How much is Betterhelp? (+5 advantages of Betterhelp?)


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Page last updated: 5/09/2022

This article will answer how much Betterhelp actually is. We will also be looking at the various reasons why therapy is actually so expensive. Furthermore, we will be discussing some of the best advantages that users of Betterhelp can experience while using this great platform for their therapy needs.

How much is Betterhelp?

The therapy sessions in Betterhelp can cost anywhere from $60 to $90 per week for a single user. The prices of the sessions can also differ slightly depending on the types of sessions, the location of the user and also the availability of therapists in the area. However, these sessions are a lot more cost-effective than in-person therapy sessions which can easily cost a lot more.

Why is therapy so expensive?

While therapy can do wonders for those who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses and even those who have not, it still can be quite expensive for many to afford. And thus, even those persons who need therapy desperately are not willing to go due to the high costs. The main reasons why therapy is actually so expensive have been discussed in this section:

The high costs of education

It costs a lot of money to become a therapist in the first place. Clients also prefer therapists who have studied in prestigious institutions which further drives up the cost. And thus, many therapists go on to pay off their student loans well after they have started practicing. Also, therapists need to continuously learn through books and courses, which can pile up to an even bigger amount.

Therapists need to pay rent

Those who have been to therapy before, know the amount of effort that therapists often put into their offices to make it a calm and peaceful space for anyone. These offices are very expensive to rent and even more costly to create with the right utilities and accessories. Additionally, these offices are usually located in high-traffic spots to bring in clientele and thus are high-priced.

There is a lot of paperwork

Therapists have a lot of paperwork to complete that comes with their work itself. This paperwork only increases in amount when insurance is involved. Since it can take up a lot of their valuable time, therapists often hire personal assistants to complete this work for them and also run their offices in a smoother way. All this can prove to be quite expensive for the therapist.

Licensing can be costly

It is not enough that the therapist holds a degree or diploma in counseling or therapy. They also need to be licensed to practice independently in their respective regions or states. Licensing fees are expensive and also need to be renewed on a regular basis. Licensing also requires the therapist to complete additional courses and thus can prove to be a large expense.

How much is Betterhelp? (+5 advantages of Betterhelp?)

There are marketing expenses

There are also marketing expenses that the therapists need to deal with. These marketing ploys help in bringing a higher number of clients to the clinic and can also assist in attracting the right kind of clientele. However, marketing itself is not cheap, especially if it needs to be done tastefully such as a therapist would require.

The high cost of emotional labor

Therapy does not paint a pretty picture at all times. While it may look easy to sit and listen to the troubles of someone else, therapists often go through trauma and frustration themselves dealing with mental health problems throughout the day. And thus, many therapists often require plenty of self-care and mental health care for their own benefit.

Client flow may be unsteady

Clients also cannot be expected to come in regularly bringing steady profit with them. Clients may suddenly move to another location and thus might not be able to come to therapy. They also may switch therapists for various reasons. Since client flow cannot be expected to be steady at all times, therapists often charge high prices to help them cover costs during dry business seasons.


Advantages of Betterhelp

Betterhelp is one of the most popular online therapy platforms that help millions of users. Users of this platform can experience a wide range of benefits and advantages such as:

  • Cost-effective therapy while compared to in-person or traditional therapy. In this case, Betterhelp goes the extra mile by providing financial assistance for those who cannot afford its plans
  • Easy accessibility to therapy and mental health care. Since it runs completely online, users can access their therapists and seek mental assistance from anywhere and everywhere. Thus, this becomes greatly viable for those who travel often or for those who cannot leave the house on a regular basis to go to therapy
  • High security and safety. Betterhelp does not require the client and the therapist to meet each other physically and thus can provide a higher sense of safety for those who might be uncomfortable with being in a room alone with a stranger
  • The platform is also HIPAA compliant and therefore privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed
  • Betterhelp not only offers individual therapy sessions but also has great group therapy options that cover more than 20 different issues and is conducted once a week. This feature is also free of cost for the users of the platform


This article has answered how much Betterhelp actually is. We have also looked at the various reasons why therapy is actually so expensive. Furthermore, we have discussed some of the best advantages that users of Betterhelp can experience while using this great platform for their therapy needs.

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