How much do Talkspace therapists get paid? (+5 Talkspace alternatives)

In this post, we will discuss how much Talkspace therapists get paid. We will also be looking at the different benefits of working in Talkspace as a therapist. Furthermore, we will be mentioning some of the alternatives to Talkspace that readers might be interested in perusing. Talkspace is a fast growing online therapy platform that has more than a million users.

How much do Talkspace therapists get paid?

Talkspace therapists get paid $21 in an hour. The total take home amount at the end of the month can vary depending on the number of clients that the therapist has on their caseload. It can also depend on the location of the user and the therapist. Therapists in Talkspace get paid according to the lengths of meaningful interactions that they have with their clients.

Benefits of working in Talkspace

Therapists who work in Talkspace enjoy plenty of benefits and worthwhile advantages. Some of the benefits of working in Talkspace as a therapist have been elaborated in the section below:


Talkspace can be used from anywhere

Talkspace can be used from anywhere and everywhere and this is one of the best-selling points that make this platform so appealing for users. This not only applies to users, but also therapists who work for Talkspace. Therapists in Talkspace can work from anywhere and thus do not need to commute back and forth to an office for their therapy sessions.

Therapists do not require an office

Since the platform operates online completely, therapists do not require an office space. This can save them plenty of money that often goes into renting a lavish office space in a prime location. Therapists are also saved from needless expenses that come with utilities and accessories that often come with running a therapist’s office.

They do not have marketing expenses

Therapists in this platform also do not have any marketing expenses as Talkspace take care of this for them. Marketing expenses can be very high for therapists who practice independently as they often need to undertake ads and promotional events in order to attract more clientele for their practice.

They have access to great technology

Talkspace is fully HIPAA and thus has incorporated strong security features like end to end encryptions, strong firewalls and multi-step authentications. These security measures are important as privacy and confidentiality is necessary for the effectiveness of therapy itself. Therapists in Talkspace do not have to worry about these factors at all.


They can refer to psychiatry services

Talkspace does not only have psychotherapy facilities. It also has psychiatry services for those users who require medications or drugs to manage the symptoms of their mental illnesses. Therapists in this platform do not have to refer their clients elsewhere for prescriptions. They can be assured that their clients will get the best psychiatry services in the same platform itself.

They enjoy more safety

Therapists also enjoy more safety when it comes to Talkspace. Since the platform conducts all the therapy sessions remotely, therapists need not worry about their physical safety. This can be especially useful when dealing with violent clients who sometimes assault their therapists. This safety can make the therapist as well as their clients a lot more comfortable.

Alternatives to Talkspace

There are many other online therapy platforms with features similar to Talkspace. Some of the best alternatives to Talkspace that exist in the market today have been elaborated in the points below:


BetterHelp is another popular platform for online therapy that caters to nearly two million users. This platform not only has individual counseling, but also provides family therapy, therapy for teens and also has group sessions. Furthermore, BetterHelp provides financial assistance for those who are unemployed, furloughed or disabled.



Cerebral provides both, psychotherapy as well as psychiatry services online. Both these services are easily covered by insurance and the medications are shipped to the home of the user directly. Cerebral also provides a variety of live therapy sessions, through live audio as well as live video, thus bringing greater convenience to the user.

How much do Talkspace therapists get paid? (+5 Talkspace alternatives)



Calmerry is terrific for those who are seeking only online therapy sessions. This platform features a large network of certified mental health professionals. The new user is matched with a suitable therapist through a rigorous process that aims to bring a better client-therapist fit. Calmerry also provides various formats of therapy such as chats, audio or video.


ReGain is best recommended for couples therapy or family therapy. This platform also has individual counseling or therapy features. Couples therapy is highly recommended for those duos that are going through a rough patch in their relationship. It is also great for those who are planning on getting married to each other.

7 Cups

7 Cups is especially meant for teenagers between the ages of 13 years to 18 years. The platform has paid plans as well as a free listening service that is run by volunteers. The volunteers may provide non-therapeutic advice for listeners. Therapy during teenage years can provide solid emotional support and guidance, thus preventing many mental health issues in the future.



In this post, we have discussed how much Talkspace therapists get paid. We have also looked at the different benefits of working in Talkspace as a therapist. Furthermore, we have mentioned some of the alternatives to Talkspace that readers might be interested in perusing.

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