how to change a Talkspace therapist? (+7 signs to change)


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

This post will discuss how you can change therapists in Talkspace. We will additionally be explaining when it is time to change your therapist. Furthermore, we will also be looking at the importance of the client-therapist relationship. Client-therapist relationships are extremely important for the effectiveness and adherence of the therapy.

Talkspace, how to change therapist?

If you want to change your therapist on Talkspace, you can do so by following the steps which have been described below:

  • You will need to log into your Talkspace account and click on you username
  • This will open your ‘Account’ from where you can choose the ‘Payment and Plan’ option
  • You will need to next click on the ‘Change Provider’ option
  • Talkspace will give you a new set of matched therapists who might be suitable for your needs and requirements. You can then choose any provider of your liking
  • You can also get more options by clicking on the ‘Get matched again’ option
  • Once you have made your choice, you can click on ‘Continue with (the new therapist’s name) to confirm your settings


When is it time to change therapists?

While many client-therapist relationships go on for years and years, there may be a time when either party decides it is time to end the relationship. This is sometimes initiated by the client and also many times by the therapist. Some of the reasons that can be signs that you the time has come to change your therapist have been discussed as follows:


You are not experiencing any growth

Therapy is all about growth and development. If your therapy sessions are not pushing you to experience new situations and grow out of your comfort zone, then it may be time to cut off ties with your current therapist. It might be easy to stay in your comfort zone, but it is unhealthy. A positive perspective to growth brings about positive changes that can enhance your life.

You are hiding things

It is never a good idea to hide things or keep secrets from your therapist. While many therapists are great at reading body language and can figure out that you are lying, many simply expect their clients to be honest about feelings. If you are hiding thing from your therapist and perhaps even lying, it may be because you don’t trust them anymore and thus it is time to change.


You have been abused

Therapists are required to be ethical and disciplined in their practice. However, many take advantage of their clients’ fragile emotional states and violate them in order to gain benefits. If you feel that you are being violated, or have been assaulted in anyway, physically or emotionally, it is high time that you change therapists.


You are not being given enough attention

As a client, you are paying for your therapist’s time and attention. During therapy sessions, you require their attention and focus to be on you and helping you with your problems. Sometimes therapists can be distracted by other factors and hence might not give enough attention to their clients. If this pattern keeps being repeated frequently, you might want to reconsider them.

You are changing your location

Of course, if you are moving to another location, it is quite impossible to physically see your therapist. This is one of the major reasons why clients change their therapists. However, through online mental health platforms like Talkspace and Betterhelp, your location does not matter as you can access your therapy sessions from literally anywhere in the world.


The therapist is unethical

Therapists also need to be ethical and professional in their business management styles. Many of them do not have assistants on board or have too much on their plate, due to which they are often late for sessions or show unreliable personalities. Factors like this can also cause clients to end relationships with their therapists.

There is too much dependency

There needs to be a balance in the relationship between the client and the therapist. The client comes to the therapist to discuss problems and gain better understanding and deeper perspectives. However, if there is too much dependency of the client on the therapist for their various issues, this can be a sign that they both need to see someone else.

how to change a Talkspace therapist? (+7 signs to change)

Importance of client-therapist relationship

The client-therapist relationship is highly important and needs to get off on the right foot right from the start. Some of the reasons why client-therapist relationships are so important are:

  • It makes the therapy highly effective and also increases the adherence to treatment
  • It makes the client comfortable enough to open up and disclose sensitive matters which can be then addressed during therapy sessions
  • It creates trust and rapport between the client and the therapist, which further enhances the quality of therapy
  • It allows the therapist and client to form a close bond, with the right balance of dependency and independency
  • It brings about a higher level of self-awareness in the client


This post has discussed how you can change therapists in Talkspace. We additionally have when it is time to change your therapist. Furthermore, we have also looked at the importance of the client-therapist relationship.

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