How much does a Talkspace therapist make? (+5 tips for therapists)

This blogpost will explain how much a Talkspace therapist makes. We will also be looking at the different ways through which you can become a better therapist for your clients. In addition to this, we will be discussing the various advantages that Talkspace brings to its users in terms of therapy.

How much does a Talkspace therapist make?

According to reviews by therapists who have previously worked for Talkspace, therapists can make up to $21 in an hour. The yearly pay package of the therapist depends a lot on the number of clients present in their caseloads. It also depends on the lengths of the conversations or sessions that the therapists have had with their users.

How to be a better therapist?

Therapy is of course not easy. It takes a lot of studying and licensing to first start practicing. It also takes more effort to become an efficient therapist who can deliver the right interventions for their clients. Some of the ways through which you can become a better therapist have been discussed as follows:

You will first need to take care of yourself

The most important thing that every therapist needs to do is to take care of their own mental health. Therapy can be difficult for the client and also the therapist since a lot of traumatic and deep wounds can open up in the session. Thus the therapist needs to include plenty of self-care, exercise regimes and also take care of their diet on a daily basis.

Be professional and ethical

It is also important to be professional and ethical when you are dealing with clients. The therapist should be right on time and also keep his/her promises to the clients. It is also necessary to practice the right business ethics and professional ethics such as reminding clients of their appointments, charging the appropriate fees and refunding the right amounts.

Keep learning

It is even more important to keep learning and be updated with the latest theories and interventions. Psychology and psychotherapy have a lot to do with norms and the definition of this change day by day and thus therapists need to be keenly updated about the latest news and latest trends in the sociological sphere.

Consult your peers

Therapists can also learn and groom themselves by consulting their peers in the profession. Peer consultation can not only be a great learning platform, but can also be useful in sharing emotional burdens. Peer consultation programs are offered by many social circles and even in online therapy platforms such as Talkspace.


Be genuine with your clients

As a therapist, it is also necessary to be genuine with your clients. It can seem easy to fake empathy or sympathy but clients can easily figure out if you are lying. This can definitely weaken the bond or rapport that you share and can also make the client switch therapists. Thus, it is important to be genuine and real with your clients.

Set up the right office

The right office space can also do wonders for your profession. Creating a relaxing and comfortable office can not only bring in the right clients for your practice but can also be used to improve the effectiveness of your interventions. Many therapists today are creating amazing offices using coffee machines, indoor plants, vending machines and even therapy animals.

Be open-minded

It also is extremely necessary to be as open-minded as possible. Clients will be streaming in from various backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, mindsets and perspectives. They can also be coming in with different problems, some of which therapists might not be prepared for in their educational courses. Being open-minded and non-judgmental can help in accepting all this.

Learn to be empathetic

Therapists also need to learn to be empathetic and this by far the most important skill for any mental health professional. Empathy is different from sympathy. When a person is being empathetic, it means that they are placing themselves in the other person’s shoes. This is important for a therapist to bring the right intervention tools to help their clients.

Advantages of using Talkspace

Talkspace is not only a superb workplace but also brings a large collection of advantages to its millions of users. Some of the great advantages of using Talkspace for online therapy are:

  • It has multiple formats of therapy and this means users can choose to communicate with their providers through text messaging, audio messaging and even video messaging. Furthermore, they can also have a live session with their providers.
  • The platform offers insurance coverage for all its plans and this significantly brings down the costs of therapy for many users.
  • Talkspace has a wide network of certified and licensed therapists who can provide high quality therapy. The platform also uses artificial intelligence to bring a better client-therapist match.

Best alternative to Talkspace

The best alternative to Talkspace in the market today is definitely Betterhelp. This platform mirrors many of the features of Talkspace such as individual counseling, couples therapy, teens therapy and messaging therapy. It also has many more features such as group therapy session for various issues conducted once a week.


This blogpost has explained how much a Talkspace therapist makes. We have also looked at the different ways through which you can become a better therapist for your clients. In addition to this, we have discussed the various advantages that Talkspace brings to its users in terms of therapy.

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