How much can a therapist make on Talkspace? (+8 tips for therapists)


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

In this article, we shall discuss how much a therapist can make on Talkspace. We will also be mentioning some tips and strategies that therapists can use while conducting therapy online. Additionally, we will be describing some of the great advantages that users can experience while using Talkspace for therapy.

How much can a therapist make on Talkspace?

According to therapists who have been previously employed on Talkspace, therapists can make anywhere from $21 per hour to $28 per hour. Therapists have also mentioned that the pay offered in Talkspace is much higher than that of the average therapist in the United States. In addition to the pay, therapists can also experience many other benefits and advantages.

Tips for online therapists

Online therapy can be quite different from in-person therapy. Although the elements are pretty similar the technology being used and the distance between the client and the therapist requires some awareness on the part of the therapist in order to bring more effectiveness to the intervention. Some tips to conduct great online therapy sessions are discussed as follows:

Join a great platform for online therapy

The best way to conduct effective online therapy sessions for your clients is to join a secure online therapy platform such as Talkspace or Betterhelp. Through these platforms, you will get access to HIPAA compliant technology which can greatly protect the confidentiality and privacy of your clients.

Create an office-like space at home

While online therapy does not require you to commute anywhere outside of your home, you still need to create a quiet and non-distracting space in your home so that your sessions go undisturbed, just like at the office. Also ensure that you are not interrupted or disturbed by family members or pets during the therapy sessions as it can reduce the effectiveness of therapy.

Get a stable internet connection

You will also need to get a stable and high speed internet connection. This will make sure that the therapy sessions are not interrupted by any technological glitches. In addition, high quality internet connections will also improve the nature of your video sessions and thus bring more effectiveness to the therapy conducted online.

Ensure that the lighting is right

The lighting in which you are conducting your therapy should also be the right one that can bring a more natural vibe to your therapy sessions. The lighting should be as natural as possible in order to help therapists and their clients connect in the right manner. It is best to sit diagonally next to a window and also bring in bright lighting for the evenings.

Make sure the mike works

Also ensure the mike works before you are conducting your therapy sessions. Microphone issues are highly common and can often disrupt therapy sessions. Therapists may also skip out on things that their client might tell them due to mike issues. It is best to have a trial run with someone in the household before conducting your session to make sure everything works.

Pause or stop notifications

Notifications can alert you of updates or new messages. However, these can be a distraction which is a big no-no during therapy sessions. As a therapist, you need to remember to turn off these notifications and reminders so that you are not disturbed during your therapy sessions. Switching your devices to do-not-disturb mode should do the trick.

Change your background

Your background also needs to be neutral but aesthetically pleasing enough to bring a better environment to the therapy session. Many video conferencing platforms like Zoom, also offer their users various backgrounds to choose from. However, it is advisable that you physically clear your background of any distracting material.

How much can a therapist make on Talkspace? (+8 tips for therapists)

Maintain eye-contact

Eye contact is necessary to create a relationship with any person and also helps in driving the message home. However, it can be difficult to maintain eye-contact while conducting therapy sessions online. You can do so by directly looking into the camera so that your client feels more intimately involved in the conversation.

Advantages of using Talkspace for therapy

Talkspace, as an online therapy platform, brings a large collection of advantages and benefits for its users. Some of these advantages have been described below:

  • Talkspace can be used from anywhere, and thus makes therapy more accessible and convenient for anyone and everyone
  •  The plans of Talkspace are quite cost-effective and can additionally be more affordable through insurance coverage
  • Talkspace is completely HIPAA compliant and thus brings the best internet security features for those who are using this platform for therapy
  • There are also a large number of licensed therapists who work in Talkspace and thus a better client-therapist fit can be created. It also becomes quite easy to switch therapists at any point of time for various reasons


Best alternative to Talkspace

While there are many other online therapy platforms, the best alternative to Talkspace is any day Betterhelp. This platform offers both individual therapy as well as group therapy sessions. It also has couples therapy and teens therapy services. In addition to this, Betterhelp also provides financial assistance for those who are not able to afford the plans that the platform offers.


In this article, we have discussed how much a therapist can make on Talkspace. We have also mentioned some tips and strategies that therapists can use while conducting therapy online. Additionally, we have described some of the great advantages that users can experience while using Talkspace for therapy.

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