11 Tips on how to calm nerves before an important meeting

In this article, we answer a very important question: How to calm nerves before an important meeting. 

How to calm nerves before an important meeting

Whether we are talking about a business meeting, a meeting with someone important in your life or with a stranger, many of us become anxious and feel helpless.

That is why we come to your aid with this list of 9 tips that will help you, step by step, to become more confident in your own strengths and calm your nerves. 

Tip #1 – Breathe, breathe and breathe again.

Breathing exercises lower blood pressure and balances heart rate. Slowly, for a few minutes, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale: you need oxygen to calm down.

You can repeat this exercise twice a day, even a few moments before the meeting.

Tip #2 – Use visual images. 

It’s very simple: close your eyes and imagine a happy situation.

Whether you are far away, on a sunny beach, or you are with your boyfriend on a vacation in your favourite city, or you are dancing at your favourite festival – look for those images that bring you peace and joy.

Your mood will change instantly.

Tip #3 – Apply cold water to your wrists. 

When the situation becomes too tense, go to the bathroom and apply cold, cold water on the wrists and behind the earlobes.

These are extremely sensitive areas and calming them can help calm the whole body.

Tip #4 – Eat a piece of dark chocolate.

Among the causes of anxiety, there is the decreased levels of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that influences mood.

Dark chocolate contains tryptophan, an amino acid that stimulates serotonin production, so it’s only good in times of stress.

Tip #5 – Get out in the sun. 

The sun and the fresh air can work wonders, especially when you feel overwhelmed by problems.

In addition, exposure to sunlight helps your brain produce serotonin, helping to improve your mood.

Tip #6 – Chew gum, but choose a sugar-free one. 

It’s probably the easiest trick to calm you down in difficult situations. Chewing gum calms you down and helps you get rid of anxiety.

Tip #7 – Meditate

There are many people who still underestimate the power of meditation on mood, although they have never tried it.

Create a corner of your own, especially for meditation, find a moment of peace and focus only on yourself and the good things that happen to you, leaving aside all worries and worries.

Of course, yoga sessions wouldn’t hurt from time to time either.

Tip #8 – Look at something blue. 

In chromotherapy (colour therapy), blue is that soothing colour used by specialists to calm patients who are experiencing agitation.

At the office or at home, keep a blue object handy for stressful moments.

Tip #9 – Play with a pet. 

Nothing compares to the happiness that a clump of fur offers you.

After a complicated day, a play and fun session with your pet will guarantee you a smile on your face.

Tip #10 – Eat healthy snacks.

When you are subjected to strong tensions, the feeling of hunger appears, but it is a false one, because you, in fact, are not hungry, you just want to somehow calm the imbalance you feel.

Avoid stopping at the first fast food or consuming excess sweets, eat an apple or any other fruit.

Tip #11 – Close your eyes. 

Take a break and allow your body to relax for 30 seconds. Close your eyes, cover your ears with your hands and disconnect from everyday reality.

Think of the sea and imagine how you heard it when you were a child and held a shell to your ear.

You can use these relaxation exercises as many times as you need, at any time of the day. Even if you forget one, it doesn’t matter.

Go ahead, just do an exercise against stress. It doesn’t make sense to stress even more because you missed a tip.

How to become a more calm and relaxed person

  • Don’t sleep with your phone next to you

Scientists say that the light from our gadgets (not to mention the moments when you check your email or Instagram account every time you wake up) affects your sleep and you can easily wake up dizzy.

A study in the UK showed that just checking your phone can cause stress.

So, next time, put your old alarm clock on the bedside table and charge your phone in another room while you sleep.

  • Spend more time in nature

Exercises have been proven to be some of the most effective ways to relax and feel good.

Along with these, add a few hours to spend in nature! You will immediately get in a wonderful mood!

  • Clean your house 

It seems that getting rid of clutter, by cleaning and organizing spaces, you will get a sense of calm and inner order because the image of a corner full of things thrown or not put in place creates a kind of competition between the neural networks of the brain, leading to an increase in stress levels.

While tidy and clean space will get rid of this tension.

  • Talk to your friends

Several studies have shown that human interaction, especially meetings with a good friend who knows how to make you laugh, is a good way to relax and forget about daily worries.

Talking with your loved ones will develop your sociability and make you feel more confident and optimistic even if other aspects of your life are not really good. 

  • Try aromatherapy

For aromatherapy, Korean researchers recommend the use of aromas of sandalwood, sage, mint, which can help relieve anxiety. 

How to make a great first impression in a business meeting

When you want to help your business or the company you work for grow, you need to know that the success of a business meeting is based on more than the idea behind the business.

Regardless of your position in a company or your level in your career, the first impression matters, especially when talking about a business meeting.

That’s why it’s important to display an image that inspires success and determination.

It’s not only your speech that matters

Any business interaction begins with a greeting.

When you meet the person you are going to have a conversation with, make sure you look her/him straight in the eye, shake their hand, greet them politely, and display a friendly smile.

All of this will suggest that you are a positive and confident person. 

After the greeting, thank them for their time; In this way, you show them that your meeting is important to you.

As the discussion progresses, listen as you speak.

Thus, you will show that you are interested in your interlocutor and what they have to say.

Ask relevant questions and listen carefully to the answers you receive.

Maintain eye contact, speak clearly and at an appropriate volume, so that the interlocutor hears what you have to say. 

Your suit, shoes and accessories

Proper attire is also essential when you want to make a good impression.

This suggests the respect you have for the company you represent, but also for the one you are going to interact with.

Depending on the field in which you work, there are different rules regarding the outfit.

For example, if you meet the CEO of a company that offers financial services, choose a business suit, of very good quality.

If the person you are going to talk to works in a less formal environment, opt for a business-casual outfit.

Regardless of the situation, the shoes you wear must be in a classic style and very well maintained.

Preferably choose simple and elegant accessories. In addition, clothing, footwear, and accessories must be comfortable and give you freedom of movement.

This way, you will feel comfortable, you will display an impeccable image, and nothing will distract you from the discussion.

There are a number of aspects to keep in mind when you want to make a good first impression in a business meeting.

Choose your speech, gestures, outfit, but also the gadgets that you display very carefully to overcome this challenge with flying colours. Good luck!


In this article, we answered a very important question: How to calm nerves before an important meeting. 

We gave some great tips on how to maintain your calm, and how to become a more relaxed person in general. 

We also pointed out what aspects you should pay attention to during an important business meeting. 

Feel free to share your tips on how to stay calm and how to prepare for a meeting. We’d love to know!

FAQ on how to calm nerves before a meeting

How do I stop anxiety before a meeting?

To stop anxiety before a meeting you have to ease into it.

Do your research and be prepared before speaking up in meetings at work. Focus on your strengths, on what you know best.

Suggest what the next steps should be and why your idea is great.

How do you calm down when you’re nervous?

To calm down when you are nervous take the following steps: breathe, recognize that you are nervous, close your eyes and challenge your thoughts, find solutions for your worries, choose the best solution, change your focus. 

How do you talk in a meeting without fear?

To talk in a meeting without fear you must know as much as possible about the subject discussed. For this, you have to prepare beforehand.

Come up with innovative solutions for old problems, think about what question may arise. 

How do I calm my nerves before a speech?

To calm your nerves before a speech, do some breathing exercises, muscle relaxation exertion, use positive visualization, get to meet your public and get familiar with the surroundings.

How do you stay calm before a big event?

To stay calm before a big event practice breathing exercises and meditation daily, even twice a day if possible.

Also, listen to relaxing music, dance, tense and relax your muscles.

What to drink to calm nerves?

There are several drinks that can help you calm your nerves before an important event.

Among them are green tea, chamomile tea, valerian root, warm milk, fresh fruits or veggie juice, and of course, plenty of water. 


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