Tips for therapists

Those therapists who conduct their therapy sessions online know very well that there are certain challenges that come with this form of therapy that are not present in in-person therapy settings. Some tips to bring the best therapy to the client have been explained as follows:

  • Create a space in your house in order to conduct your therapy sessions. If you do not have an office room, you can easily convert a quiet corner of your bedroom or living room for this purpose. You can also show your client around this space in order to bring more comfort and safety to them.
  • You also need to invest in the right lighting so that it brings natural warmth to the therapy settings. You can use soft lighting instead of harsh fluorescent lighting for your therapy space.
  • You can additionally paint the room or the background wall a soothing color such as light blue to give a relaxed vibe to the space. This can definitely encourage your client to open up and be comfortable with you.


This article has explained how you can work at BetterHelp. We have also elaborated on the different benefits of working for this online therapy platform. In addition to this, we have mentioned a few tips that therapists can use in order to conduct the best online therapy sessions for their clients.

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