How much do Talkspace therapists make per hour? (+7 advantages)


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

This article shall discuss how much Talkspace therapists make per hour. We shall also be looking at the various advantages that Talkspace can bring for its users. Furthermore, we will be explaining the actual importance of therapy. Therapy is gaining relevance since the world is becoming a lot more competitive and more people are dealing with loads of stress and anxiety.

How much do Talkspace therapists make per hour?

According to many therapists who have worked with Talkspace in the past, they can make around $21 in an hour. This rate is definitely a lot higher than the average pay for a psychotherapist in the United States. Another great thing about Talkspace is that it also provides great benefits and perks for those working in W-2.

Advantages of Talkspace

Talkspace can bring a wide range of benefits and advantages for its users. In fact, many similar online therapy platforms such as Betterhelp and Calmerry are being increasingly sought after to cater to the various mental health needs and requirements that various individuals might have. Some of these advantages that Talkspace can bring to its users have been discussed here:

The therapy process itself becomes easier

The process of seeking and working through therapy can be quite tedious and even time-taking. Clients need to search for the right therapist who provides the right services for their mental health needs. They also need to be assured about the client-therapist fit. All this is taken care of by the platform and thus the therapy process itself becomes a whole lot easier.

It has a variety of plans

There are many plans that are available in Talkspace that can be advantageous for many purposes and requirements. The Plus plan in Talkspace allows unlimited messaging between the client and the therapist. On the other hand, the Premium and Ultimate plans of Talkspace have live sessions that can last for about 30-50 minutes that users can partake in.


Messaging therapy is quite convenient

The main mode of delivering therapy and interventions in Talkspace is through messaging which is becoming quite popular due to its ease and convenience. In order to make things even better for its users, this platform offers text messaging, audio messaging and even video messaging to bring about more flexibility and adaptability.

It can be great for introverts

For those introverts who would rather be by themselves with a book and some coffee, would greatly appreciate online therapy platforms like Talkspace and Betterhelp. These platforms bring therapy right into the very homes of the users and thus the clients do not need to go anywhere and can also do it through mediums that they are comfortable in.

The plans can be covered through insurance

The plans of Talkspace can also be easily covered by insurance. While online therapy can be a lot cheaper than in-person therapy, it still can be quite expensive, especially since therapeutic interventions generally take lots of time. Insurance providers like Cigna and Optum are connected with Talkspace and thus, their clients can easily be covered for online therapy.

How much do Talkspace therapists make per hour? (+7 advantages)

Online therapy is just as effective

There may be many qualms and reservations about the effectiveness of online therapy. However, research studies have shown that this can be just as effective. Online therapy can also bring about added benefits like convenience and ease of use which can further improve the mental health of the users.

There is therapy for teens

Teen therapy is also provided in Talkspace which can be availed for those who are between the ages of 13-18 years. This is highly essential as there is a lot of stress and anxiety that adolescents typically go through. Many mental illnesses also have their roots at this age, for which therapy can be quite useful.


Couples therapy is available

Talkspace has features for couples therapy which can be useful for those couples who are facing troubles in their relationships. In addition to individual therapy which can be great for building resilience and learning coping mechanisms, couples therapy can be superb for improving communicating and also growing together as a unit.

Importance of therapy

The reason why therapy is highly important is that it brings a large collection of advantages for anyone and everyone. This is why therapy, even online therapy through platforms like Talkspace or Betterhelp, is recommended for everyone at least once in their lives. Some of the reasons why therapy is considered very important are:

  • It can improve the self-awareness as well as increase self-regulation in the individual
  • It can help in managing the symptoms of various mental illnesses like depression and anxiety
  • It can teach great coping skills in order to face many challenges and troubles in life
  • It can be of great assistance during crisis and traumatic situations
  • It can improve the quality of life itself
  • It brings better perspectives and analysis of problems and situations
  • It can help in improving our understanding of others
  • It can be useful in coping with major life transitions
  • It can help in relaxation and de stressing



This article has discussed how much Talkspace therapists make per hour. We have also looked at the various advantages that Talkspace can bring for its users. Furthermore, we have explained the actual importance of therapy.

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