How to get something off your mind?

In this brief blog, we will consider how to get something off your mind.

You may want to get something off your mind if these are negative thoughts, negative feelings or feelings which are causing you to be anxious.

If you have something that is becoming a burden to you or causing your mind to constantly wonder then telling someone else about it and talking through your problems may make it easier for it to get off your mind.

You could talk to a friend, some family or maybe speaking to a trained specialist such as a counsellor, therapist or clinical psychologist.

If you are under 18 and you are suffering from depression, anxiety, loneliness or PTSD issues then you may be able to get referred to CAMHS.

CAMHS is an NHS mental health service for anyone under 18.

To be referred to CAMHS you will need to meet the CAMHS referral criteria and fill in the CAMHS application form.

Go shopping

Most people don’t need a reason to shop and if you are one of those people then getting something off your mind involves some retail therapy.

You don’t have to keep the thins you buy, you could simply enjoy the buying experience and return some or all of the things.

Don’t get into debt!

Go on holiday

Going on holiday is a very good way to get something off your mind. It might be an expensive option but going on a holiday may be able to just do the job.

Go on a holiday, immerse yourself in the culture and enjoy yourself.

Try hypnosis

Hypnosis is something we have all heard of but yet very few people have ever used it to do anything.

If you are adventurous and want alternative treatments then you could try hypnosis as a means to get something off your mind.

How do you get something off your mind?

If you want to get something off your mind there are a few tactics which you can use.

Maybe you have a job interview soon or an exam and you can’t seem to get it off your mind.

Maybe you have serious anxiety and just want to get something off your mind to calm your nerves.

There are many techniques which you can use to get something off your mind but the easiest one is probably to allocate some time per day where you will think about this thing and once the deadline reaches you will agree not to continuously and constantly think about this thing again.

This could be 30 minutes each day, at the beginning or end of the day.

Cooking to get something off your mind

Most people who want to get something off their mind will look to occupy their mind by doing things.

Going for a run with your ear pods stick in or maybe cooking. This sort of activities will help you get your mind off things easily.

Cooking if particularly favoured by many people as it isn’t a pointless task, you actually get to feel like you have achieved something by cooking.

A great meal!

Running to get something off your mind

Running is another very good way to get something off your mind.

If you are an avid runner then you could pick up your ear pods and go for a run whilst blasting some of your favourite songs.

If you don’t want to go out for a run then maybe going to the gym and using the treadmill might be a suitable alternative to running.

Exercising can be a very good way to get something off your mind as it increases your blood flow and gets you feeling refreshed.

How to get something off your mind with meditating

Meditating is a very good way to get something of your mind as it allows you to focus all your energy on something else.

You can meditate and get lost in good, prosperous and enlightening thoughts rather than thinking about something negative.

The Half Full Not Empty app allows you to meditate on goals you may have.

This could be meditating on happiness, meditating on being content with life or other special types of meditation.

Meditating can be a very effective way to get something off your mind. Don’t discount it, try it for 5 minutes and see if it works.

Most people don’t have the patience to meditate or at least they think they don’t.

How do you meditate?

To get something off your mind by meditating you should find somewhere peaceful where you can sit and meditate.

This may be somewhere in your house but if you are in public then you can still meditate by going to a quiet place and using some noise-cancelling headphones which help you meditate. 

Close your eyes and look to clear your mind of all thoughts by focussing on the darkness.

Make sure you are taking big long breathes and relaxing your nerves.

If you find that you are not in a comfortable position then, by all means, re-arrange yourself to ensure you feel relaxed as you will need to be in that position for a while.

You should then begin to focus on your breathing, focus on the sound of the air being inhaled and try and notice how much of the air filters into your lungs and then how it feels leaving your lungs.

If your meditating with audio then the sounds will begin to simmer into your subconscious.

Don’t focus too much on the audio but more on your breathing and you should begin to feel your body being less tense and at this point, you will hopefully have forgotten whatever was on your mind.

Have a schedule

People with schedules usually don’t have time for their minds to wonder.

If you have a very busy job and a very busy social life you will find that your mind doesn’t wander too often and this can help you get something off your mind.

If you don’t think you are busy enough then maybe making a schedule on your phone’s calendar and filling it up with tasks to do, people to see etc may help you keep yourself busy.

In most cases, you will likely have a lot of things you have been procrastinating on for months if not years that you can take this opportunity to wipe ff your to-do list.

How to get something off your mind with Yoga

Yoga is a very good way to relax the body and free the mind.

Many people don’t do it or bother trying it out as they think it is boring or simply lack the patience needed to try Yoga out.

Yoga can, of course, be an effective tool and there are various ways to do Yoga that it is no longer a burden.

You don’t need to pay anyone to teach you how to do Yoga as there are so many classes and lessons on Yoga.

Group yoga will also encourage you to get out more and group yoga can be a good way to make new friends which ensure you remain committed to your new-found Yoga.

Change your environment

Changing your environment can also be a very efficient way of getting something off your mind. 

This is particularly true when the person was maybe in your environment a lot.

AN example of this could be if your DAD died and you can’t stop thinking about him.

If you spend the majority of your time at home then you may benefit from a change of environment which takes you away from memories of the thoughts you are trying to avoid.

Unfortunately, waking up one day and buying a house isn’t the easiest thing to do so the other techniques we have listed here may be good short term options.

Using pictures to get something off your mind

There are also some pictures and patterns which can cause your mind to drift if you focus and stare at them for a long period.

They cna help you get something off your mind in a relatively quick way and are a very good alternative if you are in public and need a quick method to get something off your mind.

You can upload this picture to the picture peace section of the  HFNE app and use it to slowly forget whatever is bothering you.

How to get something off your mind by watching movies

Another way to get something off your mind is by watching movies.

You can pick a movie you haven’t seen before to watch as watching a movie is a very good way to get something off your mind

There are many great movies which you may want to watch such as Rush hour, the Hobbit, Batman etc

Watching movies to get something off your mind as a good option but an even better option may be to start watching a series.

This will surely take your mind off whatever is troubling you as you will be drawn into the storylines and your excitement will be more towards what the next episode holds.

Some great series include friends, two and a half men, Games of Thrones and Power.

How to get something off your mind with a hobby

Starting a new hobby is a good way to get something off your mind. You may want to start a new hobby if you have lost a father, mother, wife or husband.

A hobby will allow you to meet new people, have new experiences and slowly begin to fill some of the gaps which allow your mind to wonder.

There are many good hobbies out there and several things which you may have never considered before.

You could start learning a new sport, start learning a new language, become a dog walker, start hiking,  start firing and many more activities.

Don’t give up on your first try! If you start learning a new hobby as a way to get something off your mind and it doesn’t work then start something new.

A hobby can be as simple as picking up the magazine every day and playing the lottery or doing the crossword puzzle.

If a hobby doesn’t quite help you get something off your mind then maybe something which feels rewarding such as helping out a charity, cooking at the soup kitchen, volunteering your time with something which makes you feel like you have added value to someone else’s life.

Doing short tasks can really help the brain take a break for a moment and focus on the task at hand.

Colouring in things, doing sudoku, playing chess, playing cards and many small things such as this go a very long way to help you get something off your mind.

How to get someone off your mind

Maybe there is someone who keeps popping in your mind, someone negative perhaps.

Maybe you have gone through a serious breakup, lost your friend or a family member has died.

There are several ways you can get someone off your mind. 

Firstly, you need to address why you are thinking about them. Do you miss them? are you angry at them?

Or why are they constantly in your mind.

Once you have addressed why this person is in your mind you can then decide how to get them off your mind by either allowing them to be part of your life going forward or not.

If you choose that this person or their memory will be part of your life but you don’t want to constantly think about them then you can get them off your mind by focussing on the same techniques for getting something off your mind which we mentioned above.

If you find that you have tried severally and you still can’t get this person off your mind then you may want to speak to someone about it.

Maybe a friend at first and if you don’t feel like you have gotten sufficient help then maybe a mental health specialist such as a counsellor.

conclusions on how to get something off your mind

Getting something off your mind momentarily for a brief period is fine but if you have problems which need long term solutions such as suffering from depression or bereavement then getting something off your mind temporarily is simply just prolonging how long you will deal with the problem.

Confronting your issues head-on may be the only sure-fire way to get something off your mind for the long term.

You don’t have to do this on your own though, there are counsellors, mental health services and all sorts of things in place ready to help you get something off your mind and begin to feel better.

If you have any more ideas on how to get something off your mind then let us know in the comments below.