How to undo in (+9 great features)

This post shall discuss how to undo in We shall also be discussing the features of and some of the disadvantages of this project management tool. With the help of project management software like, organizations are seamlessly creating efficient workflows while making supportive work environments for their team members.

How to undo in

In order to undo something on, all you need to do is click on the ‘Undo’ button that will appear at the top of the screen. However, this feature is not available for all actions. It only appears when you delete or archive an item and also when you move an item to another board.

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Features of

The best features of are described in the list below:

It has a simple user-interface

The user-interface of is very simple and highly visual. Thus, users will find that they can access items and tasks in a very easy manner. The user interface also has bright and vibrant colors which are engaging to the user. Furthermore, there are color codes that help in setting priorities and statuses for different tasks.

It has strong security features

The platform also prizes itself in its strong security features that comply with all the certifications and standards. The platform has security features like firewalls, multi-step authentications and also end to end encryptions. Furthermore, the platform performs regular backups of critical data every 5 minutes.

It promotes collaboration between team members

With the help of, team members can easily collaborate and communicate with each other. The platform promotes collaboration on multiple levels such as the update section, the chat app, the board comments and also through tagging. In this method, teams can avoid miscommunications and misunderstandings that come with poor collaboration.

It has robust analytics and reporting features

Since organizations and teams require data and regular reports, features strong analytics and data reporting. With the help of this information, team members can create more coordinated workflows and also foresee risks and loopholes. This enables them to create multiple solutions to be created for problems and issues.

There is great customer support

In order to solve issues and answer queries that user might have, has a great customer support system. They are available for communication through chat, email as well as phone. The customer support team also features regular webinars and Q&A sessions where questions that users might have are discussed and answered.

Teams can work on multiple projects

Teams hardly work on only one project at a time. There are multiple projects happening in an organization and team members might play multiple roles simultaneously. This can become overwhelming and confusing for team members to work with. Through, users can easily work on multiple projects at once with ease and efficiency.

Remote working is more efficient

Organizations are becoming vastly global, which means they have team members working together from many different locations of the world. Since they are working from various time zones, work collaboration and workflows can become messy. offers man features that can make remote working highly efficient.

CRM features is not only a project management tool. It can also be used as a Customer Relationship Management tool. With the help of, leads can be generated and score from web forms and other sources. The platform can also be used to increase sales and solve issues that customers might have, thus boosting customer relations.

It allows viewing

This means that external viewers who are not users of the account are able to view the projects and different items in the workspace. With this feature, stakeholders and clients can easily view the project and also view the tasks that are being completed. When this happens, there is better coordination of tasks and less room for errors and mistakes.

It permits a wide variety of integrations allows a wide variety of apps and project tools to be integrated with it. This promotes the effectiveness of the platform itself while granting more features for the use of the team members. The most popular integrations are with Slack, Gmail, Trello, Dropbox, Google Calendar and Outlook.

Disadvantages of

While is a great project management tool, it still has many disadvantages. Some of these are:

The plans may be too pricey

While has many features and also many plans for users to choose from, the plans might be too pricey for some organizations. However, the platform also offers a free version that individuals may like.

There might be a long learning curve

Since there are many features, users may not find the 14-day free trial period enough to learn the ropes of the platform. Thus team members may take a longer learning curve to get the hang of


This post has discussed how to undo in We have also discussed the features of and some of the disadvantages of this project management tool.

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