How to tell your parents you’re pregnant? (+9 Fun reveals)

The current blogpost will be explaining how you can tell your parents that you’re pregnant. We will also be taking a look at how you can tell your parents that you are pregnant if you are a teenager.

How to tell your parents you’re pregnant?

You can tell your parents you’re pregnant through the following ways,

The classic pregnant test

This is perfect if your parents are living somewhere near you. While many to-be mothers reveal their pregnancies to the baby’s father through this method, you can also try using this to reveal your pregnancy to your parents. Just gift-wrap the pregnancy test with a cute bow.

Through a pregnancy-reveal cake

Not only genders but even pregnancies can be revealed through a cake. You can easily write that you are pregnant through the frosting or you can even put up a cake topper which displays proudly that you are indeed pregnant.

Use a plain onesie

Everyone agrees that onesies are cute. You can write that you are pregnant on a plain white onesie and give this to your parents. Be sure to include a funny limerick or inside-joke to get a few chuckles out of your parents.

By framing the sonogram

If you have already done your first sonogram of the pregnancy, you can try framing it and presenting it to your parents. This can even be a part of a baby collage that they can put together for the new arrival.

Dress your pet

If you have a furry friend at home, they can also be included in revealing your pregnancy to your parents. You can simply dress them up in a onesie or a bandana that says that you are pregnant and show them off to your parents or even the whole neighborhood if you want to.

Through a card

A simple greeting card can also be wondrous if you are planning on revealing your pregnancy in a classy manner. If your parents have a funny bone or two, you can even use a cheeky greeting card to reveal your special news.

Through a coffee mug

If you want to give something to your parents as well as reveal that you are pregnant, you even try printing the news on a coffee mug. If your parents are not much of coffee-drinkers, you can print the message on a whiskey glass or even a wine label.

By gifting a book on grand-parenting

Another cute and informative way to go is to simply give your parents a book on grand-parenting. Regardless of if they will actually read the book or simply use it to even out a wobbly table’s legs, you can still get the message across very well with such a gift.

By giving a save-the-date calendar

You can also just go ahead and give a calendar with the expected date of your delivery circled in red to your parents as a way of breaking the news. You can even circle other important dates, like the dates of your scans, your baby shower and such.

How to tell your parents you’re pregnant if you are a teenager?

While in most cases of pregnancy, this is a happy thing to talk about, in certain cases it can be a sticky situation to talk about. This is especially if you are a teenager and have recently discovered that you are pregnant. Some tips to reveal this to your parents are:

Firstly understand the pregnancy by yourself

The most important thing that you need to do before revealing your teen pregnancy to your parents is to understand it yourself. To help your mind articulate and sort your thoughts, you can try writing. This can also help you in choosing the right words to say to your parents.

You can even talk to your partner about their mindset and what their thought process is. This is important to do early on since you need to understand if they are going to be beside you or are planning on abandoning you.

Take a friend along

You don’t have to tell your parents by yourself. You can also take a trusted friend along. Your friend can also help you if you are expecting your parents to get physically violent with you, or just provide emotional support at home.

Choose the right time

When you are revealing that you are pregnant to your parents, make sure that you are choosing the right time. Try choosing a time when they will be alone and will be relaxed. While they are still sure to react surprised, they will at least be free of other distractions.

Talk to your parents directly

As much as you might be tempted to use the phone or simply drop a text to avoid confrontation, the best thing to do is to explain the situation in person to your parents. Talking about such things on the phone can not only seem more irresponsible but the message may not be clear.

Talk to the baby’s father

Getting pregnant is of course not just because of your doing but is also because of the baby’s father. Talk to the baby’s father and take their support if you can. If they back off firmly, you will at least know this hard truth early on.

Be informed of your options

A teen pregnancy does not always have to end in abortion. There are many other options for you to explore. You can try browsing a health clinic’s website or even talk to a counselor for clearer instructions. This also gives you more control of the situation.

If you know someone who has gone through a teen pregnancy before, you even approach them and ask for tips on how to handle the situation. All in all, know that you are not alone in this. There are many teens in the US who get pregnant and manage to get through life anyway.

Be ready for shouting

Don’t expect your parents to be calm and friendly when you explain the situation to them. Be prepared to hear shouting and judgements spewed on you. This is especially true if your parents are conservative. But realize that is just a temporary response.

If you know that your parents are prone to physical discipline, keep your friend near you so that they can call for help in the case of any danger. It is a pretty common response for parents to raise their voices, but this is mostly an emotional response of their shock and surprise.

Show responsibility for the pregnancy

A teen pregnancy can seem like a very irresponsible thing. But you can try showing responsibility when you explain the situation to your parents. This can help them trust you and the decision you take later.

Showing responsibility can be first apologizing for the hurt that you might have caused them and then explaining the information which you have gathered so far. Even if you make mistakes in this, your parents will be assured that you are taking responsibility for your actions.

Give them time to process the situation

Understanding that their teenage child is pregnant cannot be an easy situation for any parent. If you have managed to explain the situation, give your parents enough time to process the situation. Once they have understood the situation, they will be in a better state to help you.


The current blogpost has explained how you can tell your parents that you’re pregnant. We have also taken a detailed look at how you can tell your parents that you are pregnant if you are a teenager.

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