How to Build self-esteem

In this brief guide, we will be talking about how to build self-esteem, tips that you need to follow in order to build self-esteem, and other effective strategies that can help you build self-esteem.

What is self-esteem in human nature?

Self-esteem is the perception of ourselves in human nature. When we have high self-esteem, we tend to be more inclined to the positive things that can happen to . It makes us better able to deal with life’s ups and downs.

When our self-esteem is low, we tend to see ourselves and our life in a more negative and critical light. We also feel less able to take on the challenges that life throws at us.

What causes low self-esteem in susceptible people?

Low self-esteem in susceptible people can be caused by our parental upbringing when we were young. The people who have always been close typically give you positive and negative messages about you.

Some people are susceptible to hearing negative messages more than positive ones.
Maybe you find it hard to meet others’ expectations of you since you are more attentive to the bad traits than the good traits of you.

Stressful and distressing events can also cause low self-esteem in susceptible people. These disturbing events are the following:

  • being bullied or assaulted/ostracized
  • experiencing prejudice, stigma or discrimination
  • losing your job or having a hard time finding employment
  • Issues at work or while studying
  • ongoing stress
  • physical health difficulties
  • mental health difficulties
  • relationship difficulties such as separation or divorce
  • Anxieties about your appearance and body image
  • Difficulties with money or housing.

Personality may also influence your tendency to have low self-esteem. Some people are prone to negative thinking patterns while others may have set high expectations for themselves.

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How to Build self-esteem

How does low self-esteem impact us?

Low self-esteem can impact us by making us unwilling to learn new things and go look for new opportunities that could help us grow. By avoiding these new challenges, you will feel more comfortable.

This kind of avoidance is only good for the short-term but in the long run, you will only get more fears and doubts along the way. Like all other psychological disorders, getting away from problems only brings them back.

Having low self-esteem can the only detriment your mental health and may put you at risk for other mental issues such as depression and anxiety

Is low self-esteem a mental health concern?

Low self-esteem is not all a mental health concern but this self-concept can bring mental health problems if it is not immediately treated. If someone influences this kind of self-concept in you, you are only giving yourself further mental health problems in your life.

Some of the characteristics of low self-esteem can turn into symptoms of mental health problems. Here are some of the characteristics of this poor kind of self-concept:

  • feeling hopeless or useless
  • blaming yourself in unbiased ways
  • hating yourself
  • Anxious about being unable to do things.

Also, having a mental health problem can also cause you to have aspects of low self-esteem which can only lower your self-concept more. You can learn more about this kind of self-concept by buying this book on this website.

People with low self-esteem question themselves Why am i such a looser?

To overcome this self-doubt, we have listed some methods to improve your self-esteem.

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Methods to build your self-esteem immediately

Here are methods on how to build your self-esteem immediately and these are research-based strategies.

Discover and master a new skill

If you become capable of doing activities that are in line with your interests and hobbies, you will be more likely to feel competent and confident.

List your accomplishments and success

You can also use these positive things about yourselves to help you review the good that you have done. You can list all of your accomplishments in this journal which can be bought on this website.

Do something creative and innovative

Creative activities can help you bring you back into your flow of life. Doing creative activities can activate your brain and make you more concentrated in your life. 

You could strum some songs in your guitar, paint to express your inner feelings, and dance to one’s feelings.

Be direct on your values

You should know your values and use them to define yourself and check if you are not in line with your values. If some of your values are not implemented, you can make the appropriate changes. 

When you know the values you stand for, you will be more confident than before. You can even personalize your values on a backpack that can be bought on this website.

Confront your restricting beliefs.

When you start thinking negatively about yourself again, you should stop yourself and be aware of these negative thoughts. You change your view of yourself and change your erroneous beliefs.

Be at the edge of your comfort zone

You need to lengthen yourself to the edge of your comfort zone. You need to get uncomfortable at some points in your life such as meeting a new person or perform something in front of people. 

Your self-esteem can arise by feeling uncomfortable in some parts of your life. You can learn more about getting yourself out from your comfort zone by buying this book here.

 Help someone

You need to apply your talents, abilities, and skills to help others. You need to provide someone with direct guidance and share some of your resources to this someone. 

You need to offer your services to someone for free.

You need to provide someone with your talents which can build your Cure self-esteem.

Cure your past

The unnecessary drama that may have happened in your past may cause low self-esteem.

Unresolved issues in the past can keep you stuck in the past that you shouldn’t live in anymore. 

This is why you should take the time to talk to the counsellor about your past concerns.

Stop being anxious or worrying about what others think.

If you keep being worried about what other people expect of you, you won’t be able to have time for yourself. You need to remind yourself that you have the right to choose for yourself and you can be more conscious and confident about yourself.

Read reading materials that are inspirational.

In order to build self-esteem, you need to read something that makes you more motivated about your life and keep you moving

Reignite your integrity.

You need to know where your integrity lies like what behaviours and thoughts that define your integrity. If you are feeling further from your character, you might find yourself burned out.

Let toxic people leave you alone

If you have people who only talk negatively about yourself, you should let them leave immediately. If you want to build your self-esteem, you need to be with people who appreciate who you are, even your flaws.

Sketch a line in the sand in your life

In order to build your self-esteem, you need to draw a line in your personal boundaries. You need to know which people are you willing to let in your personal boundaries. 

You don’t need others to play for their puppet strings. If you want to build self-esteem, you don’t need to be another person’s plaything.

Look after your appearance

If you dress your best, you will feel the best. If you want to build self-esteem, you need to manifest a flair of self-assurance through your appearance.

Accept failure as a stepping stone for growth.

When you face failure, you would always feel like you can’t go on. If you want to build your self-esteem, you should be able to see failure in a new perspective such as an opportunity to grow. 

You need to be aware that your failure is an outcome of your effort if you want to build self-esteem.

Never stop remaining a student.

If you want build self-esteem, you should do daily learning. Like great philosophers in the early times, they find peace and confidence in themselves when they keep seeing things like they haven’t known them before.

Never be hesitant in facing your fear

Even though you are afraid, you still need the urge to move forward. If you want to build self-esteem, you shouldn’t shy away from those fearful moments that could allow you to grow if you keep getting exposed to them.

Slowly turn into a teacher

You should try being there for someone who needs your guidance and wisdom. If you want to build self-esteem, you should be able to spread your knowledge and experiences to people who are probably gonna need it in some trials they have to face in their lives.

Know your meaning of success

You’re the only one who can be aware of your meaning of success since it will be something that will make feel fulfilled in life. You can build your self-esteem and use this self-concept to know what you need to do to be successful in your life and maybe in someone’s life as well.


In this brief guide, we have talked about how to build self-esteem, tips that you need to follow in order to build self-esteem, and other effective strategies that can help you build self-esteem.

If you have any questions about how to build self-esteem, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your inquiries.

FAQs: How to Build self-esteem

What is the cause of low self-esteem?

The cause of low self-esteem can be the inappropriate and non-nurturing care to people with low self-esteem. The performance of the affected person in school can also affect his or her self-esteem such as receiving bad grades can cause low self-esteem. Current distressing situations can also make the person have low self-esteem.

Why do we need self-esteem?

We need self-esteem since this part of us makes us decide for ourselves than be compliant to every person’s needs which can burn us out. In this case, self-esteem is used to motivate ourselves to reach our complete potential.

What are the signs of low self-esteem?

The signs of low self-esteem are withdrawal from relationships, anger and resentment, focusing on personal problems, physical conditions, and oversensitivity to criticism. People with low self-esteem are easily manipulated by the problems in their lives that they find that solutions seem hard to reach.

What are 3 characteristics of high self-esteem?

The 3 characteristics of high self-esteem are belief in one’s capabilities, a drive to succeed in life, and happiness with a little change. People with high self-esteem are more capable of achieving their dreams that they have waited for so long.

Does self-esteem increase with age?

Self-esteem increases with age. This may come from the fact that the older we get, the more experiences we have. The more experiences we have, the more people will rely on us for our advice. This dependence from other people makes us feel competent which is also a characteristic of self-esteem.


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