How to not be nervous for school (7 Tips)


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Page last updated: 15/09/2022

How to not be nervous for school

In this guide, we will discuss “how to not be nervous for school”, some tips and other things to take into consideration. 

How to not be nervous for school 

Here we will talk about How not to be nervous about your first day at school and some other things to consider when having “school jitters”. 

You may be wondering, ‘How not to be nervous for middle school’, ‘How not to be nervous for your first day of high school’, ‘How to not be nervous for the first day of school’. 

When we are about to have our first day of school (especially if it is a new school), it can be a very overwhelming season, full of many emotions, and we know it.

For some maybe the most wanted season of the year but for some, it can be the most nerve-wracking and one we would like to avoid at all cost.

So it is not a surprise you could be looking at tips on ‘How to not be nervous at a new school’.

It is completely normal to feel nervous when thinking about your first day of school, especially if it is a new school, the classes, exams, new teachers and students, public speaking, etc.

A lot to take in all at the same time, we need time to adjust.

However, even if it is normal to feel nervous the first few days of school while you adjust, it is not considered normal if you feel nervous all the time and for an extended period of time. 

Top 5 tips on how to not be nervous about school?

Here is a 5 top tip and advice from YouTuber “Hiyeonni”, about having your first day of school, college, university or “whatever first it…maybe for you”, she says.

Her 5 personal tips that have helped her out, and she hopes it can help you as well, include:

  1. Make sure to pack your bag the night before and also make sure to pick out the clothes you will wear for your first day. The morning can be super crazy, you may be taking care of a lot of things at the same time and thinking about what to wear can be super stressful, so make sure you pick your outfit the night before. 

In addition, if you wear makeup make sure you pick up in advance the kind of makeup you will wear, everything you could possibly think you will need to go through your first day comfortably.

  1. Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast. Many people tend to skip breakfast not only on their first day but on a regular basis, it is recommended to have a healthy breakfast but try not to eat in excess and eat all the food you would in a week because it would actually be detrimental.

Try starting small, a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast avoiding putting some stress on your stomach on a very important day. 

  1. Avoid getting overwhelmed by the work you are supposed to deliver this year or your grades or your classes, remember it is your first day and it is important to have time to prepare yourself. Get an agenda, it makes everything seems so less daunting and will help you relieve your anxiety. 

“Don’t be nervous about the work that you are going to get this year or don’t be overwhelmed. With the new season and classes starting up again and syllabus week. It is really, really easy to get overwhelmed by all the deadlines and all the textbooks you have to buy and all the things you have to do, the projects, the papers…blah, blah, blah.”

  1. Don’t be so self-conscious.  On the first day of school, we want to show our friends that we have changed so much, and we are a better version of ourselves, an improved one. But if you are having your first day at a new school you may be hoping you won’t get noticed or stand out too much to avoid bringing so much attention to yourself. Stop thinking about how other people see you and instead think about how you want to see yourself, the rest will follow. 
  1. Do not let your previous experiences like bad grades, bad memories with some friends or failing a class or two, still be there to haunt you, live your life or tell you how to behave. Think about how you are writing a new page, a new chapter of your life and you have the freedom to become whoever you want to become, the limit is the sky.

Learn from bad memories or experiences and make new memories this year cherishing the HERE and NOW!.

How to not be nervous for school (7 Tips)

Preparing for school…

If anxiety and feeling nervous have been taking over your life recently because you are anticipating your first day of school and probably the whole year then, we recommend you prepare yourself to be able to control the “uncertainty” factor over the future and reduce your anxiety. 

First, you could try to stay up to date with your homework, this may be one of the most prominent sources of anxiety and feeling nervous.

The amount of work you get will depend on whether you are actually going to elementary school, high school or university but it is important not to overwhelm yourself with incredibly high amounts of work so you can be done with it faster.

This will only put more stress on you and won’t actually work at all. 

According to WikiHow, here are some very useful ideas on how to cope with homework:

  • Make a habit of regularly studying the course material on your own time. Pop quizzes are a big source of stress for some people. If you have confidence in your understanding of the material, you’ll have no reason to fear tests or quizzes.
  • Procrastination is a primary cause of nervousness and anxiety. The longer you procrastinate something, the more daunting a task it ends up seeming like.

In addition, you could do some research in advance about the related topics or the topics you will start seeing soon, especially if you believe your class is going too fast for you to keep up.

Try to look into your class subject the day prior to you going to school and you can easily find the required information on the syllabus but you can also ask your teacher what the next lesson will be about. 

Moreover, it is super important to get enough sleep the night before.

If you just had a party or you decided to stay out late at night then you will feel sleepy, probably irritable and not being able to go through the day as you would if you had enough sleep.

To improve your sleep, Light Therapy has proven to be helpful in getting a good quality of sleep. Use night lamps to help you regulate your sleep. If you have simple tastes, you can check the Best Light Bulb for Anxiety, if you are a mystic, you can also find the Best Salt Lamp for Anxiety.

“Kids and teenagers generally need 9 hours of sleep per day, while adults suffice with 8.” 

You could also avoid consuming any beverages with caffeine.

Even though you may feel attracted to the idea of starting your day with a cup of coffee, don’t.

Caffeine has been linked to worsening anxiety symptoms or feelings of nervousness. 

Quick tips to remain calm…

  • Listen to some music on your way to school on your first day or those days when you feel anxious. It is recommended to listen to calming and relaxing music such as classical piano and jazz since they can reduce anxiety and lower your heart rate. You could also try meditation or yoga music, which can also help you relax and calm your mind.
  •  Smile, even if you are/feel shy. Smiling will help you feel more comfortable, be welcoming/friendlier, empathetic, and will allow you to stay positive and confident. When on your first day, if you meet new people do not forget to smile!
  • Breathe. Taking long, deep breaths can help you calm down and get rid of the nervousness you may be feeling. Breathing slowly can help your heart slow down and also relax your muscles. How to do it? Breathe in deeply and push your stomach, then hold your breath for 3 seconds before you exhale through your mouth. Keep doing this until you feel calm and relaxed.
  • Think positive/encouraging thoughts. Having positive and encouraging thoughts can help you cope with your anxiety and calm down. When our anxiety is building up or about to kick in, we can immediately identify how what we are thinking is feeding our anxiety.  Start by thinking positive things about yourself on how  likeable you are or how easy it is for you to make friends. 
  • Remember that feeling nervous is normal. We all have felt nervous at some point in our lives so it is completely normal how you feel, especially if you are facing new situations or meeting new people, where adjusting takes some time. 
  • If anxiety is too overwhelming and it does not seem to get better over time then it is recommended to talk to a therapist or counsellor to get additional advice on mental health issues. 

Why is this blog about how to not be nervous for school important?

As we discussed on the topic of “How not to be nervous for school”, we need to start by understanding how normal it is when we are facing a new situation, meeting new people, and how there is no need to conceal or try to hide how we are feeling.

Instead, we mentioned a few tips and strategies that can help you to cope with anxiety on your first day at school. 

Try preparing your day in advance, meaning what you will wear, what you will take with you and if possible, read about the topics that will be covered during the next class so you can be more in control of the situation.

In addition, remember to breathe to help you relax your muscles and slow down your heart rate, and also transform those negative thoughts into positive and encouraging ones.

Please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts about the content of this article!


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