How much does’s enterprise cost? (+5 benefits)

This blogpost will discuss how much’s Enterprise plan costs. We shall also look at some of the features of the Enterprise plan and how can be useful for large teams. In addition, we shall also look at the importance of workplace collaboration, especially in a large team or organization.

How much does’s Enterprise cost?

Users who want to switch to the Enterprise plan of or want to originally sign up for it, will have to contact the customer support team of the platform directly. This is because the Enterprise plan is meant to be used by very large organizations who have several teams working from different parts of the world.

Features of the Enterprise plan

Some of the unique features of’s Enterprise plan have been discussed in this section:

  • It offers the highest grade of security for teams and organizations as they mostly with very sensitive and confidential information.
  • It brings teams advanced reporting and analytical features, giving plenty of information and data to work with.
  • The plan can also be used for HR processes, particularly for onboarding and induction of new recruits.
  • The users of this account also enjoy high priority customer support which means their issues and queries will be taken care of in no time.
  • This plan offers its users a massive file storage capacity of 1000 GB.
  • The teams can also create an unlimited number of boards, items and docs.
  • Users can bring in an unlimited number of guests and viewers.
  • They can set up 250, 000 integrations and automations per month using this plan. for large teams

For large teams, can be a useful tool for the purpose of project management as well as workplace collaboration. Some of the ways through which can be increasingly beneficial for teams have been explained in this section:

It can increase communication

Communication can be increased with the help of a strong collaborative tool such as The platform understands that communication needs to take place on different levels and thus offers multiple avenues and methods like the updates section, board comments and also through @mentions.

It helps in project management

Project management is an important aspect of every team or organization, and can clearly help in this process from start to finish. The project planning can also be organized effectively with the help of charts and graphs. Leaders and managers can also track the progress of each task and update teams about the priorities and status changes of various assignments.

It offers plenty of views

The tool also offers plenty of views and perspectives for teams to work with. Multiple views are important so that teams can gain additional information from deep probing and analyzing data. Teams can opt to see their boards in multiple views such as Kanban boards, Charts, Gantt charts or even as Timelines.

It allows integrations

Integrations are necessary, especially in large organizations as teams work with multiple tools at once. The Integrations Center in offers more than 40 popular apps and tools for syncing with the platform. Teams use tools such as Zoom, Slack, Quickbooks, Gmail, Mailchimp and Salesforce to increase the effectiveness of their work processes and workflows.

It can set up automations

Automations are necessary and can really make life simpler and easier for teams in large organizations. Since teams here work with big projects which require tasks to be repeated over and over again, the automation features in can be easily used to perform these repetitive tasks, thus reducing workload and increasing work efficiency of teams.

It offers strong security

Strong security is one of the most important aspects in any type of project management tool. This is because teams and organizations frequently work with sensitive and confidential information which might cause damage to multiple parties if leaked or breached. The plans of, particularly the Enterprise plan offers robust and advanced levels of security for its users.

Importance of workplace collaboration

Workplace collaboration is highly important as it provides plenty of advantages and benefits for its users. Some of these benefits which make workplace collaboration extremely important and necessary have been listed as follows:

  • It can improve the processes of decision-making and problem solving
  • It can increase learning between teams and team members
  • It promotes engagement and positivity in the workplace
  • It increases the level of communication between team members
  • It helps in innovation and creativity among teams, contributing to new products and services by the company
  • It brings better customer service and support to the clientele of the brand
  • It can bring better practices and resources to the organization through external collaboration
  • It realizes the vision and mission of the organization in a shorter span of time
  • It makes teams more resilient and adaptive to problems, risks and trends which might crop up in the market
  • It boosts security of resources and data by using the right collaboration tools
  • It helps all the team members work together on the same page at all times


This blogpost has discussed how much’s Enterprise plan costs. We have also looked at some of the features of the Enterprise plan and how can be useful for large teams. In addition, we have also looked at the importance of workplace collaboration, especially in a large team or organization.

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