How much is Cerebral after first month? (+7 tips)

This blogpost will discuss how much Cerebral costs after the first month. We shall also be mentioning a few useful strategies that you can use in order to get the very best out of your online therapy sessions. Furthermore, we will also be looking at some of the other alternative platforms that offer mental healthcare services just like Cerebral.

How much is Cerebral after the first month?

Cerebral offers a discounted fee for its users in their first month after which the prices can differ according to the plan which has been selected. The Therapy Only plan of Cerebral comes at a price of $259 per month and allows the user weekly phone or video appointments with their therapists.

The Medication and Care Counseling plan is priced at $85 per month and brings the user psychiatry services as well as unlimited messaging plus weekly sessions with their care counselors. The Medication and Therapy plan comes at a cost of $325 per month and brings the user both therapy and psychiatry services.

Tips for online therapy sessions

Online therapy can differ slightly from in-person therapy. These sessions are conducted remotely and since there is no physical meeting between the client and the therapist, a few tweaks need to be made, in order to get the very best effects. Some strategies that you can use in order to experience the best online therapy sessions have been discussed as follows:

Make sure your internet connection is stable

Since online therapy requires a stable internet connection to function, remember to check your data before you start your therapy session. It is also advisable for you to invest in a high-quality internet connection if possible so that you have access to clearer and better videos with fewer glitches and interruptions.

Create a space for therapy

It is also necessary that you create a safe space for therapy in your home where you will not be disturbed during your sessions. This not only helps you focus better but can also be used to prepare your mindset for the therapy session. If your home does not have such a space, you can always use somewhere else which is apt such as a quiet park, the rooftop or anywhere else.

Create a time for therapy

You must additionally create a time for therapy in your schedule so that you are not distracted by anything else. Even if you are using another format for therapy such as messaging, it still helps to do it at a certain time where you can focus better on venting and also healing. Thus, those who have busy days can schedule a time out of the office hours when they can concentrate easily.

Set goals for the therapy

For the therapy to be effective, it must be driven in a particular direction. This direction is usually determined by the various goals that have been set for the therapy. To set the right goals, you must possess a certain level of self-awareness and introspection. These goals when set and discussed with your therapist can bring a ton of benefits to your therapy sessions.

Record and journal

It also helps if you maintain a journal for your therapy sessions. Therapists often advise their clients to use journaling as a form of self-care and venting and this can help you even improve the quality of your therapy sessions. When you write in your journal, make sure to record key takeaways from each of the sessions and also those doubts that you want to clarify.

Do your homework

Therapy is not only conducted during the stipulated time of the sessions. Therapists often give homework and worksheets that can be completed during the course of the week or until the next session. These assignments are to be taken seriously as they can definitely teach you coping strategies that you can use in your day to day life.

Be open about your feelings

During in-person therapy or traditional therapy sessions, the therapist and the client can easily see each other since they are meeting in real-time. And thus, body language and other non-verbal cues can be easily picked up. Online therapy sessions do not allow your therapist to see your non-verbal cues and thus it is best to be open and explicit about your feelings and emotions.

Alternatives to Cerebral

If you are looking for a platform that has features similar to Cerebral, you can check out the following list:

  • Betterhelp: Betterhelp is one of the most popular online therapy platforms today. It has features for individual therapy, couples therapy, teens therapy and even group therap
  • Talkspace: This platform also offers online therapy sessions through various formats such as messaging, live chat, live audio and live video sessions. Talkspace is one of the few platforms in addition to Cerebral that provides insurance coverage for all its plans
  • ReGain: ReGain is an online therapy platform that is particularly uses by couples and families who want to improve their relationships and strengthen their bonds
  • Calmerry: Calmerry also offers round the clock access to a large network of licensed and certified therapists who can help users with their mental health issues


This blogpost has discussed how much Cerebral costs after the first month. We have also mentioned a few useful strategies that you can use in order to get the very best out of your online therapy sessions. Furthermore, we have also looked at some of the other alternative platforms that offer mental healthcare services just like Cerebral.

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