How much is BetterHelp counseling? (+3 tips)


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Page last updated: 6/09/2022

This blogpost will explain how much BetterHelp counseling is. We will also be listing the different reasons as to why therapy is actually so expensive. Lastly, we will be explaining a few tips and strategies that you can use to make the most out of BetterHelp. BetterHelp is an online therapy platform that provides cost-effective and affordable therapy digitally.

How much is BetterHelp counseling?

The counseling and therapy services in BetterHelp are priced between $60 to $90 per week. The payment can differ depending on the location of the user and the availability of the therapist. While the cost is per week, it can significantly decrease if paid in advance for a month. In addition to this, the platform also provides financial assistance or aid for certain groups of users.

Why is therapy so expensive?

Therapy, both in-person as well as online, can be quite expensive. In fact, many individuals avoid going to therapy as they cannot afford to pay for it. The main reasons why therapy is indeed very expensive have been discussed in this section:

The high price of education

It takes a lot of studying in order to become a therapist. Also, therapists often prefer to study in prestigious institutions and universities so that they are better prepared to give the very best help for their clients. Therefore, many therapists continue to pay off their educational loans well into their careers.


Licensing fees

It is not enough that the therapist has a degree or a diploma in psychotherapy or counseling. They also need to be licensed to practice independently in their regions or states. Licensing fees are not cheap and also need to be renewed regularly. These licenses also require the therapist to take further courses which can create more expenses for them.

Rent for the office

Therapists also need an office space in a great location to practice. The office also needs to be a high-traffic area so as to bring in more clientele for the practice. Therapists additionally invest a lot in accessorizing their offices in order to help their clients relax and be comfortable. All this can pile up to a massive amount for the therapist.

Personal assistants

Therapists often have personal assistants who can help them in running the office. Personal assistants can also help the therapists in filling out the required paperwork which comes with therapy. The paperwork is also a lot more when the clients are using insurance to pay for their therapy sessions.

Marketing strategies

Since the practice itself is a business, therapists often employ marketing strategies and tactics to bring in the right clientele to their clinics. These marketing strategies do not come cheap, especially since therapists require classed up schemes. They also need to reflect the seriousness of mental health itself and thus can cost a bomb.

How much is BetterHelp counseling? (+3 tips)

High emotional labor

Therapy is not exactly an easy job. While the clients share their thoughts and feelings and share traumatic incidents, therapists often experience trauma of their own. Since they need to be prepared to deal effectively with other clients as well, therapists need to take part in regular self-care and also may need mental health care of their own.

Unsteady client load

The client load of therapists may increase and decrease at certain times. This can never be predicted since clients may suddenly move to another location or may even want to change therapists suddenly at the drop of a hat. Since the client load can never be steady, therapists often charge high prices to help them cover expenses during low business times of the year.

Tips for BetterHelp

While BetterHelp is certainly easy to use for anyone and everyone, there are still many tips and tricks that you can use in order to improve your experience in this online therapy platform. A few of these have been described as follows:

Choose the therapist wisely

Client-therapist fit is highly important for any therapy to work. BetterHelp in this manner provides a great algorithm that can match the users with the right therapists. To help in this, you will need to provide as many details as you can during the sign-up process. You can also search manually and find a therapist who suits your preferences.

Apply for financial aid

If you are finding the costs of BetterHelp pretty high, you need not worry at all in this case. The platform provides financial assistance or aid for those who cannot afford its subscription. You will have to ask for this during the sign-up and mention the reason. You will also need to renew it regularly every three months or so.

Use the various formats

BetterHelp offers various formats of therapy to suit the convenience and preference of the user. You can choose to use messaging therapy for your mental health needs and thus converse with your therapist through text, audio or video messages. You can also opt from live chats, live audio and live video sessions.



This blogpost has explained how much BetterHelp counseling is. We have also listed the different reasons as to why therapy is actually so expensive. Lastly, we have explained a few tips and strategies that you can use to make the most out of BetterHelp.

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