How Separation Anxiety can Eat You Alive


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Page last updated: 14/09/2022

How Separation Anxiety can Eat You Alive

For some of us, anxiety is crippling.  While in some people there are means to help, in other cases it’s harder to overcome the feelings. Some people do find help, such as in the case of a pet for anxiety for other people, anxiety comes in a much more profound way.

Separation anxiety is something that many parents of small children deal with, and it’s hard to give them the help they need. However, we’re gong to talk about what it is, why it’s important to manage it, and what you can do to improve your life if you suffer from it.

What is it?

Separation anxiety is when someone is separated either from a person, a couple people, or even a pet.  Usually, this is seen in children, but adults can deal with it too.

With separation anxiety, it not only exhibits the feelings of anxiety, but also physical symptoms as well.

Some symptoms include:

  • Nausea
  • Sore throat
  • Headache

In small children, separation anxiety is hard to understand since they feel a certain way, but have absolutely no idea why that is.

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Sometimes adults who deal with this suffer from it because they had separation issues when they were a child, or suffered from trauma that affected them one way or another.

How it Affects People

Separation anxiety is a mental health condition that can make you feel many ways.

For starters, you might feel distress when being separated from the other person. You also may be worried that they might be harmed if you do have to leave them.

It also creates a crippling fear of being alone. In some cases, it might cause physical symptoms when they know they’ll be separated soon.

Sometimes, it makes them worry about being alone, to the point where they need to know where the other person is at any time.  In adults, this can last for months on end, and sometimes can affect their ability to manage life both in a social, occupational, or even in academic ways too.

Why does this happen? It could be because of what happened to a person, such as losing a parent, child, or even partner. It also may be a sign of a condition underlying all of this.

It also might be from delusions due to psychotic disorders, but also fear of change which is related to autism spectrum disorder.

Sometimes, the reason for this might be because they’re controlling and too protective over things, and they fear losing and separating from that, so it’s the fear of losing someone.

Those who suffer from OCD, have panic disorder, phobias, or even agoraphobia might develop this. 

Specific phobia is a form of anxiety that is related to internal fears of specific things or objects. For example fear of airplanes. If you’re fear of airplanes, you might use sedatives for Airplane Anxiety. Also, check the Best Airlines for Anxiety and things to take for airplane anxiety,

It’s more common than you think, and this fear of losing others is all too common when it comes to the separation anxiety that plagues people.

Separation anxiety isn’t fun, and it can be a sign of much bigger, more extreme issues, and might stem from adversity, along with traumatic events as a child, including abuse.

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How Separation Anxiety can Eat You Alive

What Can You Do? 

The best way to treat this is through therapy or anti-anxiety medication.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a good way to identify those behaviors and thoughts that make their anxiety more prevalent.  You also may learn techniques tot help with the separation anxiety.

In some cases, you might want to get group or family therapy to cope with this. In families, dealing with anxiety can be difficult, check out the best anxiety books for parents and teens.

Anti-anxiety medications may also be prescribed, but the problem with that is that you’re not tackling the underlying conditions, just reducing the symptoms of anxiety.

Not sure if you suffer from separation anxiety? You can click here to find out more information on what it is, and take a test to help you better determine if you suffer from separation anxiety, or another form of anxiety.

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