How much does therapy cost? (+3 advantages of Cerebral)

In this article, we will discuss how much therapy costs. We will also be mentioning several ways through which you can easily reduce the costs of therapy. In addition to this, we will be looking at the advantages of using a platform like Cerebral for your therapy needs. Therapy and mental health care in general is easily becoming a necessity in a competitive world such as this.

How much does therapy cost?

In the United States, therapy sessions can easily cost from $100 to $200 per session. The price can of course vary from state to state. The costs of therapy are high because therapists themselves are faced with enormous expenses such as office rent, utilities, marketing, licensing and the burdens of educational loans.

How to reduce the costs of therapy?

Some of the ways and strategies through which you can easily reduce the costs of your therapy sessions have been explained in this section:

Switch to online therapy

The best and easiest way to reduce the costs of therapy is to sign up for an online therapy or mental health care service. There are many platforms that offer a range of features that can suit the various mental health needs and requirements of individuals and groups. The best among these are definitely Cerebral, Betterhelp, Talkspace, Calmerry and many others.

These platforms not only provide cost-effective therapy, but also bring you access to thousands of licensed and certified therapists. The therapy can also be taken in various formats and thus you can find more convenience and ease of use through these platforms. Many of these like Cerebral and Talkspace are also covered by insurance.

Use a sliding scale therapist

Most therapists charge their clients on an hourly basis. This is regardless of the work that is being done or what the session is covering that particular day. However, there are many sliding scale therapists who do not charge for the full hour randomly but charge appropriately for the work done in the session. These therapists can definitely reduce the costs of your sessions.


Seek out group therapy

You can also seek out support groups or group therapy sessions where these are more affordable and definitely cost-effective. The great thing about group therapy is that you learn about various perspectives and also are aware of different coping strategies used by other individuals with the same problem. This has more effect than the therapist teaching you the same.

Look out for EAPs

Many organizations today have several Employee Assistance Programs. These EAPs aim at improving the personal life of the employees so that their productivity and performance at work also increases. EAPs often have free or discounted therapy services. You can avail these by asking your HR managers about it.

Ask your university/school

If you are a student, you can easily reach out to your school administration and ask them about various student counseling programs that are available. Many universities also have an in-house student counselor who can provide therapy to those students who require it for absolutely free of cost.

Reach out to community organizations

There are also many non-profit community organizations which offer affordable therapy sessions to anyone. Most religious organizations have both faith-based and non-faith based therapists who can provide free therapy and counseling services for even those individuals who are not affiliated or linked to the organization.

Ask your insurance provider

Insurance providers are usually tied up with certain mental health professionals or therapists who provide therapy at very affordable prices. To know more about this, you can easily reach out to your insurance provider and ask them about their in-network therapists who are practicing in your area.

Advantages of Cerebral for therapy

Cerebral is a mental health subscription that aims to provide all types of mental health care for any individual who needs it. Cerebral can bring many advantages and benefits for the clients or patients who use it, like:

Cerebral also provides psychiatry services

In addition to therapy, Cerebral also provides psychiatry services for those clients who require medications. This can be godsend for those who live with conditions like severe depression or anxiety that need a combination of medications as well as therapy. The medications are not only prescribed by qualified professionals but also delivered right to the doorstep of the client.

The therapy can be accessed from anywhere

Cerebral can be accessed and used from anywhere. Since the platform runs completely online, clients can communicate with their therapists even if they are traveling or have a busy schedule and thus are not able to make time for therapy. This high level of accessibility and convenience also brings more effectiveness to the therapy itself.


Therapy is available through different modes

The therapist can also be communicated with through various formats such as messaging, phone sessions and also video sessions. This brings more flexibility for the user and thus those can pick and choose the format that they want according to their convenience. The messaging format can also be a great form of self-care since it helps in healthy venting and expression.


In this article, we have discussed how much therapy costs. We have also mentioned several ways through which you can easily reduce the costs of therapy. In addition to this, we have looked at the advantages of using a platform like Cerebral for your therapy needs.

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