How much storage do you get on

This article will answer how much storage a user can get on We shall be looking at the different features of the various plans that offers. We shall also be discussing some of the unique features of this great tool. is a Work Operating System, headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, catering to the project needs of companies all over.

How much storage do you get on

The amount of storage that you can get on, purely depends on the plan that you have opted for. The storage differs from plan to plan and has been explained in the list below:

  • The free plan offers 500 MB of file storage space for its users
  • The Basic plan offers its users 5 GB of storage space
  • The Standard plan offers 20 GB of file storage space for the teams who are on board
  • The Pro plan, offers up to 100 GB worth of file storage space
  • The Enterprise plan offers the teams which use it a massive 1000 GB storage space

Different plans of offers many priced plans that can cater to the needs and requirements of its users. It also offers a Free plan that can be useful for Individuals who are looking for a cost-effective project management tool. The various plans of have been discussed in this section:

Individual Plan

This plan is basically free forever and is quite popular among individuals and tiny teams. Users of this plan have a storage space of 500 MB and can create an unlimited number of boards and docs. However, the number of items is limited to 200 and no viewers or guests are allowed in this account. The user can share the account with two other team members.

Basic Plan

The Basic plan has all the features of the Individual plan and thus, users can create an unlimited number of boards here as well. They can also have an unlimited number of items and bring in as many viewers as they want. The users of this plan are entitled to 5 GB of file storage space and also enjoy prioritized customer support.

Standard Plan

This plan offers its users all the features of the Basic plan with an added advantage of multiple views such as Calendar views, Timeline views and even Gantt views.  In this account, users can easily reduce their workloads through the help of automations and integrations, which are limited to 250 per month.

Pro plan

This is one of the most popular plans in as it has a wealth of the unique features of In this plan, teams can create both private boards and docs in their accounts. They can also track the time of their tasks and have more automations and integrations to set up (up to 25, 000 per month).

Enterprise plan

This is the priciest plan that offers and is meant to be used by large organizations and companies which have a large number of teams in different locations. Therefore, this plan has a lot of security features like multi-level permissions. In addition to this, the Enterprise plan also can be used to onboard new recruits and has premium customer support from the platform.

Unique features of has many unique features that make it popular among small and large teams alike. Some of these unique features are:

Ease of use is quite easy to use for teams and organizations. Thus, those teams who are looking for tools that are simple to learn and get used to in a short span of time will find an easy but effective tool altogether. The interface has been built with bright and bold colors, promoting easy accessibility and visibility for the various users.

Plenty of customizations

The platform has been really built for flexibility and customization. This is important as organizations today are turning towards individualization in the workplace which can bring plenty of benefits for both the management as well as the employees. Almost all the elements in are super easy to customize and malleable for any type of task or assignment.

Ready to use templates aims to reduce workloads and effort for teams in their projects. For this purpose, it has a large battery of ready to use templates which teams can use for almost any type of task or assignment. Teams are further encouraged to even create their own templates and use it for their work processes and workflows.

Seamless integrations

The tool can also be easily integrated with a wide range of other project apps and systems. Integrations are necessary as teams work with multiple tools at any single time. These integrations can be set up through the Integrations Center in, among which Slack, Zoom, Gmail and Outlook are the most popular.

Robust automations

Teams who are using this tool can also reduce their workloads by using the automations feature of Furthermore, these automations can also be customized according to the needs and requirements of the teams and team members. According to the plan that has been chosen, teams are open to set up a certain number of automations every month.


This article has answered how much storage a user can get on We have looked at the different features of the various plans that offers. We have also discussed some of the unique features of this great tool.

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