This article will guide you to understand how you can manifest a specific person into your life. This deals with manifesting someone into your romantic space. Please remember that it is not advised to manifest someone you know into your life as the love of your life.

You can manifest love with a person who loves you, but do not try to manifest that person to be your neighbour, or your friend, or someone else specifically. It is not that you cannot, it is that you should not.

How to manifest a specific person?

  • Get clarity on your desires
  • Practise self love
  • Align your actions
  • Detach yourself from the outcome

What is manifestation?

Simply put, manifestation is a process of understanding how to align your vibration with that of the Universe so as to get whatever you want. The Universe is forever willing to give us exactly what we want. If we tune ourselves to our own needs in a way that the Universe responds every single time, we can manifest everything we want.

You have been manifesting your life whether you did it consciously or not. Although people do not want to believe that they manifested the negative aspects of their life, if one were to dig deep enough, they would recognise that their subconscious beliefs might have led them to that point. Or perhaps, their actions sent a message out to the Universe that led to those negative situations.

If you were to align your actions with your thoughts and emotions, the Universe would get the right message, and send you the love that you desire.

How to use the law of attraction to manifest your goal?

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. Which means positive thoughts, positive emotions, and positive actions attract positive outcomes. Abundance attracts abundance. The reverse is equally true. If someone works from a space of lack and desperation, the outcome will be negative.

Think about it. Suppose you thought of something you wanted. Now you go about your life without thinking of that thing. And, then one fine day, you get that thing. That is an example of how you manifested something with the application of the law of attraction.

On the other hand, you want something and you spend all your time thinking about it, obsessing about the outcome, odds are you do not get what you want. This is usually the point where people start doubting the law of attraction.

But, please remember that the law of attraction is a law. And, laws are universal. The law of gravitation was effective even before scientists learnt how to use it. Similarly, the law of attraction works whether one recognises how it works or not.

Understanding how to implement this law and using it to your advantage is what manifestation is really all about.

Steps to Manifesting a Specific Person –

Getting clarity on your desires –

Manifestation works best when you are clear about your desires. What does your ideal relationship look like? Take time out for yourself to understand what you are looking for in this relationship. Remember that it is your responsibility to decide what you want in a romantic relationship, and maintain that vibration.

But, it is not for you to decide how exactly this will happen. Do not force things. Leave that up to the Universe. Your work is to simply figure out your own boundaries and expectations. A healthy relationship requires that you be clear about your own needs.

It is also important at this point to recognise how this specific person can fit into the role of this partnership that you seek. Understand and see them for who they really are, rather than who you want them to be.

Practise self-love –

Although this term is overused in current times, this is a crucial step to manifesting love, be it with someone specific or even if you wish to attract a love, and you have not figured out the specifics.

Self-love is basically about treating yourself the way you wish to be treated. This means accepting yourself, respecting yourself, and most importantly, valuing yourself. When you treat yourself the way you want to be treated, it sends out a message that you know and appreciate your worth, thus attracting people who will also be willing to value you.

For example, let’s say, you are always putting the other person’s needs first. You cancel plans all the time, you are there for their at the drop of a hat, and so on and so forth. This tells the other person that it is okay to put you second, which then leads to a relationship where your emotional needs are not met.

Visualisation meditation –

Set some time aside for this exercise. Sit in a comfortable place, close your eyes and imagine this person you want to be with. You can also play some music in the background as you do this.

As you imagine this person, try to be as specific as you can. Imagine them being with you, loving you, as your partner in a fulfilling relationship. What do you want from this relationship?

Now the next step is aligning yourself to that need. How to do that? Take a moment to look at yourself from the other person’s perspective. If you are conjuring up the specifics of a perfect person (or rather a person who you deem is perfect for you), then it only makes sense that you, too, have to be the perfect person for this person.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to understand what kind of a partner you are truly looking for as well. It is also important to not let your own insecurities speak when doing this. There are aspects of ourselves that we see as flaws. But, that should not mean our partner makes us believe that these flaws should be changed.

Suppose you have a thought that this person does not see you as their ‘perfect’ person because you don’t look a certain way. Although it is possible for people to have personal preferences when it comes to their choice of partner, ask yourself whether you are looking for someone who is not going to accept you for your looks. Is that really the kind of partnership you seek?

If not (and, you really should not), then remove that thought. Affirm that this person loves and accepts me for who I am.

On the other hand, suppose you are a chain-smoker, and you feel this person does not want to be with someone who smokes, ask yourself whether that is the kind of partner you want. Are you willing to give up this habit for the sake of this ‘perfect’ person?

If you genuinely feel that yes, this habit is also something you do not approve of in your own life and something you seek to eradicate, take a decision to work on this.

You can also use this exercise to understand your own beliefs and what are your own insecurities versus what you truly do not want in your life.

Align your actions –

Once you have done this visualisation exercise, you know what this specific person is all about. Now that you know this, it is time to align your actions. When the Universe sends you a ‘sign’, do not ignore it.

Put yourself out there for this person to find you. Go out, socialise, meet new people, have fun. If this person you want is someone you already know, let them find you, rather than you going after them.

Make sure you do not settle for people who do not fit your criteria. For example, if you are looking for someone who wants to marry you, do not accept partners who do not believe in the institution of marriage. This is why being clear on what you are looking for creates a straight path to the person you want, with the qualities you desire.

Detach yourself from the outcome –

This is arguably the toughest part of the entire process of manifestation. Although it is natural to keep thinking of the when and the how, it is extremely important to let go of the attachment to the outcome. The love that you seek might come in a way that you did not imagine, once you detach yourself from the specific outcome.

Let the Universe work its magic and surprise you. And, once you have this person in your life, you will understand why it never worked out with anyone else.

How to prevent blocking your manifestation process?

There are some things that we all do that prevent our manifestations from making their way to us.

Operating from an emotion of lack –

By the law of attraction, to get what you want, your thoughts have to come from a space of abundance. Anything you think or do, where your thoughts originate from lack, as in, ‘I don’t have this…’ – it will immediately send negative vibrational energy into the Universe. Thus, it is important to operate from a space of positive emotions.

Obsessing about the outcome –

The most natural response people have to the process of manifesting is obsessing over the outcome. Whatever it is that you are trying to attract, the most important aspect of the process is detachment, or letting go of the attachment towards the result. It is completely normal to keep thinking of when you are going to get your desired results, but every time you think about it, you are going to remind yourself of the fact that you do not have what you want. This leads to your manifestation getting blocked.

Not performing aligned actions –

You spend all your time practicing the different techniques to manifest what you want, but they are not backed by action. In this scenario, your manifestation will get blocked, because your subconscious will not be convinced that you can get that thing. As a result, the Universe will not grant you your desire, because the belief with which you send out the emotion will not be powerful enough.

Letting negative emotions overpower you –

The worst way you can block your manifestation is to let negative emotions of envy and anger overpower you. If you are envious of someone else getting what you want, it is the strongest deterrent to your manifestation journey. Getting angry, being impatient, or showing ingratitude towards what you have are equally harmful for you.

Not understanding your own subconscious blockages –

You might have heard of people spending time following the ways to manifest something, constantly putting effort into having positive thoughts, and yet, their wishes do not get manifested. If this is happening to you, it’s a good idea to look towards your own belief systems and understand where the resistance is coming from. Our subconscious is filled with many aspects of life that we pick up, without even consciously recognising them. Sometimes it is those thoughts or beliefs that get so deep-seated in our minds, that they offer a resistance to our manifestations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How to manifest a specific person?

How to manifest someone to think about you?

If you wish to manifest someone to think about you, visualize the person thinking of you. Close your eyes and imagine the person having thoughts about you. Try to be as specific as you can. Think of where they are, what they are doing at this moment, when they have this thought about you.

Stay in that thought and then let it go. Remember, obsessing over them is not going to help in your manifestation process.

What are some affirmations to manifest a specific person?

Some affirmations you can use to manifest someone specific (let’s call them A) are:

A is deeply in love with me.

A and I have respect and admiration for each other.

A wants to spend their life with me.

A is thinking about me all the time.

The more I love and care about A, the more A falls in love with me.

How to manifest someone using the 3-6-9 method?

To manifest someone with the 3-6-9 method, write a gratitude affirmation in the present tense 3 times in the morning, 6 times during midday, and 9 times before going to bed. This affirmation can be something like, ‘I thank the Universe for aligning with me to attract the person I want.’

How to manifest someone to miss you?

The quickest way to get someone to miss you is to use the visualisation technique. Visualise them missing you, and doing the things they do as a result of missing you.

Shift your attention towards positive intentions and what they feel while missing you. Think about how excited they will be to spend time with you again.

And, then let that thought go, and watch the Universe work its magic.

How to manifest someone sending you a text?

When you are trying to manifest a text from a person, be as specific as you can be. What do they text you? What words do they use?

A great trick to use to manifest an exact message is to save a number on your phone with the name of the person you want to get a text from. Then, send the text you desire from that number to your phone.

What emotions do you feel when you see that text with the name of the person? Use that emotion, stay in that emotion and let that thought into the Universe.

Please leave any comments or further questions you might have regarding this topic down below.