How to pause BetterHelp? (+7 benefits of therapy)

This article will answer how you can pause BetterHelp. We will additionally be discussing the importance of therapy itself, and how it can positively affect you and those around you. Lastly, we will be explaining how you can use BetterHelp for your mental health needs. This platform brings affordable mental health care that traditional therapy cannot often provide.

How to pause BetterHelp?

If you want to pause your BetterHelp subscription, you can easily do so by following these steps:

  • You will need to go to your ‘Account Settings’ by clicking on the drop-down arrow which is placed near your name and your display picture
  • In the ‘Payment Settings’ area, click on ‘Change Plan/Quit Counseling’
  • You will get a menu where you will find various options to choose from

BetterHelp allows you to pause your subscription for a period of three weeks. This can be useful if you are taking a vacation or simply looking for a break from therapy. At the end of three weeks, the subscription becomes active again automatically. So, if you want to pause it for longer periods of time you will need to manually do it again.

Importance of therapy

Therapy has gained a lot of importance, particularly in recent times. Therapy can bring plenty of benefits to not only the individual, but also those around them. Thus, it can positively impact society as a whole. Some of the reasons why therapy is actually so important have been discussed in the following section:

Therapy can get us through trauma

Therapy is often sought out during times of extreme distress and frustration. Those who have experienced trauma first-hand or have witnessed it can benefit from therapy since it brings great emotional support and can provide us with the right coping strategies. The trauma can be anything from violence, terrorism and even a global pandemic.


It can be a great form of self-care

Self-care is often recommended by every health professional, not only those who are related to mental health. Self-care is necessary since most of us are experiencing chronic stress. This means that the stressors in our life have been affecting us over a long period of time. Therapy can be a safe place and constructive avenue for self-care since it encourages healthy expression.

It is prescribed for mental illnesses

Mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety can also greatly benefit from psychotherapy. There are many forms of psychotherapy which are particularly tailored to combat the symptoms of mental illnesses, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and even Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Therapy also helps by finding out the root cause of such mental illnesses.

It can bring better self-awareness

Self-awareness is a concept that is essential for personal growth and development. However, this quality is not present in many and most of us do not know how to develop this. Therapy can be a wonderful venue to increase our self-awareness since it provides us with the right magnifying lens to appreciate our strengths while learning to accept our weaknesses.


It can lead to a better work-life balance

Work-life balance can often go for a toss since our work culture has become highly competitive. An imbalance of work and personal life can negatively affect our work performance, which is why many EAPs provide therapy to avoid this. Therapy can help us prioritize activities carefully and thus find satisfaction in both these performance areas.

It can improve relationships

Man is of course, not an island. We all have relationships with others that are essential to our well-being. These can be romantic relationships, friendships, parent-child bond and even sibling-bond. Therapy can not only be gainful for us as individuals, but can also help us improve our relationships with others by providing us with communication exercises and perspectives.

It can positively affect physical health

Mental health does not only affect our thoughts and feelings. It also affects our physical health as a whole. And this is why many mental illnesses like anxiety have physical symptoms such as palpitations or breathlessness. Therapy can help us create better habits like regular exercise and a balanced diet that can greatly help our physical health.

How to use BetterHelp for therapy?

BetterHelp is an online therapy platform that brings affordable and accessible mental health care to almost two million users. BetterHelp boasts of a wide range of features that can be beneficial for those who are seeking online therapy, like the ones discussed below:

  • The plans of BetterHelp are not only pretty affordable, but the platform also provides financial assistance for those who require it. This will have to be sought out during the sign-up process by providing details of your employment or financial status. The financial assistance should also be renewed every three months.
  • BetterHelp also has an unlimited messaging feature which means that users of the platform can send a limitless number of messages to their therapists as texts, audio messages and even video messages.
  • It also has several forms of live therapy sessions, like live chats, live audio and live video sessions.
  • Users have additional resources like digital worksheets and online journals that are built into the platform and can have a positive effect on the therapy itself.


This article has answered how you can pause BetterHelp. We have additionally discussed the importance of therapy itself, and how it can positively affect you and those around you. Lastly, we have explained how you can use BetterHelp for your mental health needs.

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