How to not be nervous for cheer tryouts (Why+tips)

In this guide, we will discuss “How to not be nervous for cheer tryouts”, few useful tips before cheer tryouts and how to prepare yourself if you would like to make it to the team.

How to not be nervous for cheer tryouts

You may ask yourself ‘How to not be nervous for cheer tryouts’ because your dream is to be part of the squad. We get it, cheerleading is not only about moving pom poms or looking nice in a cheerleader uniform. It requires sacrifice and effort just like with any other sport so being part of the team can make you feel with a sense of purpose. 

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However, if you would like to ace your audition or cheer tryout and overcome your fear, we advise to:

  • Prepare yourself physically and get ready weeks before tryouts. 
  • Always eat healthily a few weeks before tryouts.
  • Begin your exercise and fitness regime early.
  • Don’t forget to smile so try to practice in front of a mirror.
  • Take slow deep breaths to help yourself calm down and relax before the tryout.
  • Dress to impress but don’t wear too much makeup or wear unnecessary accessories (could be dangerous).

How can I make it into the cheer squad?

You may feel nervous because you are eager to make it into the cheer squad but you worry you lack the skills or if you have zero cheering experience then you may not stand a chance. This is not necessarily true, remember that skills can be learned with practice but it is also important to have the attitude. Here we have our top skills if you would like to make it into the cheer squad if you are still in school. 

Tryouts can be intimidating but remember to have fun in the process, whether you make it to the team or not. Feel proud of yourself for putting yourself out there and doing your best.

Track the tryout dates

First of all, consider keeping track of the tryout dates. Figure out when the cheer tryouts are and mark it on the calendar/planner or set up a calendar event on your phone so you’ll get constant reminders, just in case you tend to be distracted with dates. 

Try to go to all the clinics

Additionally, try going to all the clinics that are offered because if you attend you have a chance to learn from the people that already have the experience, especially if you have no experience or haven’t done cheer before. Keep a positive and welcoming attitude so you can learn as much as possible. Do your best but don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel you are doing a good job or if you feel you are struggling. It will take time and a lot of practice.

Improving your dance skills

Part of your trial will probably include showing your dance skills through some steps from a routine. Don’t worry if you feel you are not very good at remembering the steps, just remember that is a matter of repetition. It requires you to do it again and again until you remember all of them. A helpful tip to improve your skills besides repetition is trying to practice in the mirror where you could also practice your facials (i.e. smile). You can correct yourself if you feel there is a move or a facial expression that doesn’t feel or look right. 

Learning the cheer

This may be another part of your tryout, learning the cheer. Try to learn the words first because it will let you focus on one thing at a time. Once you have learned the words then you can go on to learn the movements since it may be easier than learning the movements with counts and then relearning them with words.

Remember when you are cheering to try to pull a deep, loud voice from your stomach instead of just yelling from your throat. This will allow your words to become clearer and stronger when cheering and you won’t have a sore throat after. 

Be sharp with your movements and include facial expressions

If you are trying out for cheerleading you need to look excited and being sharp and confident with the movements may help achieve this faster. Additionally, practising your jumps is crucial to the tryout process so if you feel you need to improve any of your jumps you could just focus on your technique first and then articulate it with your facial expressions.

Can you tumble?

You may be required to show if you can tumble. It is usually something you may be asked to showcase during your tryout. Make sure to practice your tumbling and standing because you may be asked to showcase both during the tryout (i.e. back handspring, back tucks raft bike and springs). However, if you don’t tumble then you don’t need to feel pressured to do it but there may be some of the senior members that will walk you through the steps so you can give it a try.

Keep in mind that if you know how to tumble, you’ll have to showcase it on a gym or dead floor and it may be expected for you to continue doing tumbling for the rest of the season if you make the team. 

Record yourself while practising

Recording yourself while practising can become very useful because you can replay the video and watch your cheer, dance and jumps so you can see yourself performing and fix anything you would like to before your tryout.

Tryout day: what to wear?

You may be wondering what to wear during a cheer tryout, so typically, you are expected to be as comfortable as possible but remember some pieces of clothing may limit your movements. A plain white T-shirt, black shorts and tennis shoes will be enough to perform at your tryouts. You don’t need to wear anything fancy or over the top, remember that this won’t necessarily make you stand out during your tryout.

Try out process, what to expect?

In regards to the tryout process, they are usually done after school and you are just supposed to go and sign in and they may even assign a number. Then you can hang out, warm-up, stretch out and get ready to be called in for your tryout. Remember to do some breathing exercises if you start to feel the jitters. 

After hearing your name, you will be required to go into the room where the judge is at and typically the judge is someone you don’t know (not necessarily the coach). Take a deep breath, go into the room smiling and feeling excited about your tryout and perform at the best of your abilities. You have worked so hard for this moment so you have got this!

Why is this blog about How to not be nervous for cheer tryouts important?

If you have decided to try out for the cheerleading squad it is completely normal to feel the jitters. Not knowing what will happen can be very nerve-wracking but whatever the outcome is, try to enjoy the process and have fun. As we have mentioned, practice your movements, your cheer, jumps, tumbling and stunts (if you know how to do them).  

Keep in mind the dates for the tryouts and try to go to the cheer clinics so you can improve your skills. Remember it is useful to practice in front of the mirror (facial movements), try to record yourself so you can see your performance and make any adjustments if needed. Finally, you have worked really hard for this, you have practised and you have done your best so no matter what the outcome is, perform at the best of your abilities by keeping a positive mindset.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about How to not be nervous for cheer tryouts

How do I calm my nerves before tryouts?

You can calm your nerves before tryouts by following these simple steps:

– Visualize yourself as part of the team. Be confident that the spot is yours.

– Try to sit somewhere comfortably and calm yourself through meditation.

– Use positive self-talk and affirmations.

– Talk to team members or friends that are in the squad so they can share their experience and share some tips to cope with nerves.

What can you not do at cheer tryouts?

Here is a list of the things that you should not do at tryouts:

– Don’t put a lot of makeup on or in excess.

– Don’t wing it.

– Don’t stay up late the night before.

– Don’t forget to eat something healthy before the tryout so avoid skipping breakfast.

– Don’t go to your tryout and improvise.

– Don’t wear any unnecessary accessories.

What should I do the night before cheer tryouts?

The night before cheer tryouts, attempt to go to sleep early so you can have a good night’s sleep. Also, prepare everything the night before, what you will wear, what you’ll bring to the tryout, etc. Take a nice relaxing bath and listen to some relaxing music. You could also do some meditation and breathing exercises before going to sleep and early in the morning. Check this quick guide to the best sage products that will help you deal with anxiety.

A relaxing bath can be very beneficial, you can add bath salts to your bubble bath, check the Lush Bath Bombs for Anxiety site and our Epsom Salts top.

What do you do for cheer tryouts?

Every school, college or university may expect different things during their tryouts but in general, coaches and captains will start looking for new cheerleaders to join the squad. They may ask you about any previous experience with cheer, dance and/or gymnastics. If you have previous experience, they may ask you to demonstrate. But if you have no experience, don’t worry, they may ask you to learn and perform some cheers and possibly do a short dance routine with basic jumps, stunting, or tumbling. 

How can I be confident at cheer tryouts?

Being confident at cheer tryouts is a matter of mindset, believing in your skills and your strengths. Try to remember how hard you have worked and visualize yourself on the team. However, if you don’t make it, it doesn’t mean that you are a failure so don’t be discouraged. Ask for feedback and keep trying.

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