How to get a refund from BetterHelp? (+7 benefits)

In this post, we will explain how you can get a refund from BetterHelp. We will additionally be looking at the importance of therapy for yourself as well as those around you. Finally, we shall be discussing the different benefits of using BetterHelp for your therapy needs as well as requirements.


How to get a refund from BetterHelp?

In order to get a refund from BetterHelp, you can easily contact the customer support by sending an email. You can also call the number given in the BetterHelp website. BetterHelp will review the case and provide a partial or even a full refund accordingly. As an alternative, the platform may switch your therapist for you or even might extend your subscription plan.

Importance of therapy

Therapy is considered very important, especially in such a competitive world. The coronavirus pandemic has also created a massive need for quick and affordable mental health care as many are still scrambling to hold on as panic and dread surrounds them. Therapy is not only important to get through traumatic situations such as global pandemic, but also has other benefits such as:

It brings better self-awareness

Through therapy, individuals can develop a higher level of self-awareness. Self-awareness is necessary for growth. However, this quality is not easy to obtain. Therapy can provide you the right perspective to be more aware of your strengths while also understanding and accepting your weaknesses. Self-awareness is directly connected to self-esteem and self-confidence.

It promotes growth

Growth is also initiated and increased through therapy. Everybody wants to grow. But growth requires a lot of change which means stepping out of our comfort zones. This is not easily managed by everyone. In therapy, you will learn to set new targets for yourself while also developing the right coping strategies for you to encounter change positively.

It can be great for self-care

Self-care is important for mental health and is often recommended by all mental health professionals. Through self-care we can ward off mental illnesses and also improve our resilience. While there are many forms of self-care, therapy can also help in this. In therapy, individuals can learn to vent and express healthily and thus improve their mental health.

It can help in work-life problems

Work-life problems are a common story these days. Due to the unstable economy, many of us tend to work multiple jobs at once or overwork ourselves at our current jobs in the hopes of creating a secure future for us and our families. However, this can come at the cost of our mental health. Therapy teaches us to maintain the right balance while also improving our career growth.

It can improve relationships

Relationships can refer to many types, such as romantic relationships, marriage and even sibling bonds. Therapy not only helps us improve ourselves, but also helps us improve these relationships by giving us better understanding of the other person. It can also teach us the right coping strategies and communication techniques to strengthen our bonds with loved ones.

It can help in times of crises

As explained earlier, therapy has found even more importance in a situation like the ongoing pandemic. Not only the pandemic, but many other traumatic situations call for therapy and other forms of mental health care. This is not only for those of us who have experienced trauma, but also for those who have witnessed it.


Mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety can greatly benefit from psychotherapy. These illnesses are usually treated with a combination of medications and therapy. In therapy, persons who are battling these illnesses will learn proper self-care and also new coping techniques to manage the symptoms. Therapy can also help in finding the root cause of the illness.

Benefits of using BetterHelp

While there are plenty of platforms that provide online therapy services, BetterHelp is certainly one of the best in the industry. The main benefits of using BetterHelp for your therapy requirements have been discussed in this section:


BetterHelp is easily affordable

While compared to in-person therapy or traditional therapy, online therapy is definitely a lot more affordable. This is very important since the high cost factor is one of the main reasons why many of us avoid going to therapy. BetterHelp goes the extra mile by providing financial assistance to those who are unemployed or furloughed due to COVID-19.

It is quite accessible

The platform is accessible completely online. And thus, in order to communicate with the therapist, all the user is required to do is to log into their accounts through any web browser or even through the BetterHelp app. This helps many individuals who live in areas where there is a dearth of licensed therapists or counselors.


It has a large network of therapists

BetterHelp also has a large network of therapists who are present to cater to the various mental health needs and requirements of millions of users. The large number of therapists means that users need not wait for long periods of time to get in touch with a therapist. It also means that the process of switching therapists also becomes much easier.



In this post, we have explained how you can get a refund from BetterHelp. We have additionally looked at the importance of therapy for yourself as well as those around you. Finally, we have discussed the different benefits of using BetterHelp for your therapy needs as well as requirements.

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