How To Stop My Husband From Yelling At Me(+5 Ways)

This article will explain how a wife can stop her spouse from yelling at her while also explaining why these tactics would definitely work. The article will also comment on the nature of the marriage between two individuals.

How To Stop My Husband From Yelling At Me?

Here are a few ways to stop your husband from yelling at you:

  • Stay Quiet – Don’t Fight Back
  • Listen To Him – Figure Out What The Problem Is
  • Tell Him How You Feel
  • Don’t Hide Your Tears – Be Real With Him
  • Ignore Him – Silent Treatment
  • Do Things His Way – If Possible

Before we look at these reasons in detail, let us take a look at the relationship between two spouses and why respect is such an integral part – and shouting isn’t!

Relationships – Respect & Communication

Relationships are all about respect and communication! If neither of the two are present then the relationship is bound to fall apart sooner or later! What is interesting is that when we communicate with our spouse we not only need to expect respect but also give it to the other person in a way they define it. Different things are important for people and what a successful relationship entails is recognizing those differences and honoring them in the way they need to be honored.

However, somewhere along the line we stumble and fall into a difficult patch in our relationship and things begin to spiral downwards. We begin doubting the other person and questioning whether or not they truly love us. This is the time when you and your husband may end up in ‘shouting matches’. Yes shouting matches are when you both get carried away and fight over things that hurt you. In some cases it may just be your husband who is doing all the shouting. It is at this point when you need to realize that it may be your turn to save the relationship!

As women, we tend to forget the lovely things our significant other has done for us. Trying to impress us so that we would consider them as a suitable match, meeting our friends and family to get their approval and of course taking the risk of popping the question even when there would be the risk of rejection, are things men do for us! Apart from that, they have no issues in taking the lead role in being the breadwinner and our protector and will be there for us when we need them. However, men go through ups and downs in relationships as well hence we need to help them see clearly instead of reacting to how they feel about us or the relationship they are in!

This article will focus on how women can stop their husbands from yelling at them. It is indeed a stressful situation where your spouse ends up shouting at you. You may be unwell, on your period, going through a stressful time yourself or in fear of your marriage breaking up and losing the man you love. The worst thing you could do is give up. This article will help you tackle the situation in a better manner.

How To Stop My Husband From Yelling At Me – 6 Steps

This section will talk about the different ways to handle a situation where your husband is upset and yelling at you.

Stay Quiet – Don’t Fight Back

The worst thing you could do while your husband is yelling at you is shout back at him. This might be a stressful time for your husband and he could be upset about things that are actually an issue but you failed to realize. Hence, give him the benefit of doubt and let him vent off. 

It is possible you further ignite the situation if you shout back at him. You will be tempted to because there will be many instances where your husband hurt you and did not realize it but you chose to stay quiet for the sake of the relationship. This is not the time to bring back past fights or new issues into the current situation. The best thing to do is focus on the now rather than the past. 

Your husband may need you and that is why he is acting out. Just because of one situation you cannot forget all the good times the both of you had together. We often make decisions or judgements based on one single scenario and not the accumulation of a number of scenarios. Hence, let your husband express himself and see what he has to say. 

Listen To Him – Figure Out What The Problem Is

Once you have calmed yourself down to the extent that you are sure you will not respond back hastily or angrily and you are aware that this is the time to listen to your husband, only then can you truly focus on what he is trying to say.

Help your husband out by actually taking part in the discussion. He may be shouting or screaming at you but maybe this is what he needs. It can be a tough and stressful situation for you but at the same time it is one that needs to happen. This is a necessary step to prevent such situations from happening in the future.

At this moment in time you can only figure out why your husband is upset and see whether or not you can actually do anything about it. If the issue is related directly to you then you may be able to take some corrective action if he offers you enough reason to. However, if the complaints he has or related to someone else then you may not be able to do much. This is where you diagnose whether he is angry because of you or he is taking out his anger on you.

In the case you are the issue, there is a possibility of solving the matter more quickly – that is if you are willing to. 

Tell Him How You Feel

At times, your husband may just be having issues with controlling his anger or he might be angry at someone else and just be taking it out on you. Nonetheless, you may not even be in a situation to help solve the problem but he is still angry at you.

Before, you may have taken the heat and listened to him shout at you however now it is just becoming too much for your mental health to take. Once you have realized you cannot do anything immediately to calm your husband down, just tell him how you feel.

Regardless of whatever is happening between two people, if they have loved each other they will consider the other person’s feelings. Love is a strong emotion that pushes a person to be merciful and forgiving even in the toughest of situations – especially that of a man and woman trying to live together. Hence, if you think you have had too much, open up to your husband and tell him how you feel regardless of who is right or wrong. If he loves you, he will eventually come around and stop his rant.

Don’t Hide Your Tears – Be Real With Him

Sometimes women feel guilty when they start crying. They do not want their husband to pity them but they can’t help but break down into tears. However, your husband needs to know how you feel and it is only natural for a woman to tear up. This could be God’s way of helping end a fight between a man and a woman because only nature knows how two beings with certain differences can come together with consent.

Hence, be open with your husband and do not hide how you feel. It might help him realize that he isn’t the only one affected by the situation.

Ignore Him – Silent Treatment

Sometimes one spouse may be irrational. It is a wise saying that when one spouse is one fire, the other should behave like ice – this is what gets them through tough situations. However, your husband may begin to behave irrationally and he might need some ‘fixing’!

If you think such is the case and being nice with him isn’t really helping them adopt the silent treatment! He may only then realize that his actions do have consequences and that he has been hurting you!

Do Things His Way – If Possible

Try and do things the way your husband wants you too. Sometimes we all get a little irrational and we just need time. You may not agree with what your husband wants but just to calm him down and get him back into his senses, you could do what he wants. Once you think there is enough stability in the relationship, you can have an open and honest discussion with him!

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This article explored the ways a wife can make her husband stop shouting or yelling at her. Apart from commenting on the nature of marriage and the relationship between two people, the article explained why the above methods can actually work.


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