How much do BetterHelp therapists make? (+5 advantages)

This article will discuss how much BetterHelp therapists actually make. We will also be mentioning various tips and strategies that therapists can use to improve the effectiveness of their online therapy sessions. In addition to this, we will be describing the various advantages that BetterHelp can provide for its users.

How much do BetterHelp therapists make?

The therapists who work at BetterHelp can easily make up to $30 per hour. The salary of these therapists can differ based on the number of clients that they have on their caseload, the location of the therapist and also the lengths of the therapy sessions. Employees of BetterHelp have also mentioned that the pay is much higher than that of an average therapist in the US.

Tips for tele-therapists or online therapists

Since the world is turning towards online therapy as a much preferred alternative to in-person therapy, both clients and therapists are adjusting with this new normal. While online therapy brings numerous benefits in comparison to in-person therapy, it can still be challenging to bring the same or even a higher level of effectiveness here. Some tips that therapists can use are:


Invest in a stable internet connection

Since online therapy sessions are going to be conducted fully online, it is necessary that you invest in a strong and stable internet connection. This is especially for live sessions where the client looks forward to responses in real-time. This is even more important for live video sessions where the quality of the video plays a big role in the effectiveness of the therapy.


Invest in the right device

It is also important that you invest in the right smart device for your therapy sessions. You can also use an external video camera or a microphone to bring better quality to your therapy sessions. These small investments can go a long way in making sure there are no technological glitches or errors during your sessions.

Create a proper space

While in-person therapy or traditional therapy sessions are conducted in an office setting, there is no such requirement in online therapy. However, it is essential that you create your own space just to hold your therapy sessions in your home. This ensures lesser distractions and interruptions during your sessions so that you can focus better on the client.

Turn off you notifications

With the large number of smart devices and apps that we use on a regular basis, there is also an increase in the number of notifications that we receive. And thus, our phones and other devices often beep and blink causing distractions and lack of focus. Before you start your sessions, turn off all your notifications and encourage the client to do the same.

Clear your background

While it is important to have a quiet and distraction free space to conduct your therapy sessions, it is also important to ensure that your background is clean and clear. If there are too many objects or posters in your background, it can distract the client from the therapy session. Therefore, clear your background of any material, especially ones that contain personal info.

Make eye contact

Eye-contact is necessary to create a relationship with the client. It is also important to drive the message in the right manner. While it is easy to maintain eye-contact in in-person therapy or traditional therapy settings, it might be a challenge to do so in online therapy sessions. To maintain eye-contact here, make sure that you are looking directly into the camera at all times.

Encourage the clients to be open

You also must encourage your clients to be as open as possible when you are conducting your therapy sessions. Non-verbal cues like body language are necessary for the right communication and these might be missed out in online therapy sessions. Encouraging your client to be more explicit about their feelings and emotions can be great for the effectiveness of the therapy.

Use the other resources

Online therapy does not only entail interventions during the sessions. In fact, many online therapy platforms such as BetterHelp offer plenty of other resources that can be great for therapy. This therapy platform, for instance, offers digital worksheets and even online journals that can be great for both the client and the therapist.

Advantages of BetterHelp

BetterHelp can provide many other advantages and resources that can be great for any user. Some of these advantages are:

  • The platform offers several formats through which therapy can be conducted. It offers both asynchronous and synchronous modes such as messaging therapy, live chats, live audio and live video sessions for the therapy
  • The plans of BetterHelp are quite cost-effective and those who are finding it hard to afford can easily apply for the financial aid in the platform
  • BetterHelp has HIPAA compliant technology which means that users and therapists can be assured of high grade safety and security of their data and information
  • The platform not only offers individual therapy but also has features for couples therapy, teens therapy and even conducts group sessions once in a week
  • BetterHelp can be used either through a web browser and even downloaded as an app


This article has discussed how much BetterHelp therapists actually make. We have also mentioned various tips and strategies that therapists can use to improve the effectiveness of their online therapy sessions. In addition to this, we have described the various advantages that BetterHelp can provide for its users.

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