How to cancel Cerebral? (+9 Features Of Cerebral)


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Page last updated: 5/09/2022

This article will explain how you can cancel your Cerebral membership. In addition to this, we will be looking closely at the various features of this mental health subscription while also taking a look at the limitations of Cerebral. Cerebral and many other online mental health care platforms have become quite appealing especially after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to cancel Cerebral?

If you want to cancel your Cerebral membership, you can easily send an email to the customer support team of the platform. Cerebral will immediately assign a coordinator who will guide you in the next steps. Depending on your case, the platform will decide if you are eligible for a full or partial refund and guide you in this process as well.

Best features of Cerebral

Cerebral is a mental health subscription that aims to be a one-stop shop for anyone who is looking for professional help for their mental health issues. Some of the best features of this amazing platform have been explored in the section below:

Cerebral can be used from anywhere

Cerebral operates completely online and thus can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere. This platform thus can be greatly useful for those who have physical disabilities and are not able to leave the house often for mental health care. It also proves to be beneficial for those who have busy schedules and thus find it difficult to assign time for therapy or psychiatry visits.

It brings high levels of safety

Many individuals might be hesitant to be in a room alone with a semi-stranger, even if it is their own therapist. This is particularly relatable for those who are survivors of past violence or assaults. Since Cerebral conducts all its sessions online, there is a high level of safety for both the clients as well as the mental health professionals, thus bringing more comfort to both parties.

It offers therapy and psychiatry

In this platform, the user can access a therapist as well as a psychiatrist. This point is perhaps the best-selling factor of Cerebral. Cerebral thus proves to be a single platform for all mental health care needs. The medications or drugs are also shipped directly to the home of the user and saves them a trip to the pharmacy.

There are various formats of therapy

In Cerebral, clients can enjoy multiple formats of therapy and communication with their mental health professionals. This can be missing in in-person therapy sessions or traditional mental health care settings which heavily rely on speech as a form of communication. In Cerebral, the users or patients can communicate via messaging, phone sessions and even live video sessions.

The platform offers care counseling

Cerebral takes the mental health care of its clients very seriously and thus uses a collaborative care system which is lacking in many other telemedicine platforms. In this platform, the patient is taken care of by a group of mental health professionals of which the care counselor is an integral part. This care counselor conducts regular assessments and also provides support.

Cerebral is quite affordable

Cerebral is also quite affordable when compared to traditional mental health care. The plans of this platform can also be easily covered by insurance, further increasing its affordability. This factor is very important as many people do not seek professional help for their mental health issues as they simply cannot afford it in the first place.

How to cancel Cerebral? (+9 Features Of Cerebral)

The professionals are licensed

The mental health professionals in Cerebral are all licensed and certified and thus the users do not have to be worried about the quality of service here. The platform also does a great job of matching the user with a compatible professional for their interventions. Even the care counselors of the platform are certified mental health professionals.

Mental health care is made easy

Through Cerebral, the process of mental health care itself is made much easier and very simple. And thus, the user can start their intervention in a short span of time. All that the user is required to do is to sign up for the platform and the rest of their steps are taken care of by Cerebral itself. This is highly in contrast to traditional mental health care which requires a long waiting period.

There are a variety of plans

There are also a variety of plans that are available in Cerebral that the user can choose from according to their needs and requirements. In the Therapy Only plan, the user can get exclusive access to a licensed therapist, while the Medication and Care Counseling plan offers psychiatry services. The Medication and Therapy plan offers both these features for the user.

Limitations of Cerebral

While Cerebral offers a variety of advantageous features, there are some limitations in this platform like:

  • It does not offer couples therapy and teens therapy unlike other online therapy platforms like BetterHelp and Talkspace
  • Even if Cerebral offers insurance coverage, the plans can still be expensive for those who might be covered by insurance
  • The platform requires internet access and technology to be functional. In the absence of these, users cannot use Cerebral


This article has explained how you can cancel your Cerebral membership. In addition to this, we have looked closely at the various features of this mental health subscription while also taking a look at the limitations of Cerebral.

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