How to manifest 4.0 GPA (3 easy ways)


Are you looking forward to manifesting your 4.0 GPA? This blog would guide you with the ways of attracting a 4.0 GPA via the law of attraction.

 This is a brief guide, we are going to give you a detailed guide on how to manifest two things at once. We will also give you a list of positive affirmations and techniques which you can use to manifest better things into your life.

What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is a way of thinking that proposes that positive thought patterns bring positive outcomes into an individual’s life, while negative musings bring negative results. It depends on the conviction that considerations are a type of energy and that positive energy draws in achievement altogether everyday issues including wellbeing, funds, and relationships.

How does manifestation work?

Manifestation is like converting the dreams and aspirations of an individual into reality. In simple words, if you think about it, then it can come true.

According to the law of attraction, “Attitude is the little thing that can make a huge impact in every single area in your life”.

When your attitude is right, you will thrive and flourish. The universe feels your attitude and you will manifest whatever your attitude reflects. So let your attitude be electric”

The 7 Laws of attraction

  • The Law of Manifestation

Awareness is continuously a choice. It’s the choice to bring your mindfulness to the display minute, the choice to see and prioritize that which is genuinely imperative, that which is honoring, and the esteem improving in your life. Being deliberately mindful of the choices you’re making and living within the show are the keys to mastering this law of attraction.  But the law of attraction works both ways so it’s conceivable to attract negative results when your thigh pattern is negative. 

  • Law of Magnetism

Your thoughts and actions work as a magnet for your dreams. Your thoughts no matter negative or positive attracts the like energies towards themself. The universe work over the vibrational energies. Where what goes around comes around. Hence, the way you think about a certain object talks a lot about the energies and vibrations about you. Usually why it’s important to form beyond any doubt the energy you’re discharging within the world is the sort of vitality you’re affirm getting back to you. Each of us could be a portion of a tremendous trade and extension of this drive that takes put within the Universe each minute of each day.

  • The Law of Pure Desire 

Once you are feeling just like the Law of attraction fair isn’t working for you, it may be time to return to precisely what it simply wants. Regularly times, we get confounded almost how our showing powers work, meaning, it takes way more than fair one positive thought to uncover the life of your dreams. The people who manifested and got the craziest dreams to come true understand that there wasn’t any magic that happened overnight to grant them their dreams and aspirations. They had a strong belief over their manifestations and at the same time they were working hard to get what they were already manifested.

  • The Law of Paradoxical Intent

The balance happens to be one of the key subjects within the Law of attraction. When we discover and adjust in ourselves, we are discharging the high-frequency vibrational vitality required for the Law of Attraction to work. Which means showing appreciation and appreciation for what you as of now ought. To live a copious life, you must move your mentality too as of now living one. So to end up adjusted and at peace with what you as of now have makes a difference keep sentiments of franticness and fixation at the cove.

  •  The Law of Harmony and synchronization

Everything in the universe is connected. When you cooperate with the universe then the universe gives positive signs to you. The energies, the thoughts play a core role in blessing you with the manifestations you have. You might think the good you are doing now is not paying you back, but have faith, the universe is counting your deeds.

  • The Law of Right Action (or Conscientious Action)

This law is more like karma, what goes around comes around. If you choose to be a good human, you are acting in a good manner, then the universe would bless you with the good. 

  • The Law of Expanding Influence 

This law explains that you and your actions influence everything around you. Others get affected by your behaviour. Then be it a positive behaviour or a negative act.

Things to know before you manifest your goals

  1. Be clear about your goals

The first and foremost step to manifestation is clarity about your goals. Be clear about what you want and why you want it. If you are clear about your vision regarding a particular thing, then you easily get driven towards achieving it. Your approach towards the goal should be away from the path of negative thoughts and feelings.

For example, if you want to attain a particular goal to make others jealous/ defeat others, then the manifestation won’t work. Since this entire thing is based upon the play of energies, so if you are doing something with a negative emotion or energy then you can’t expect positive energy in return.

  1. Be patient about the results

“Good things take time”, is an appropriate saying for the manifestation. You have to be consistent, calm and patient throughout your journey. If you lose patience and you start thinking negative about the process, then it would create a glitch in your energy. This may make it hard to reach the goal.

Trust yourself, believe the process and you are good to go.

  1. Energy responds back

“What goes around comes around”. The universe responds to the energies you pass on to it. If you are doing the process with doubt, fear of incompletion, then there are high chances of setbacks. Because in this case, the universe can attain all the negative energies.

Whereby, if you respect the process and you stay calm with it then the universe would surely respond with positive results.

  1. Have realistic expectations

You have to work on the plan you made. You just can’t affirmative and visualize your dreams and expect them to get true. You have to make the necessary changes to attain them. Always remember your thoughts and manifestation are there to assist you in your dreams, but you still have to keep working for your dream. 

For example, if you are aiming at getting 4.0 GPA, then you have to manifest them and at the same time, you have to study harder and seek resources to have a broader knowledge about your subject.

  1. Don’t doubt the process

Doubting the process would surely result in giving negative vibrations to the universe. Then no matter how great your manifestation was lately, a doubt can hamper the entire process.

Ways to manifest your 4.0 GPA

  1. Practice gratitude

Showing gratitude for the things around you shows the universe a great sign. This can deliver a lot of positive energy towards your goal attainment. Now the question arises, how can you practice gratitude?

  • Maintain Gratitude jar

Take an empty jar/ box and start filling it with the daily gratitude experiences. Every night before you go off to sleep write a gratitude statement that made your day on a slip of paper. Put your statements every day and fill the jar with happiness.

What you can put in the jar-

  • Little things that made you happy in the day. (Example- I am grateful for the stray dog who played with me. I am grateful for the beautiful weather which kept me calm)
  •  Sometimes to describe the experience you can draw your gratefulness in symbols/doodle. (Example-  drawing sunshine for a happy day)
  • Create a Gratitude list

The appreciation rundown list will help you encounter your blessings. grab a pen and paper and create a rundown list of every one of those individuals who offered their help when you required it the most. While you are composing, attempt to return to the days and feel the gratefulness in your heart once more. When the list is made, take a look at it and get the strength to count your blessings.

  1. Convert your negative distortions into the positive ones

Try talking and feeling positive about yourself and the beliefs you have. There may come a situation when you might feel like everything around you is just going against you, but still keep moving and replace those thoughts with positive beliefs.

For example- You may score less in your mock test, which might make you feel bad about yourself and the entire manifestation process you are undertaking. You may think that you are not worthy to aim for such a 4.0 GPA. Try replacing these thoughts with powerful and strong statements like “maybe I was lagging with the practice, let’s try hard and make it possible”.  This can add so much strength to your manifestation.

  1. Practice manifestation affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to think and feel positive. It is a part of positive self-talk. You can recite them or maintain an affirmation journal for yourself, whatever suits you well in your journey.

Here are a few suggestions for affirmations.

  • I’m doing good
  • I’m on the right track
  • I’m happy
  • I deserve to achieve this
  • I will get 4.0 GPA
  1. Make manifestation drawings

The entire process of manifestation drawing is immensely calming and beautiful. You can use manifestation symbols and put them together in a drawing. Turn on some calming instrumental music and go forth with your drawing.

For example, drawing a lotus flower can help in manifesting success through all the huddles.

  1. Relax and stay calm

Don’t rush, stay calm, you are worthy of all the happiness and success. 

                                                                                                                   – The Universe

What are the Steps for consciously creating reality?

  • Visualize

Believe in the power of dreaming and feeling your thoughts. That prompts your subconscious mind to turn them into your reality.

  • Know your desires

Be well versed with your desires and wants. The awareness about your desires can make the entire process of manifestation impactful and introspective

  • Believe In the possibility.

Look for the positive aspects and aim for good thoughts. The universe is catching your energies.

  • Bring acceptance and allowance

Allow your thoughts to get accepted by yourself self. Accept the situation and allow yourself to move past it. 

  • Stay calm and patient

Never doubt yourself and the process. Stay calm and patient throughout the process. Believe the good is happening, so the good would happen.

  • Take necessary actions to do what you want.

Don’t leave it over destiny, take all necessary actions to achieve your goals. Work to attain your goals. prepare yourself and you are good to achieve all the positives in your life.

  • Let go of all the negative thoughts you are surrounded with.

You get what you give, so focus on this cycle and let go of all the negatives surrounding you.

What is the 17-second rule?

According to the 17-second rule of law of attraction, if a thought is given full attention for the good 17 seconds with all the positive thoughts then the manifestation gets powerful.

Is manifesting a sin?

Manifestation is not a sin, but if you are manifesting a sinful act then that needs some justification about your thoughts and actions. Put power in introspecting your thoughts and then prepare yourself for manifesting.

Can music help you during the manifestation?

Manifestation can work well if the music is turned on in the background. The vibrations and positivity coming from the music can make the process of manifestation calm and effective.

How to let go of the fear of negativity during manifestation?

Here are the 4 tips to let go of the fear of negativity and the worst happening while you are manifesting.

  • Be aware

Be aware of the process, when you have the full knowledge about what you are doing then you start developing faith in your work. You’ll be pessimistic about the process and would understand the process better.

  • Believe the energies

When you believe that what you are doing is good and nothing can spoil it, then you start working on a very smooth path. If you prepare yourself with the simple fact that the universe is replicating your energies back to you then slowly and gradually you will understand how to respond positively and eliminate the fear out

  • Stay focused

Even if someone tells you that all these don’t work, still trust your process and your intentions behind doing it. Stay positive and show your trust in the universe, then the universe would surely keep you trustworthy.

  • Keep going

Don’t leave the process in between. Stay focused on the process and keep going. Sometimes you may feel like the universe is testing your patience but keep going.

How In can manifest big goals

  • In the beginning, start manifesting small amounts- Go one step at a time. Little steps would lead you the long way.
  • Show gratefulness – The universe appreciates those who are grateful for whatever little they have. The universe keeps an eye on your efforts and actions. 
  • Look for your manifestation signs- The universe shows signs to your manifestation. Be aware.

How do manifestation drawings work?

The entire process of manifestation drawing is immensely calming and beautiful. You can use manifestation symbols and put them together in a drawing. Turn on some calming instrumental music and go forth with your drawing.

For example, drawing a lotus flower can help in manifesting success through all the huddles.

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