How much does Talkspace pay per hour? (+7 advantages of Talkspace)

This post will answer how much Talkspace pays per hour. We shall also look at the different advantages that Talkspace can bring for its users, which makes it a highly popular online therapy platform. Lastly, we will be explaining some of the limitations presented by this fabulous platform that users have experienced.

How much does Talkspace pay per hour?

Talkspace pays up to $20 per hour for its numerous therapists. This price can only go up based on the caseload the therapist is taking on and also the length of the various sessions. In total, Talkspace therapists can easily make around $29779 in a year. Due to the other benefits such as no commute and no overhead charges, Talkspace therapists are generally satisfied with their pay.

Advantages of using Talkspace

Talkspace is not only a great place to work for thousands of therapists. It also is the go-to platform for online therapy for millions of users. Some of the advantages that Talkspace can bring to its users have been described in the following section:

It makes therapy easy

Talkspace makes the entire process of seeking a therapist, finding the right one and starting your interventions a whole lot easier and efficient. All this and more can be done through one single platform and thus many users prefer Talkspace for all their mental health needs and requirements.

It becomes very convenient to use

The platform can also be accessed from anywhere and everywhere, as long as the user has a smart device and a strong internet connection. Thus, therapy can even reach places which do not have qualified or certified therapists. In addition to this, the app can be installed on any mobile device and thus therapy can be accessed even while on the move.

The plans can be covered by insurance

The various plans of Talkspace are quite cost-effective and easily affordable in comparison to in-person or traditional therapy. Furthermore, the plans of Talkspace can also be covered by insurance, since the platform has tied up with insurance giants such as Cigna, Optum, Tricare and Humana.

Talkspace provides a lot of safety

Safety is a concern for many individuals, even if it is with a therapist who is guaranteed to provide the best of mental health care. Still, many are reserved about being alone in a room with a stranger. However, online therapy platforms like Talkspace can cut out the need for physical meetings and thus users feel safe during their therapy sessions.


There is better client-therapist fit

Talkspace works hard to ensure that every user finds the therapist of their choice who can suit their preferences and personalities better. For this, the platform has a large number of therapists working with it so that clients have more choices. In addition to this, the platform also uses artificial intelligence to bring about a better fit between the user and the providers.

The platform provides Teens therapy

Talkspace also provides Teens therapy that is specifically aimed at adolescents between the ages of 13 years to 18 years. Teen therapy becomes highly important as many mental illnesses show their first signs in these age groups. Also, teenagers are often pestered by high levels of stress and anxiety for which therapy can be quite helpful.

It also has couples therapy

The platform also has couples therapy as well as family therapy that can be great for those who are having difficulties in their relationships. Couples therapy is not only for those who are going through a rough patch, but also for those who simply want to improve their understanding of one another and help each other grow.

It has an amazing sleep program

Talkspace additionally offers an amazing sleep program that can be great for those individuals who are finding it difficult to fall asleep. It not only helps in this but can also help those who wake up often in the middle of the night and cannot fall asleep again. The sleep program that is conducted by Talkspace goes on for about 8 weeks in which the users learn many strategies.

Limitations of Talkspace

Talkspace is quite popular in the field of online therapy due to its cost effective plans that are quite flexible and malleable. However, the platform also has some limitations or disadvantages such as:

  • The platform does offer group therapy sessions, which many users look forward to in online therapy platforms such as this
  • The plans of Talkspace can also be quite expensive if the user does not have insurance coverage, which is not a reality for many
  •  Many people are still reserved about the effectiveness and quality of online therapy and thus may not want to use platforms like Talkspace
  •  Talkspace cannot be used in times of crisis or emergencies, and thus is not feasible for high risk clients

Best alternative to Talkspace

The best alternative to Talkspac is definitely Betterhelp. Betterhelp easily mirrors most of the features and facilities that are available in Talkspace and brings about a greater fit between the client and the therapist. The prices of the plans are also almost the same, making Betterhelp one of the best online therapy platforms along with Talkspace.


This post has answered how much Talkspace pays per hour. We have also looked at the different advantages that Talkspace can bring for its users, which makes it a highly popular online therapy platform. Lastly, we have explained some of the limitations presented by this fabulous platform that users have experienced.

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