How much does Get Cerebral cost? (+6 advantage)

In this post, we will answer how much Get Cerebral costs. We will also be looking at the various advantages that this platform can bring to its users. Get Cerebral or simply Cerebral also has several limitations that are going to be additionally discussed in this post. Online mental health care is not only effective but can also be more affordable than traditional therapy.


How much does Get Cerebral cost?

The cost of Get Cerebral or Cerebral can differ according to the plan that the user is choosing. The various plans and prices of the plans that Cerebral offers for its millions of users have been described in the following section:

The Medication and Care Counseling plan

This plan costs up to $85 per month which can be reduced to $29 through in-network insurance coverage. This plan is superb for those who require mainly medications and drugs for their mental illnesses. In this plan, the user has access to a psychiatrist or prescriber who gives easy access to the right medications for the user.

The Medication and Therapy plan

This plan is probably the most effective and thus most popular of all. In this plan, the user can avail both psychiatry and therapy services at a fee of $325 per month which reduces to $29 per month through insurance coverage. In this plan, the user not only gets the medications they require but also work through their issues with the help of a licensed therapist.

The Therapy Only plan

This plan can be availed at a price of $259 per month which reduces to $29 per month through in-network insurance coverage. In this plan there are no psychiatry services available but the user or the client has continuous access to a licensed therapist. They also have resources to practice various mental skills such as mindfulness, stress management, grounding, etc.

Advantages of using Cerebral

Get Cerebral or Cerebral has definitely amassed a big following ever since its launch in early 2020. This platform brings high quality mental health care at very economic prices to millions of users. The various advantages or benefits that clients of this mental health subscription platform enjoy are described as follows:


They can access it from anywhere

The best thing about Cerebral is that it can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere. Telemedicine does not require the client to visit a doctor’s office to gain access to their medications and drugs. And thus, brings plenty of anonymity which can be useful for stigmatic areas like mental health.

Cerebral also offers psychiatry services

Cerebral not only has therapy but is one of the few online mental health care platforms that also offer psychiatry services. This can be great for those who require a combination of therapy and medications for their mental issues. These medications are prescribed by highly qualified psychiatrists who bring only the best mental health care to their clients.

It has insurance coverage

While therapy and psychiatry can definitely be expensive, online platforms like Cerebral, Betterhelp and Talkspace definitely do their part by providing cost-effective plans for their users. Cerebral goes the extra mile by providing insurance coverage for all its plans through in-network insurance providers which can greatly reduce the costs of therapy and psychiatry services.

It offers care counseling

Cerebral also offers care counseling as part of its plans. Care counseling is different from therapy. Here, the whole point is to offer continuous emotional support and teach effective coping strategies that the client can use in the course of their treatment. Care counseling can thus improve the adherence and compliance to treatment which is necessary for mental illnesses.

It has various resources for therapy

The platform also provides plenty of additional resources that the clients can use to improve their mental health even if they are not in a therapy session. Cerebral provides gainful worksheets and guides on important mental exercises such as mindfulness. It also teaches behavioral strategies that can be used to improve concentration, focus and overall mental health.

It allows different formats

There are also multiple formats of communication that the clients of Cerebral or formerly Get Cerebral can use to interact with their therapists or prescribers or even their care counselors. The therapy sessions themselves are available through phone and video formats. The care counselors and therapists can also be accessed through unlimited messaging, bringing plenty of flexibility.

Limitations of Cerebral

While Cerebral is definitely fantastic and thus a highly recommended platform for various mental health services, it still has its limitations. Some of these are:

  •  Cerebral does not offer couples therapy services and also does not offer therapy for teenagers which many other online therapy platforms provide
  • There are also no group therapy sessions available in this platform, which many clients actually look forward to
  • The therapy features of Cerebral itself are not available in every state of the US which can be a letdown for many
  • The platform also cannot prescribe controlled substances such as stimulants which are important for conditions like ADHD
  • Appointments with therapists cannot be scheduled for a month in bulk and instead needs to be scheduled per session which can seem inconvenient for many individuals


In this post, we have answered how much Get Cerebral costs. We have also looked at the various advantages that this platform can bring to its users. Get Cerebral or simply Cerebral also has several limitations that have been additionally discussed in this post.

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