How to manifest 10 million dollars (7 ways)

In this brief guide, we are going to give you a detailed guide on how to manifest 10 million dollars. We will also provide you with a list of affirmations and techniques that you can use to manifest wealth and better things into your life.

Steps to manifest 10 million dollars quickly (7 ways)

Write your thoughts

Writing and journaling your thoughts can help you attain clarity about your goals and thoughts. When you write your feelings, your thoughts, then you start understanding your aspirations. Write your manifestation and let yourself stay calm. Relax and feel your things happening.

Go positive inside out

Make-believe that you can do it. Help yourself with the fact that you understand you can do it. If you would talk all about things like “money can’t buy happiness”, “it’s better to be happy than rich” then you are making your manifestation at default.

Fake it till you make it

Make-believe that you are rich already. Feel things regarding it and try preparing your brain accordingly. By saying this we don’t mean to prompt you by burning a hole in your pocket or making you take on debt to buy a luxury item but you can do little things to feel you are rich.

Be it a little donation as per your pocket or feeding the needy. If you’re doing good, the universe would bless you with great things.

Work over your vibrations

Your vibrations work wonders when with the manifestations. You can increase the frequency of your vibrations by doing  meditation, pursuing your hobby, doing yoga, and undergoing hypnosis (guided meditation)

Make a plan and be clear about your goals

The first and foremost step to manifestation is clarity about your goals. Be clear about what you want and why you want it. If you are clear about your vision regarding a particular thing, then you easily get driven towards achieving it. Your approach towards the goal should be away from the path of negative thoughts and feelings.

For example, if you want to attain a particular goal to make others jealous/ defeat others, then the manifestation won’t work. Since this entire thing is based upon the play of energies, so if you are doing something with a negative emotion or energy then you can’t expect positive energy in return.

Change your thought patterns

“ what goes around, comes around”. If you believe in the positive energies you’ll end up spreading positive energies. The universe only understands the language of energy,  if you give positive to the universe, you’ll be reciprocated back with the positive. Follow the path of positive feelings, show thankfulness, empathy. Whereby, avoid the feeling of jealousy, revenge, and fear. Try replacing these negative distortions with positive ones.


Pay attention to your thoughts and dream by visualizing them. When you visualize what you dream, you start acknowledging the feelings attached to it. Visualize yourself bringing clothes from your favourite luxury brand, then having dined in a five-star hotel. The essence of that luxury makes you feel empowered with your aspirations and dreams. 

Try making this visualization often to let the law of attraction work well.


The 7 Laws of attraction

The Law of Manifestation

Awareness is continuously a choice. It’s the choice to bring your mindfulness to the display minute, the choice to see and prioritize that which is genuinely imperative, that which is honouring and the esteem improving in your life. Being deliberately mindful of the choices you’re making and living within the show are the keys to mastering this law of attraction.  But the law of attraction works both ways so it’s conceivable to attract negative results when your thigh pattern is negative. 

Law of Magnetism

Your thoughts and actions work as a magnet for your dreams. Your thoughts no matter negative or positive attracts the like energies towards themself. The universe works over the vibrational energies. Where what goes around comes around. Hence, the way you think about a certain object talks a lot about the energies and vibrations about you. That’s usually why it’s important to form beyond any doubt the energy you’re discharging within the world is the sort of vitality you’re affirming getting back to you. Each of us could be a portion of a tremendous trade and extension of this drive that takes place within the Universe each minute of each day.

The Law of Pure Desire 

Once you are feeling just like the Law of attraction fair isn’t working for you, it may be time to return to precisely what it simply wants. Regularly, we get confounded about how our showing powers work, meaning, it takes way more than one positive thought to uncover the life of your dreams. The people who manifested and got the craziest dreams to come true understand that there wasn’t any magic that happened overnight to grant them their dreams and aspirations. They had a strong belief over their manifestations and at the same time they were working hard to get what they were already manifestation.


The Law of Paradoxical Intent

The balance happens to be one of the key subjects within the Law of attraction. When we discover adjust in ourselves, we are discharging the high-frequency vibrational vitality required for the Law of Attraction to work. Which means showing appreciation and appreciation for what you as of now ought. To live a copious life, you must move your mentality too as of now living one. So to end up adjusted and at peace with what you as of now have made a difference, keep sentiments of franticness and fixation at the cove.

 The Law of Harmony and synchronization

Everything in the universe is connected. When you cooperate with the universe then the universe gives positive signs to you. The energies, the thoughts play a core role in blessing you with the manifestations you have. You might think the good you are doing now is not paying you back, but have faith, the universe is counting your deeds.

The Law of Right Action (or Conscientious Action)

This law is more like karma, what goes around comes around. If you choose to be a good human, you are acting in a good manner, then the universe would bless you with the good. 

The Law of Expanding Influence 

This law explains that you and your actions influence everything around you. Others get affected by your behaviour. Then be it a positive behaviour or a negative act.

How to Manifest 10 million dollars with your thoughts

Your thoughts become your reality

What you think, what you feel eventually becomes your reality. If you focus on putting your energy over your flaws and not working upon them, then those energies would make you go down with those thoughts. This is the law of attraction. Your focus shows expansion. So if you want to expand your wealth, focus upon your thoughts related to money. Believe that you can expand in this domain and you’ll surely do.

Replace your thoughts with negative feelings with positive ones.

So at the moment if you think, how can I manifest having one million dollars when I don’t have enough money to buy a three-course meal. Well, the good news is you can still do that. All you need to think and pretend like you are rich. There is no wonder that this thought can truly become your reality if believed with dedication.

Focus on what you already have

Since manifestation and the law of attraction works upon the energies, focus on what you have as that will produce positive energies and vibrations around you. If you are cribbing about what you don’t have then it comes and binds you with a lot of negativity.

Believe in the positivity around you

“ what goes around, comes around”. If you believe in the positive energies you’ll end up spreading positive energies. The universe only understands the language of energy,  if you give positive to the universe, you’ll be reciprocated back with the positive. Follow the path of positive feelings, show thankfulness, and empathy. Whereby, avoid the feeling of jealousy, revenge, and fear. Try replacing these negative distortions with positive ones.

What should you put in your wallet to attract wealth?

If you carry certain gemstones in your wallet then that can bring good luck to your finances and wealth. According to some Feng Shui advice, certain gemstones work well to increase wealth and prosperity.

  • Jade
  • Emerald
  • Green tourmaline
  • Peridot
  • Malachite
  • Calcite
  • Aventurine

11 powerful affirmations to attract wealth

  • I am open to accepting wealth.
  • I choose to live a wealthy life.
  • I deserve happiness and success.
  • I am worthy enough.
  • I am open to accepting money in the most unexpected ways.
  • Money is flowing freely to me.
  • I am a money magnet.
  • I breathe abundance
  • I am grateful for the wealth I already have
  • My income exceeds my expenses
  • I attract good fortune

FAQ: How to manifest 10 million dollars

How the law of attraction works for money?

The law of attraction can attract anything you want. Money is one of those. People usually have few mental and perceptual flaws where they don’t believe in attracting good. If you look forward to working over those blockages then you can attract more than a billion dollars to your bank account.

Which are the five lucky coins to keep in the wallet?

  • Leap Year Mercury Dime
  • Silver Sixpence
  • Five-Yen Coin
  • Feng Shui Coins
  • Silver Dollars

What are the steps to ask the universe for money?

Here are a few simple steps

  • Be clear about your needs and give a set number to your amount-

Don’t manifest for some money, ask for a set amount. Be it 1 million dollars or just a dollar.

  • Don’t think much about when your desire would get fulfilled.- just think about what are the next few steps to be taken to attain your goal. Don’t worry about the concerns and issues attached to it. Just put a whole emphasis on your task.
  • Don’t just say it, do it. Even the universe appreciates actions more than words. Show and act in the way you think and you can surely attract what you desire.


Which is the powerful mantra for money?

  • Smell the money you already have and visualize you are multiplying the number.
  • Keep money around while you are praying for abundance and wealth
  • Draw symbols and manifestation drawings around your workplace to attract wealth.
  • Make a to-do list over your workspace to set a reminder of your tasks and work to be necessarily done.
  • Make time and appreciate what you have.


In this brief guide, we gave you a detailed guide on how to manifest one million dollars. We also gave you a list of positive affirmations and techniques which you can use to manifest wealth and better things into your life.

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