How to manifest using the power of 11:11 (5 methods)

In this brief guide, we are going to give you a detailed guide on how to manifest using the power of 11:11. We will also give you a list of positive affirmations and techniques which you can use to manifest better things into your life.

How to manifest using the power of 11:11? (5 ways)

You can manifest with the power of 11:11 by doing the following things.

  • Pen down your desired dream in the “I’m” form

When you write your desire in the form of “I am, then it shows that you are in the present time. Being in the present plays an important role in manifestation because it shows that you’re not looking forward to fulfilling your desire in the future, rather you want it now. So when you say “I am” you act in such a way that you already have what you desired for. For example, I am driving my own Bentley.

  • Read what you wrote

When you read what you wrote, even your senses get prepared for the action. You’ll bring acceptance about your thoughts and would start working upon them accordingly.

  • Visualize your desire

Pay attention to your thoughts and dream by visualizing them. When you visualize what you dream, you start acknowledging the feelings attached to it. Visualize yourself bringing your car out from your home, then driving it in your favorite street. The essence of that luxury steering wheel makes you feel empowered with your aspirations and dreams. 

Try making this visualization often to let the law of attraction work well.

  • Be grateful

Showing gratitude for the things around you shows the universe a great sign. This can deliver a lot of positive energy towards your goal attainment. When you are showing gratefulness to little things indirectly you are attracting good vibrations towards yourself. This can make your manifestation journey smooth.

  • Believe in your positive vibrations

“ what goes around, comes around”. If you believe in the positive energies you’ll end up spreading positive energies. The universe only understands the language of energy,  if you give positive to the universe, you’ll be reciprocated back with the positive. Follow the path of positive feelings, show thankfulness, empathy. Whereby, avoid the feeling of jealousy, revenge, and fear. Try replacing these negative distortions with positive ones.

What does 11:11 mean?

If we consider numerology, few believers link 11:11 as a coincidence. But some people believe it is an auspicious sign from the universe.

Whereas the ones who believe in angel numbers consider 1111 as a master number. They believe indirectly The Universe gives you the confirmation that you’re on the right path. You may see it over a clock, or find it on someone’s car’s number plate. If you take it in a positive sense, The universe would give it positively.

What does 11:11 not mean?

Some people think that this is a sign of good omen. Of course, it is! But don’t confuse it with a sign of winning a lottery or getting a dream car outside your house overnight.

Unfortunately, The Universe doesn’t work that way. More than a sign, it’s a reminder for you to keep going and working for your dreams.

No sign or manifestation can work until you are willing to work for the goal. The law of attraction can help you to attract your dreams, but you have to still work to fulfill those dreams.

Hence consider 11:11 as a sign of good energy helping you to attain your goals. Don’t sit back, relax and wait for a miracle to happen.

What to do after you see 11:11?

Show mindfulness In your thoughts

Right after you see it, start getting mindful of your words and your thoughts. Think before you speak, don’t say something which you’ll regret saying afterward. If you show mindfulness in your thoughts and actions you are directly inviting the positive vibrations from the universe. When you are introspective and positive then the universe reverts with positivity.

Try being patient and optimistic

Don’t rush your thoughts to get what you manifested in the blink of an eye. Wait for it to happen. Trust the process, be firm with your goals and energies. Bring acceptance of yourself. Even if a plan fails, don’t lose hope. Stay focused upon your thoughts and actions.

Look for guidance/ help when required

There comes a situation when you might feel stuck in a vicious circle of negative thoughts or doubts. You might lose your patience as well. During such situations, try talking to someone with whom you can share anything. Then be it a therapist/ a friend/ or a relative. Talk about your emotions, your intuitions, and your beliefs. This would surely make you feel lighter.


Try 11:11 guided meditation

11:11 Light Meditation is a guided meditation practice in which you are supposed to move light throughout your body to bring calmness. This can help you to maintain the connection between your mind, body, and soul. This can keep you calm, relaxed, and optimistic.

What to do when you see 1111?

Seeing a repetitive number pattern like this shows a symbol of the message from the universe. Right after you notice it, you should show your gratitude by saying thanks. This is a confirmation sign to the universe that you received the message as well as that you’re open to more such messages.

Keep going ahead in your day with that positive feeling and then you can start manifesting what you want to.

How well does wishing at 11:11 work?

  • When you see 11:11 your energy gets charged and becomes positive. You are in the present moment. It increases your concentration and your manifestation turns positive.
  • Seeing 11:11 puts you within the present moment, your energy gets elevated and you eventually start thinking positive.
  • gazing at 11:11 creates a degree of intention
  • You get introspective about your dreams at that moment

Affirmations for Those Who See 11:11

  • I‘m grateful
  • I’m healthy
  • I’m wealthy
  • I’m happy
  • I respect all souls
  • I’m positive
  • I’m divine
  • I’m attracting good energy
  • I’m deserving
  • I’m open to more such signs
  • I’m ready to be successful

FAQs: How to manifest using the power of 11:11

What to say when you see 1111?

The first and the foremost thing you should say is “thanks”. This is the sign to the universe for your acceptance of the message and willingness to get more such messages.
You can journal your thoughts about your experience and describe the manifestation of your dreams.
Be open to new opportunities and start working for the same. 
Connect yourself with positive energies, try doing things that keep you calm and grounded.
Look for more such signs and keep going. 

Which is the powerful mantra for manifestation?

Start visualizing what you have and see it growing.
Keep the object around for while you are praying for abundance. 
Draw symbols and manifestation drawings around your workplace to attract wealth.
Make a to-do list over your workspace to set a reminder of your tasks and work to be necessarily done.
Make time and appreciate what you have.

Does 111 Mean your manifestation is coming?

This shows that you are seeing the manifestation numbers. There are a bunch of repeated combinations of numbers that are the symbol of manifestation. Some combinations like 222,777 often work as a messenger to us. They are often seen as a good omen or lucky charm. Whereas, they often work as a sign of showing that we are on the right path.

The Meaning Of 11:11 in the law of attraction

When we talk about the law of attraction, the number 1 already has a very deep connection in attracting good vibrations. Whereby, when the number appears in the form 1111 or 11:11, then the power of this number gets multiplied. It is connected with the future and good news about your near future. 

Can 11:11 be a warning?

The manifestation believers say that this number is a combination of positive vibrations sent by the universe as a good sign. On the other hand, some people admit that combination 1111 usually activates people into the trap of numerology.

What does 11:11 mean in the bible?

 According to a new reveal, the Bible number 1111 is termed as a symbol of spirituality and mindfulness. If this number knocks your life then it can bring a good omen in your life. It is often seen as a symbol of god’s blessings. Some findings and spiritual beliefs often call it a sign of God calling you.

What are the Steps for consciously creating reality?

Believe in the power of dreaming and feeling your thoughts. That prompts your subconscious mind to turn them into your reality.
Know your desires
Be well versed with your desires and wants. The awareness about your desires can make the entire process of manifestation impactful and introspective
Believe In the possibility.
Look for the positive aspects and aim for good thoughts. The universe is catching your energies.
Bring acceptance and allowance
Allow your thoughts to get accepted by yourself. Accept the situation and allow yourself to move past it. 
Stay calm and patient
Never doubt yourself and the process. Stay calm and patient throughout the process. Believe the good is happening, so the good would happen.
Take necessary actions to do what you want.
Don’t leave it over destiny, take all necessary actions to achieve your goals. Work to attain your goals. prepare yourself and you are good to achieve all the positives in your life.
Let go of all the negative thoughts you are surrounded with.
You get what you give, so focus on this cycle and let go of all the negatives surrounding you.


In this brief guide, we gave you a detailed guide on what is 11:11 and how to manifest using the power of 11:11. We also gave you a list of positive affirmations and techniques which you can use to manifest better things into your life.


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