How much is the BetterHelp cancellation fee? (+5 limitations)

In this blogpost, we will explain how much the cancellation fee of BetterHelp is. To understand BetterHelp a little more, we will be looking at the various advantages that this online therapy platform can bring to the user. Additionally, we will be discussing the disadvantages or limitations of using this platform.

How much is the BetterHelp cancellation fee?

In order to bring convenience and comfort to its users, BetterHelp does not charge a cancellation fee. In fact, the entire process of cancellation of your subscription is quite easy and effective. All that the user needs to do is to send an email to the customer support of the platform. The team will also review the request and refund partially or wholly as they deem appropriate.


Advantages of using BetterHelp

BetterHelp is an online therapy platform that provides cost-effective and accessible mental health care to millions of users. Some of the best advantages of using BetterHelp for your mental health needs and requirements have been discussed in this section:


It can be accessed from anywhere

BetterHelp brings an advantage to the user of being accessible from anywhere and everywhere. The platform operates completely online and thus users only need an internet connection and a smart device to access therapy. BetterHelp therefore can be highly useful for those who live in remote locations which do not have many licensed therapists.

It offers cost-effective therapy

It also offers very affordable and cost-effective therapy to its users. In-person therapy can be quite expensive and thus many people do not go even if they desperately need it. However, online therapy platforms like BetterHelp do their part by providing affordable therapy sessions online and also have options for financial assistance.

It makes therapy easy

Therapy also becomes easy to access and use with BetterHelp. In traditional therapy settings, individuals may need to wait for long periods of time in order to access a therapist or even a psychiatrist. In BetterHelp, users can gain access to a therapist in a short span of time and can start their treatment as soon as possible.

It is highly secure

The platform is completely HIPAA compliant and thus the users are provided with high levels of security and privacy. This is necessary since clients may disclose sensitive and confidential information to their therapists which needs to be safeguarded at all costs. Thus, BetterHelp has been fitted with strong firewalls and end-to-end encryptions for more security.

It brings additional safety

There is also more safety that is provided in BetterHelp by conducting therapy sessions fully online. Since these sessions do not require the client and the therapist to meet each other in person, incidents like assault and violence from either party can be avoided. This can bring an additional layer of safety as well as comfort to the user.

It offers couples therapy

BetterHelp also offers couples therapy in its platform. Couples therapy can be great for both those couples who are experiencing relationship difficulties as well as those who simply want to understand each other better and grow. Thus, many couples are going to therapy even before they tie the knot to help each other develop as a unit.

It has teens therapy

There is also a feature for teens therapy that is available in BetterHelp. This feature is for those adolescents between the ages of 13 years and 18 years. Teens therapy can be helpful for those teenagers who are experiencing mental illnesses like depression as well as anxiety. Therapy can also provide a solid emotional support to teens since adolescence itself can be a tricky period.

It offers group sessions

BetterHelp also offers group sessions to its users. These group sessions are made available free of cost to the users of BetterHelp and are conducted at a frequency of once a week. These group sessions cover several topics and issues related to mental health and mental illness and can help by providing strong emotional support to the participants.

It has various formats of therapy

There are also various formats of therapy that are available in BetterHelp that users can choose according to their needs and preferences. The platform also offers unlimited messaging for its users who can send a limitless number of text messages, audio messages and video messages to their therapists. The live sessions are also of various types such as chat, audio and video.

Limitations of BetterHelp

While BetterHelp certainly boasts of many advantages and benefits, it also has a few limitations like the ones mentioned below:

  • While the plans in BetterHelp are certainly affordable, they cannot be covered by insurance. The platform does provide financial assistance but this still might make the plans of BetterHelp expensive for many users
  • Therapists in BetterHelp cannot diagnose their users
  • There are no psychiatry features available here and thus those who require medications or drugs for their mental illnesses may need to find another source
  • Many individuals are still hesitant about the efficacy of online therapy itself and thus might not want to use the platform
  • The platform also runs through the internet, and thus those who do not have access to data might not be able to use BetterHelp


In this blogpost, we have explained how much the cancellation fee of BetterHelp is. To understand BetterHelp a little more, we have looked at the various advantages that this online therapy platform can bring to the user. Additionally, we have discussed the disadvantages or limitations of using this platform.

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