How to Stay Motivated when You Feel Unmotivated

Trying to find motivation when it’s not coming to you is a struggle. For many people finding the motivator people, isn’t the hard part, but it’s the concept of staying motivated that makes it a struggle.

Is there anything you can do?

There is. Here are some ways to stay motivated when you feel unmotivated, and what you can do to improve on this as well.

Find Something Interesting

Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marr... x
Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marriage

First, find something that interests you.

Specifically, do this for goals that don’t interest you. For example, maybe you don’t want to go to the gym. But you’re motivated to look a certain way, and you know the best way to do it is to go to the gym.

Finding something that does will push us to find the good in a task that’s otherwise trite and pedantic. While it doesn’t always work in some ways and might feel like you’re forcing yourself, it can help you figure out how to get interested in things that otherwise don’t necessarily work.

Set the RIGHT Goals

Setting goals is good. It gives you something to focus your attention on.

However, did you know part of it is setting the RIGHT goals?

Setting the correct goals will get you motivated.

If you’re not motivated to achieve those goals you have, you won’t get motivated.

If you really do want to achieve something, you should set goals that excite you, something which makes you feel happy, and goads you to push yourself to making goals.

Be Vocal About Your Goals

When you decide on something, write it down or tell them.  Have that person hold you accountable for this.


Being vocal and loud about what you want to achieve helps you keep your promises.

This also gets someone else in the picture who can kick your butt and hold you accountable.

Lots of times, internalizing your goals can be a bit lonely, but by making these goals public, you’ll be more confident, and maintain your goals effectively.

Don’t do this alone either. If you have people you can share this with, please do so. That encouragement will motivate you especially when things are tough, allowing you to push through and achieve everything you want to achieve.

Use a Rewards System

A rewards system works great for those times you feel unmotivated.

Every time you accomplish something that brings you closer to your goals, you should reward yourself each time.

This does not have to be when the goal is accomplished. You’ll feel burnt out by that point if you do that.

However, if you have steps in your goal you’d like to achieve., every time one of those steps is done, you check it off and then reward yourself.

That way, if you complete it, you feel like you’re getting somewhere with this, allowing you to improve yourself, and hit those goals that you’d like to achieve.

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What About with Addiction?

For some, the reason why they might not hit their goals is they’re addicted to something, or they can’t find the motivation because they’re addicted.

This makes it a lot harder, since your attention is only focused on that thing and nothing more.

But, there are ways to push through and fix this.  If you feel like you’re not accomplishing anything due to addiction, you can click here to get help, learn about what’s holding you back and get the help that you need to be strong and happy.

For many, finding motivation is a challenge, especially if you feel unmotivated whatsoever. But you can push through the mud, the hurdles in place, and you can overcome the lack of motivation and become the best person you can be.

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