How to create a to-do list in (+7 to-do list tips)

This blogpost will explain the different steps involved in creating a to-do list in We shall also discuss how improves the experience of creating to-do lists and the importance of using such lists in your daily tasks. With the help of, users can do a lot more than just collaborate and manage projects.

How to create a to-do list in

The simplest way to create a to-do list in is to use the Todo List Widget. This widget can not only help you create to-do lists but also motivate you to achieve your goals. To create such a list, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Add the Todo List Widget

Go to the top left-hand side of your dashboard where you can find an ‘Add widget’ option once you click on the menu. When you click on the ‘More’ option, it will open the Dashboards center from where you can find the Todo List Widget.

  • Create a new list

Once you have the Todo List Widget with you, you can click on ‘Create a new task’ which will help you create a to-do list for yourself.

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You can now type in your items in any order that you like. When you press Enter after it, the task will add itself to your to-do list. Once you are done with a particular task, you can click on the bubble next to it. This will mark it as completed and send it the ‘Completed’ tasks folder. You can find all the tasks you have completed here.

  • Manage your list

If you want to delete items from your list, you can go to the right of the task and click on the trash bin icon. This will delete the task from the list.

How helps in creating better to-do lists?

While is essentially seen as a project management and workplace collaboration tool, it can perform many tasks in addition to these. is used not only by organizations and teams but also independent users to coordinate their work. What makes really helpful in creating to-do lists is discussed in brief below:

It offers great visibility and colors schemes has a fun assortment of color schemes that color codes that it uses in order to bring better visibility for its users. The founders have ensured that the interface resembled a platform built with lego blocks. This bold user of color makes the work environment more fun and engaging.

The user interface is highly easy to use

Though many users might find that there is a steep learning curve when it comes to, this is due to the large number of features that are present in the platform. Otherwise, the user interface is extremely easy to use, allowing users to carry out tasks with ease and efficiency. And thus, making to-do lists on will practically be a cakewalk.

The dashboard is very intuitive in nature

The dashboard on is highly intuitive. This brings many features to it in the form of widgets. These widgets can easily improve your task coordination and completion. The dashboard can also allow you to see updates and notifications from other team and may also give you data in the form of reports and analytics.

Automation can help you achieve goals can allow you to set up automation features for various tasks. The number of automations can vary depending on the plan you have chosen. The tasks that can be automated are in sending notifications, updating you about changes in statuses or priorities of tasks and also let you know when a task has been completed.

Priorities can be set for various tasks

Not all tasks require the same priority. There can be tasks that require the highest priority and need to be completed as soon as possible. In the same way, there can also be tasks that have medium priority and low priority that can take up more time. In the form of a widget that makes the use of different colored llamas, priorities can be set for various tasks.

Reminders can be set up for your tasks

It is often easy to get lost in the massive loads of work that you may have. It is easier to forget to complete certain tasks, especially if you do not have anyone to remind you about them. Here is where can help you. The platform can set up reminders for your tasks so that you don’t miss anything and can complete your work on time.

Integrations are easy with

Organizations work with not just one but multiple tools for project management and collaboration purposes. It also may need to incorporate a new tool and add it to an existing system already well-established. For this, integrations are required. With, integrations are possible with more than 40 different apps, bringing more help and assistance.

Importance of to-do lists

To-do lists can be highly useful as:

  • They can motivate you to work
  • They can organize your tasks
  • They can let you know when the work is completed
  • They can prioritize tasks for you


This blogpost will explain the different steps involved in creating a to-do list in We shall also discuss how improves the experience of creating to-do lists and the importance of using such lists in your daily tasks.

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