How to calm a manic episode? (+7 Warning signs)

This detailed article will be explaining how you can calm a manic episode. In addition to this, we will also be listing the different warning signs of a manic episode which can help in understanding this bipolar condition more.

How to calm a manic episode?

To calm a manic episode, you can use the following strategies,

  • Don’t forget your medication
  • Exercise regularly and daily
  • Use deep breathing and other relaxation techniques
  • Try yoga for coping
  • Use sleep hygiene techniques
  • Avoid consuming alcohol
  • Try mindfulness techniques

Don’t forget your medication

The most important thing for any mental illness is the medication which has been prescribed by the doctor. If you feel that your manic symptoms are getting worse, don’t avoid your medication since the condition can only get worse.

Exercise regularly and daily

If you are used to exercising on a daily basis, don’t stop doing this when you are in a manic stage or entering a manic episode. If you don’t have the habit of exercising, inculcate this practice as soon as possible.

Exercising regularly and daily is essential for anyone who is going through a manic episode since it allows healthy venting and release of excess energy in the body. It also improves focus and concentration.

Use deep breathing and other relaxation techniques

Apart from physical exercise, you can also try other relaxation techniques like deep breathing. Deep breathing stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for calming your mind.

There are also many other relaxation techniques like the progressive muscular relaxation which can also be useful here. You can even use activities like coloring, sand art, gardening and others to help you relax better.

Try yoga for coping

Yoga is another great activity that you can try for calming down when you are entering a manic episode. Through yoga, your mind becomes a whole lot centered while your body becomes more agile and flexible.

Use sleep hygiene techniques

Sleep patterns are often affected in a manic episode. If your warning signs for a manic episode are going off, you can try strengthening your sleep hygiene practices. Sleep hygiene includes practices like reading under a soft light or even taking a warm bath before sleeping.

You can also invest in items like a good mattress and a weighted blanket for improving the quality of your sleep. Some people have also sworn by foot baths, foam rollers and essential oils as part of their sleep hygiene.

Avoid consuming alcohol

While you are going through a manic episode, it is important to eat a healthy diet and avoid substances like alcohol and drugs. You can also stay away from caffeine since it can worsen your symptoms.

Try mindfulness techniques

Mindfulness techniques can also help in calming down a manic episode. Mindfulness can make you more centered and bring you to the present instead of worrying about the past or the future. Mindfulness includes activities like walking meditations and giving gratitude.

How to calm a manic episode in someone else?

If you are close to someone who is going through a manic episode, you can try the following strategies and techniques to help them calm down.

Don’t avoid them

The worst thing that you can do when they are going through a manic episode is avoiding them out of fear or embarrassment. This can not only make their symptoms worse, but it can also destroy their self-esteem.

Give them their personal space

While it is important that you be there with them when they are going through a manic episode, it is also necessary that you give them their space. Through healthy boundaries, they will be able to cope more confidently with their manic episodes.

Encourage their healthy habits

Manic episodes can bring out many negative traits, but even many positive traits in people. If the person is obsessing or working on a project that is not going to be detrimental, encourage them since this can help them in the future.

At the same time, care should be taken that the person does not overwork themselves to a level that their physical health is deteriorating. Therefore, a decent pace needs to be set as an agreement by those who are near and dear to the person who is going through the episode.

Try not to confront them aggressively

Another thing that you might do wrong when you are trying to help someone in a manic episode is confronting them aggressively through combative words and actions. This can only make their symptoms worse.

Block their spending habits

During a manic episode, a person may unwisely spend money and this can lead to a major financial strain which can affect them later. If you have agreed with them before, you can try taking away their credit cards or blocking their mobile payment apps.

To make it easier on the person and yourself, you both can come to a conclusion or an agreement when they are in a normal state, before they go into a manic episode. This however, requires the relationship to be a healthy and understanding one.

Remind them to take their meds

Another thing that you can do to help the person who is going through a manic episode is to simply remind them to take their medications. Apart from medications, you can also try to encourage them to see their therapist.

Give them plenty of support

Emotional and social support is necessary when a person is going through a manic episode. Support in this scenario needs to be given even if the person may act and speak hurtfully towards you since this comes across because of the condition and not their actual personality.

Warning signs of a manic episode

In order to help someone calm down during a manic episode, you need to first and foremost understand the different warning signs. The most common warning signs of a manic episode have been shared as follows,

  • They may have problems in sleep: Often, during a manic episode the person may experience problems in their sleep patterns. Mostly, they will be experiencing less sleep at night than often but may not complain of tiredness.
  • They may talk more: Another warning sign of a manic episode is that the person may talk excessively and a lot more than usual. The volume of their voice may also go higher than usual and they may speak more confidently.
  • They may act with grandiosity: Manic episodes can also manifest as a grandiose manner in the person. They may talk greatly about their successes and may exhibit more self-importance among social situations.
  • They may act irritable with others: The person may also act irritable when they are in the presence of others. This may lead to arguments and fights with friends and with strangers in public places.
  • They may be distracted often: When a manic episode is manifesting itself, the person may also show frequent distraction. This can lead to a dip in performance at work or school which can cause further problems.
  • They may be physically restless often: Apart from feeling frustrated and showing their irritability, the person may also be physically restless. This means they can be seen pacing up and down at home or even shaking their legs or twiddling their thumbs often.
  • They may engage in reckless behaviors: Another warning sign of a manic episode is that the person may engage in reckless and dangerous behaviors like spending more than they can, driving too fast, or something else.


This detailed article has explained how you can calm a manic episode. In addition to this, we have also listed the different warning signs of a manic episode which can help in understanding this bipolar condition more.

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