How To Change Your Counselor At Betterhelp?( A Guide)

This article will help explain how you can change your counselor at Betterhelp and why would you possibly want to do so. The article will also highlight the services your counselor should be providing you with and what are the traits of a good counselor. The article will also introduce Betterhelp and its relations with the service providers who provide you with counseling.

How To Change Your Counselor At Betterhelp?

You can change your counselor using the ‘Change Counselor’ option from within your account. For making a better decision, you can first swipe through multiple bio’s of other counselors and choose one that you like and think would be suitable for you. After that you can take the step to change your counselor. It may take the company sometime to process your request and match or place you with a new counselor.

In case you are not able to find or access the ‘Change Counselor’ option within your account, you can also use the following options:

  • Call them at 888-688-9296 and ensure you have your personal and account information to verify you are a Betterhelp client as well as details of your request which may include why you want to change a counselor, any details pertaining to conduct of the counselor and the counselor you want to be placed with if any.
  • You can fill out their contact forms available at their website. You will have to provide your name, email address and choose the correct option that will inform the company of your reason for reaching out to them.
  • Reach Out: It is necessary to contact the company to inform them of your complaint/request/concern The correct way to contact them is by sending them a thorough email of the issue at You must provide them with your account details so they can process your request keeping in view your account activity and also put forth your demand for a new counselor.

Why Change Your Counselor?

There are a number of reasons why someone would want to change their counselor such as:

  • Inappropriate Behavior
  • Forgetfulness
  • Lack of Interest
  • No Compatibility
  • Prefer Another Counselor

Inappropriate Behavior

It is important that clients be aware of any inappropriate behavior the counselors may partake in. This can extend to but is not limited to sexual remarks, racism, making uncomfortable or rude comments, requesting for inappropriate material, extending sessions to spend more time with the client for irrelevant reasons, delaying sessions and/or talking in a condescending manner.

Such behaviors are not only red flags but they can seriously harm the client in terms of their emotional or mental health. The client can end up in dangerous situations such as blackmailing or a victim of cyber crime if the situation is more serious than described. Hence, as soon as a client feels uncomfortable, threatened or fearful they should not only report the counselor but change them as soon as possible.


Counselors at Betterhelp are indeed busy. They are not only counselors who work in the online world but often take part in full or part time jobs in the real world. They also have a number of other tasks to tend including many other patients. 

Sometimes the workload becomes so much that your counselor may not be able to provide quality services; they may miss sessions, not seem focused or forget about important things discussed previously and which are important for future sessions. Keeping this in mind, the client may be suffering because it is they who have taken charge and are guiding the counselor instead of the counselor guiding the client.

Due to such experiences, the client may desire to change their counselor and find someone who is more responsible and is actually available to provide good services.

Lack of Interest

It is possible that a client may not have a good or satisfactory experience with a counselor. They may be looking forward to the entire experience but not get a good response from their service provider – maybe he isn’t as excited or interested in the session and this may cause the client to feel neglected. This may make the client feel upset, hurt or even angry.

No Compatibility

Compatibility is not just important in your personal relationships but also in your professional relationships. If you do not get along with the person who you are working with then it becomes hard to agree or move forward along a certain path. You both will disagree on little issues and gain no progress at all. Apart from that, much stress will arise by interacting with your work partner.

This is not how it should be with the client and counselor relation. The counselor needs to be someone who is like a mentor who is wise and knowledgeable and possibly there to guide the client. However, if this is not the case and the client feels angry or upset or a session with their counselor then they should consider changing them. Compatibility is important so do not ignore it.

Prefer Another Counselor

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with one’s counselor but you just think someone else might be able to help you even better. At Betterhelp, you can swipe through the profiles of many counselors available online and in some cases the client may just want to try someone else!

What Makes A Good Counselor?

A good counselor is not someone you come across easily. Just because you have the knowledge or skills or possibly even the experience does not necessarily make you a good counselor. You need to possess a certain personality and skill set to nail the job. For our viewers understanding we have listed some traits of the ideal therapist:

  • Empathy: The counselor needs to feel and experience the pain or problems of the client and not just sympathize
  • Communication: It can be tough conversing with someone who is quiet – while many will get frustrated the ideal counselor will be patient and ensure they give the client the time they need to open up.
  • Listening: Ever been around those people who have a habit of interrupting you or those television hosts and interviewers who talk so much that the purpose of inviting the guest basically dies. Let the client talk and restate what they say so they are confident you are listening to them.
  • Organization: An important trait counselors must have especially since there is so much disorganization in some manner or the other in the clients life.

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What Services Must A Counselor Provide – If They Don’t Change Your Counselor

There are a number of services counselors at Betterhelp need to provide. They can be in the form of chatting with clients, calling them up or having personalized 1 to 1 sessions. Let’s take a look in detail:

  •  Chatrooms: These services are available to a client 24/7 and they will drop you a message whenever they feel like it. They can share a problem with you, get your opinion or just express how they feel. Although you don’t have to be there all day long, it is good you address their queries 2-3 times a day.
  • Live Chatting Sessions: Even though you are a counselor, you need to possess basic management skills. Your clients may want to chat with you in real time so they will ask when you are available. Plan well and give your clients the time and attention they need.
  • Phone Sessions: You won’t be able to see your clients contact details but they can call you through the system during a scheduled session. This option is available for clients who want to talk about their problems and not just chat.
  • Video Sessions: These are more personalized, intimate, one to one sessions where clients want a real touch of therapy. You, as a counselor, need to be prepared to cater to their needs.

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This article explained to the audience how they can change their counselor using their account. It also highlighted other options they have to change their counselor such as calling the company. Furthermore, it provided reasons as to why someone would want to change their counselor. The article also explained what makes a good counselor and what services they need to provide to their clients.


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