How much do BetterHelp counselors get paid? (+5 tips for therapists)


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Page last updated: 6/09/2022

This post will answer how much BetterHelp counselors get paid. We will also look at the benefits of BetterHelp for therapists in particular. Lastly, we will also be discussing various tips that can help therapists deliver the best interventions for their clients. Therapy has become very necessary in today’s world, especially after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

How much do BetterHelp counselors get paid?

BetterHelp counselors get paid $31 an hour. The amount can go up or down depending on the number of clients in the caseload, the location of the therapist and also the number of sessions they are having with the client. BetterHelp uses an engagement model for the pay structure which means that the therapist is paid according to the meaningful interactions with the client.

Benefits of BetterHelp for therapists

BetterHelp can provide plenty of advantages to not only users but also the therapists who work in this platform. The best benefits that therapists can experience in this platform have been elaborated in this section:


BetterHelp can be used from anywhere

BetterHelp conducts all its operations online and thus can be accessed and used from anywhere. This saves therapists a lot of commuting that can take up much time. Therapists can also communicate with their clients from anywhere and everywhere and thus experience a lot of flexibility and convenience in this platform.

Therapists do not need an office

Therapists who practice independently often require an office in a prime location to bring in more clients for their practice. They also need to incorporate the right accessories and utilities to make their clients feel more comfortable. All this can chalk up to be a huge expense for the therapist which is basically nil for those therapists who work in BetterHelp.

They feel safe

Therapists also experience more safety while working with BetterHelp. Therapists often undergo violence or assaults, especially when they work with violent clients. This can be avoided in BetterHelp since all the sessions are conducted online. This can provide added safety to the clients as well.


They have access to great technology

Therapists can be assured of high levels of safety and security while using BetterHelp as the platform is HIPAA compliant. BetterHelp has incorporated strong security measures such as end to end encryptions and multi-step authentications which are regularly updated to prevent hacking and data theft.

They have other resources

Therapists also have many other resources in the platform that they can use for their therapy sessions. For instance, BetterHelp provides excellent digital worksheets that can help the clients relax and reduce their anxiety levels. It also has an online journal feature which clients can fill out and also share with their therapists.

Therapists do not have marketing expenses

Therapists who have their own practices often spend a lot of money on marketing. This is to promote themselves and bring more clients for their practice. Thus, therapists undertake promotional events, radio ads, newspaper ads and other strategies for more business profit. This is not required for BetterHelp therapists since the platform does it for them.

How much do BetterHelp counselors get paid? (+5 tips for therapists)

They are saved from paperwork

Therapists often have a lot of paperwork that comes with their practice. This paperwork can take up a lot of time and only increases in amount when insurance is included. BetterHelp takes care of this as well for its therapists so that they have more time to focus on the therapy sessions and improving the mental health of their clients.

Tips for therapists

Therapists can always improve the quality of their therapy sessions to help their clients. Some tips for therapists who have just started their practice have been mentioned in this section. This can also be a refresher for therapists who have many years of experience.

  • Practice regular self-care so that your own mental health is in top shape. While self-care is encouraged for everyone, this is even more important for therapists since they deal with a lot of high-risk clients and empathize with traumatized people.
  • It also helps to use the right platform if you are switching to online therapy. This gives you access to safe and secure technology which is regularly upgraded. A great option for therapists is BetterHelp. As an alternative, they can also use Talkspace.
  • Allow yourself to continuously learn and be updated with the latest trends in the sociological sphere. This is highly important since the definition of ‘normal’ often changes with time, which requires the therapist to be aware in order to provide the right intervention for their clients.
  • You can also be a part of a peer consultation program or community where you can interact with other therapists. This not only proves to be a great learning experience but can also help in venting and expression thus improving the mental health status of the therapist.
  • Getting involved with the community can also bring you more awareness of the problems that clients may face at the ground level. This can serve as an additional promotion or marketing strategy for you.


This post has answered how much BetterHelp counselors get paid. We have also looked at the benefits of BetterHelp for therapists in particular. Lastly, we have also discussed various tips that can help therapists deliver the best interventions for their clients.

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