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Page last updated: 16/12/2021

In this article, we shall discuss how secure is. We shall also be debriefing some of the advantages of and also some of the disadvantages of this platform that its users have experienced. is one of the most sought after project management tools that helps individuals and large teams alike.

How secure is is highly secure as it follows the TLS protocol. The files and information are encrypted with an AES-256 cipher which leads to practically no security risks. protects the information of its users using the following practices:

Strong team of engineers has a strong team of engineers and staff who are in charge of the security measures in the platform. The team is not only experienced but also goes through regular training in order to update their knowledge and awareness.

Tested and tried

The security features of this platform are regularly audited and checked for any possible loopholes or gaps in the infrastructure that can become risks in the future. This is of course performed by third party companies who conduct penetration tests and security audits for

Data is encrypted

Any data that is coming in or going out of are encrypted at 256-bit. The encryption features of comply with the FIPS 140-2 standard.

Regular backups also performs regular backups of the information and data related to its users. They perform backups of the critical data of the users every 5 minutes. The non-critical data of the users is backed up every 24 hours.

Continuous updates

The platform is also updated on a regular basis and continuously improved. This makes it difficult for hackers to get hold of information and also at the same time create a better service for the users.

Advantages of

Some of the advantages of that makes it attractive to both small and large organizations are described below:

Clients can be invited to view projects

With the help of, clients and stakeholders can be easily allowed access to view projects and tasks in the workspace. Because of this, teams will experience lesser misunderstandings and miscommunications which can cause major disruptions and lead to delayed projects.


Search is limitless makes work easier and information highly accessible for team members by allowing a limitless search option in their platform. With the help of the search bar in, team members and individuals can smoothly search through all their items. This feature however, is only available in some plans that offers.

Gantt charts can easily be created

Since many teams and organizations make extensive use of Gantt charts in their day to day operations, has made this feature also available on the platform. With the help of Gantt charts, teams can get clear overviews of projects and assignments. Furthermore, the vibrant color codes add more depth to the information given in the Gantt chart.

The interface is visual and visible

The user interface of is both visual and visible. The entire platform looks like it has been assembled with the help of lego blocks. And thus, information and features are readily accessible for the team members. The bright colors used in the platform also make it very visually pleasing for the team members to use.


Customization options

Customization and flexibility are being given more importance in organizations as these factors greatly improve the employee satisfaction levels and also help in improving productivity in teams. allows better customization features for team members allowing them to create personalized workspaces according to their needs and preferences.

Ready to use templates

There are also plenty of ready to use templates for the users on With the help of these templates, team members can save loads of time in their work flows and their work processes. Team members can also create their very own templates and use it for their projects and assignments.

App creation

In order to be a one-stop shop for the employees in the organization, also allows its users to easily build apps using the monday Apps Framework. Through this framework, app developers can also partner with if they come up with great and creative solutions that can profit the platform.

Disadvantages of

A couple of the difficulties or disadvantages of that users have experienced are:

Limited number of features in the basic plans

While the free plan has very few features for the team members to work with, the basic plan does this with a price. There are practically no essential features of on the basic plan which will be a big let-down for the team. Since the other plans are also a little pricey, this can be discouraging for users.

No live chat support

While the customer support is great in, there is no live chat support in the platform. However, the paid plans all have priority in customer support. Still, the absence of live chat on this platform can deter users from using this software.


In this article, we have discussed how secure is. We have also debriefed some of the advantages of and also some of the disadvantages of this platform that its users have experienced.

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