How to pause subscription in BetterHelp? (+3 advantages)

This article will show how you can pause your subscription in BetterHelp. We will also be looking at the actual importance of therapy. Finally, we shall elaborate on the various advantages that BetterHelp can bring to its users. Online therapy platforms like BetterHelp are making sure that everyone can access mental health care regardless of their economic status.


How to pause subscription in BetterHelp?

If you want to pause your subscription in BetterHelp, all that you need to do is to follow these steps:

  • You will need to log into your BetterHelp account
  • You can then go to the Account Settings option and click on Payment Settings
  • Next, click on Change Plan or Quit Counseling
  • The platform will ask you for a reason. Provide the most appropriate one here
  • Finally, click on Quit Counseling

Your plan can be paused for up to three weeks in case you are traveling or simply taking a break from therapy. If you do not unpause your subscription after this time, the platform will remove your account and you will need to create a fresh one after this. So, it is advisable that you renew your account every three weeks in order to avoid a cancellation.


Importance of therapy

Therapy is considered very important as the rate of mental illnesses is increasing day after day. Therapy can bring plenty of benefits to anyone, such as:

Therapy can be great for self-care

Self-care is important for mental health. It makes people more resilient and can be a great form of coping during troubling times. Mental health professionals often recommend regular self-care in order to reduce stress-related illnesses. Therapy can be a great form of self-care by providing a safe space for expression and growth.

It is necessary for mental illnesses

Mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety are quite common these days. These illnesses are often treated with a combination of psychotherapy as well as medications and drugs. In therapy, those who are battling these illnesses will learn to be aware of trigger factors, learn coping strategies for symptoms and also find the root cause of certain internal conflicts.

It improves self-awareness

It also improves self-awareness in individuals. Self-awareness is when the person is aware of their strengths while also being more accepting and understanding of their weaknesses. This quality is one of the main keys to growth. However, it is not easy to come by. Therapy can teach a person to be more self-aware and thus enrich their lives better.

It can help in times of trauma

Everyone can go through trauma at any point in their lives. The one main trauma that everyone in the planet is dealing with currently is the coronavirus pandemic. While some people are resilient enough to withstand trauma, these situations can create a lot of anxiety and panic in others. Therapy can be of great help in coping with trauma.

It can improve relationships

Therapy not only affects the person, but also improves the lives of those around them. Through therapy, individuals can learn to understand others better. They also learn important skill sets like communication skills, assertiveness skills and even empathy so that they contribute better in their relationships with others.

It can lead to growth

While everyone wants to grow and develop, this is not easy. This is because growth requires a lot of change that not everyone is equipped to handle. Through therapy, a person learns to set the right goals for themselves and also face new challenges using various coping strategies and techniques learnt in therapy sessions.

It can help in work-life balance

Work-life balance is one of the most common problems today. People often overwork themselves in order to earn more money. In the process, they don’t take care of their mental health and this can lead to chronic stress. Therapy can help people take control of their work-life balances and create more meaningful lives for themselves.


Advantages of using BetterHelp

Using BetterHelp for therapy can bring plenty of advantages and benefits. Some of these have been mentioned in the section below:

BetterHelp is very affordable

While in-person therapy can be quite expensive, online therapy platforms like BetterHelp are certainly more affordable. BetterHelp does not only offer affordable therapy but also offers financial assistance for those who are not able to afford its plans. This financial assistance can be of great help for those who are unemployed or are from low-income households.

It has different therapies

BetterHelp not only offers individual therapy. It also has features for couples therapy which can be great for relationship problems. It further offers teens therapy which can help troubled teenagers combat stress and anxiety. BetterHelp additionally conducts group sessions on various mental health topics once a week.

It offers various formats

BetterHelp also has therapy sessions in various formats, thus bringing plenty of flexibility and convenience to the user. Users can send an unlimited number of messages to their therapists in various modes, such as texts, audio messages and video messages. They can also have live sessions as live chats, live audio and live video formats.


This article has shown how you can pause your subscription in BetterHelp. We have also looked at the actual importance of therapy. Finally, we have elaborated on the various advantages that BetterHelp can bring to its users.

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